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Astro-logical Forecast for Sunday 2/3/2013: Super Bowl Sunday

Moon plunged into the watery depths of Scorpio at 7:02AM ET on Saturday, seeking emotional substance and control. If things feel intense, that’s because they are. Even without challenging aspects, (patterns were fairly light on Saturday), a Scorpio Moon often presents opportunities to confront deep-seated passions — for better or for worse. This weekend’s Scorpio Moon may be even more seductive than usual, courtesy of a magnetic hook-up between “horny Mars” (as astrologer Rockie Gardiner liked to say) and nebulous Neptune, which is building to a release on Monday afternoon (as discussed on Friday). Take all that pixie dust with a grain of salt. Yes, it can be a magical, mystical escape — for artists, healers, musicians, lovers, dreamers and anyone else with faith.  It can also be completely surreal — or a con that leads to disappointment when all the dust settles — including that tall, dark, handsome stranger in the bar who’s dying to ply you with a fine Cabernet. Not that anyone’s caveats will be heeded this week, given all the glorious optimism and rose-colored fog suggested by this week’s  planetary patterns. Only the delusions of a fanatic or two could burst our collective bubble. To paraphrase a classic line from Fiddler on the Roof, may God bless and keep such folk…far away from us.

Regarding the illustrious Super Bowl that will drive consumption of nachos through the roof, many have weighed in with their predictions, including this group of furry critters. My sense is that the game will be close and that the 49ers likely have an edge. If I do make it to the local sports bar this afternoon, I’ll be interested in the action between 6:50 and 7:05PM CT (for fumbles or a few spectacular Hail Mary passes). If the game is still going on at 9:25PM CT, that’s about when we may see a surprise or sudden fortune-changing power play — give or take several minutes thereafter — as rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto will hit the angles of the chart cast for 5:30PM CT in New Orleans.

And speaking of furry critters, don’t miss “the biggest game on all fours”– on Animal Planet’s 9th Annual Puppy Bowl. Sneak peek here; official website here. With gratitude to the reader who sent me the sneak peek, so I could share it with you.