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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday & the Weekend 1/9/2015: Thoughts on 2015 and Beyond

Clean-up time, as the Moon has been in Virgo as of 5:58PM ET Thursday, seeking to make things right. Organize, analyze, separate the wheat from the chaff, and cue John Lennon now.

Note your dreams upon waking, as the discerning Moon makes contact with visionary Neptune at 5:21AM ET. Go about your business unimpeded by other exact aspects, save for an easy connection between the Moon and Pluto at 9:20PM ET, which favors emotional depth and healing….a change in perspective, perhaps?

Forget impulse shopping on Saturday, as the Moon will be void from 10:45AM ET until 6:57AM ET on Sunday. Take care of routine Virgo-themed tasks as noted above, and chill.  On Sunday, the Moon will be in Libra, focused on social graces and rationality in relationship.

There’s no void Moon on Monday, so no sleeping in.

And now, a few thoughts on some major patterns happening in 2015.

Pattern #1: the seventh and last of the disruptive squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, exact on March 15th at 15 degrees of those signs. What does this portend? Will this intense period of disruption be over, asked a reader? Oh heavens, we are just getting started.

Think about boxes, tables and other structures where the integrity of that structure is maintained by the tension of parts at 90 degree angles to each other. Remember your high school geometry? A 90 degree aspect is a square.  Without those square relationships — of four table legs to a table top, for instance — what happens to the structure when the tension is released? The table loses its functional form. A collapse, you might say. Without form, there is potential chaos….out of which a new form will eventually emerge.

Think about the mid-60s. The Uranus-Pluto conjunction ended in 1966, with continued upheaval through the next few years. The early 70s brought key legislative resolutions born out of that revolutionary awareness: e.g., the EPA, the Clean Water Act, legal access to contraception, Roe v. Wade.

While the square relationship between Uranus and Pluto is close — through 2015 and into part of 2016 — we can expect more action  and revelation on themes already brought to consciousness over the past few years in matters of energy resources, climate change, civil rights, corruption in our hallowed institutions and fights for freedom.  Look back to the mid-60s for examples of the seeds of change that were planted, as we blasted into space.  Didn’t we deal with them all back then? No, we did not. Consider the radically different priorities of that hippie-dippie generation compared to, say, the yuppie-preppie folk of the 80s. We wandered away from those planted seeds.

So now, with the Uranus-Pluto square, we have the opportunity to bring the seeds planted in the 60s to flower, as issues that were hot then are hot again now.  Because #blacklivesmatter, for example. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965 were status quo-disrupting steps, but clearly the spirit of that legislation has not fully materialized. There is still work to be done.

Either we bring these seeds to flower in the next year or so….or we’re really going to have a problem at the next stage of the Uranus-Pluto cycle, which is in 2047. That’s when these flowers should bear fruit, if we’ve tended them well. This is especially true as we face the challenges of climate change and sustainable energy resources, which necessitate the end of our use of fossil fuels. As I’ve mentioned before,  scientists are now saying that 2047-ish is a drop-dead deadline if we are to keep this planet as a home that comfortably sustains us.

Fifteen degrees is the halfway point of any zodiac sign. As Uranus and Pluto make their way through the back half of Aries and Capricorn, we’ll have a clearer sense of what structures and paradigm shifts will materialize as old perspectives fall away. Resistance is futile.

And, just to make sure we’ll have space for something new to emerge, the cosmos has arranged for two important eclipses within weeks of the seventh square. On the Vernal Equinox (one week later), we’ll have a New Moon and solar eclipse at 29 Pisces, which is related to the prominent Aries Point. The last degree of Pisces suggests endings; a New Moon suggests beginnings. The beginning of an end, perhaps…but don’t despair.

On April 4th, we’ll have a lunar eclipse at 15 Aries-Libra, on the same degrees as the potent eclipse we had in October, in aspect to last week’s Full Moon at 15 Cancer and also in aspect to the seventh square. Do you have a planet or angle around 15 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn? What major changes are happening in your life, I wonder.

Pattern #2: Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. Well, the beginning of a square, actually. The square between these two planets won’t be exact until 2016. What does that suggest?

Briefly, Saturn is reality. Neptune is fantasy. Put them together and what have you got? A bubble of optimistic faith. When will it burst?  A few months ago, when I was reading The Big Short — about the collapse of the housing bubble and the outrageous speculation going on in the financial markets that led to the fiscal crisis in 2008,  I noticed a challenging aspect between Saturn and Neptune as that bubble was building.  There was a similar aspect in 1999, coinciding with the internet bubble and everyone freaking out about Y2K, which proved to be much ado about nothing. What pixie dust-covered fantasy will captivate us now and into the next year?

[UPDATE 1/27/2021: back in 2014, not only did I notice the planetary pattern that was active when the bubble was rising, I also noted the pattern that was active when the bubble finally burst. The pattern that coincided with the bursting of the bubble was a hard aspect between Saturn and Uranus — which wasn’t going to happen for another seven years — not until February 2021! This seemed to suggest that the stock market would continue to soar until that time — which seemed unbelievable, but this is what happened! And now, here’s an example of a bubble that is breaking — let’s see where we are at with this on February 17, 2021, when the first Saturn-Uranus square will be exact. I hesitated to write specifically about this in 2014 because I do not think of myself as a financial astrologer. But still…. Astrology is amazing!]

Random thought about Saturn in Sagittarius,  as the world reacts to Wednesday’s attack at the offices of the French satire magazine, Charlie Hebdo. Sagittarius refers to broad comedy, in addition to other keywords noted in prior forecasts. I think of Sagittarius as “the philosopher clown,” presenting the wisdom of the ages while tripping over its feet. Entertaining, but brutally blunt, as court jesters have always been to the powers that be.

Consider  Jon Stewart and Ann Coulter, who both have Sun and Moon in Sagittarius.  They need to tell you their righteous opinions (I love how this SNL parody of Ms. Coulter ends with the word “righteous”), even as they push the limits. Speaking of Coulter, she is mentioned in this timely  op-ed from NYT columnist David Brooks. Here, he offers philosophical musings on some hardcore realities (Saturn) about free speech (Sagittarius) in allegedly civilized societies. (Brooks is not a Sag. He’s a regal double Leo, and it’s no surprise that his critics blast him for having a “privileged” perspective).

Random headline:  a new study announced that you’ll be happier in your marriage if you marry someone who is also your best friend. How perfectly timed, given that Venus and Mercury  are currently conjunct in Aquarius, which understands the value of…friendship! Of course friendship would be seen as the ideal (Mercury conjunct Venus suggests idealism).

And all that concern about the surge in divorce rates that happened in the 70s? Just a phase, apparently…but what would you expect, given that Pluto (breakdown and transformation) was in Libra (marriage) during that era? We needed a new paradigm. Wait ’til you see what happens as Pluto now travels through the back half of Capricorn (governments, banks, corporations).

Random forecast update: back in April, I wrote that Supreme Court Justice Samual Alito was on a roll for the next couple of years, sure to be winning friends and influencing people (in certain circles). Here’s an op-ed from today’s NYT confirming that prediction — he’s quite the rock star now.

Have a great weekend.