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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/4/2016 & the Weekend: Fantastic Escapes


The post about fashion designers that went out earlier today wasn’t supposed to be emailed. It’s a new article I co-wrote for Daily Front Row — now posted on the ARTICLES & INTERVIEWS page on my website. Thanks to a snafu between MailChimp and WordPress, it went out via email, too. Apologies for overloading your emailbox.

…and here is the forecast.

Since 11:05PM ET, the Capricorn Moon has been driving the day relatively free of interference. Its objective? Proactive, earthy, status-seeking and strategy-oriented stuff. Make it happen, already — and note the potential for upsets and power plays around 5:25AM ET and 5:48PM ET, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto and Uranus.  That happens on SATURDAY. The other highlight on Saturday — felt in recent days — is an easy alignment between Venus (women, money, art, social expression) and Uranus (rebels, unconventional, friendship, technology).

On SUNDAY Moon goes void at 4:56AM ET, on a provocative meet-up with warrior Mars. Watch your temper and the roads.  Moon enters fringe-friendly, who’s yer buddy Aquarius at 8:55AM ET,  seeking recognition for being unique and also of social significance. Hang with your favorite humanitarian cause — and feel free to shop during the weekend, with no Moon void to later prove your impulse purchases disappointing. A smooth consolidation and cooperation between leaders and the Powers That Be is likely to be pulling focus in the headlines, as the Sun (leaders) and Pluto (power) make an easy alignment at 3:22AM on MONDAY.

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back on SUNDAY!

No sleeping in on Monday.

If you have an opportunity to vote early, take it. The Moon will be void on Election Day between 8:55AM ET and 4:55PM ET. What kind of twists and flakes might disrupt your efforts to move in a straight line at the polls? The NYT has created this helpful video game to advise you of pitfalls you might not have considered — with different possibilities noted depending on your race, location and economic status. “Will your vote survive the great, flawed adventure of American democracy?” You can play the game here.

And now, the news.


Bright spot: what a game! Yay, Cubs! Chicago’s underdog team won the World Series for the first time in 108 years.

Bright spot: Beth Owlsdaughter, is still going strong with her always-insightful and in sync with planetary patterns Tarot Card of the Week.

Mondo bizarro: how the campaign of Hillary Clinton’s opponent has been “energizing the economy of Macedonia” — reflecting the foreign tech innovation potential of Venus in harmony with Uranus.

Rolling Stone: guilty of defamation — limits on the press courtesy of Saturn’s current journey through Sagittarius.

More dirt on the FBI and its ongoing email investigation –– thank you, Mercury and Sun in harmony with Pluto. Special shout-out to Rudy Giuliani, whose horoscope continues to function with erratic prominence as anticipated here a few months ago.


First, it was smart phones. Now, it’s exploding washing machines at Samsung. Too much information and dirty laundry for our collective culture to process? Our circuits are blown? Is there a message in here somewhere?

Truth is, I’ve been needing a vacation from the news. You? Inspired by this week’s  easy flow between the Sun and dreamy escapist Neptune, I’ve been escaping to the theater a lot. On Sunday it was Babel (words) at Lincoln Center.

In the biblical story of Babel, God confuses the languages of people attempting to build a tower to heaven…

At one point in this gorgeous dance and spoken word presentation, we hear of a research study presented as scientific fact. The study was about empathy. Here’s what was allegedly discovered.

If I witness someone being hit on the arm, I might feel empathy for that person’s pain and suffering. However, if my arm were anesthetized  — meaning that I couldn’t feel my arm — and I saw someone being hit on the arm again, this time I would actually feel the pain the other person experienced. I haven’t looked for evidence of that study online, but I’m intrigued by the study’s alleged conclusion, which is that the separation our physical bodies give us — is an illusion. Without our physicality, what we experience is the sensation that we are all connected. Deep, huh?

On Tuesday I saw The Trump Card, written and performed by Mike Daisey. A review in The Guardian says that:

Daisey’s monologue is about how we build our individual realities and how an artful lie illuminates what we believe to be the truth more than any actual accounting of objective reality.

I found it wicked sharp, smart and funny in ways that make it hurt when you laugh. Slate sponsored a free live-stream of the show and you can watch it here.  Of course it would be “wicked” because Daisey is from Maine and they say “wicked” a lot.

Last night I saw The Light Between Oceans — a film with plenty of Neptunian themes like idealized romance, sacrifice, lies — and of course, oceans. It’s beautifully shot and a total tear-jerker.

I leave you with today’s NYT op-ed in which the Dalai Lama is pretty sure he’s figured out a practical explanation for why so many people in seemingly rich nations are angry and upset. With the Moon in Capricorn, of course his healing solution would have to do with making people feel useful...what do you think?

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations — in which we would have a most excellent discussion together. And here is the link to the Cosmic Tip Jar because Avid Reader Sherry sent such a lovely note telling me she had no idea I had one. Gratitude — and a personal note of thanks will be heading your way soon, Sherry. You too, Avid Reader Karen!