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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/23/2013: Postcard From the Void

The Aquarius Moon goes void of course at 10:01 AM ET, on a communicative connection with innovative Uranus. This puts a friendly and innovative spin on a very long break; the Moon won’t be fully engaged until 2:22PM ET on Wednesday. As avid readers of this forecast know, these long voids are best suited for taking care of what is routine, not for launching important initiatives. Roll with whatever twists come up in your efforts to move forward in a straight line, and do not be disappointed if whatever you are working on today and tomorrow ends up getting scrapped.

During a recent Moon void, I had the following conversation with a cashier at a local coffee shop:

Cashier: That’ll be $4.11 — do you want a receipt?

Me: No…(handing her a twenty and counting out change)…oh, darn I only have nine cents.

Cashier: Don’t worry, it’s only $4.07.

Me: $4.11.

Cashier: Right…don’t worry…(handing me a ten and a single)…do you want a receipt?

Me: No, but I gave you a twenty.

Cashier: What?

Me: I gave you a twenty. You owe me sixteen dollars.

Cashier: (struggling to process this information) Oh! Sorry…(she adds up the total again on her calculator and hands me the correct change). Do you want a receipt?

See if you notice any interactions that are slightly “off” between now and tomorrow afternoon. In other news, yesterday’s early morning hook-up between Mars and Jupiter suggested physical release — and childbirth would definitely fall into that category. It is not unusual to have Mars-Jupiter connections in the horoscopes of mothers and children.  So it was no surprise to see that the Duchess of Cambridge had gone into labor. The baby was born at 4:24PM BST in London — 27 Scorpio rising, Sun at 29 Cancer; Moon at 28 Capricorn…all those late degrees of their respective signs suggests a very old soul…