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Friday 11/10/2017 & the Weekend: Indulge, Indulge…for Better or for Worse


Moon continues its sojourn in Leo, pausing briefly in its quest to shine, shine, shine around 3:36PM. That’s when a challenge between party king/drama queen Leo Moon and the substance-demanding Scorpio Sun demands attention. Sleep on it — for longer than usual on SATURDAY, as the Moon will be void between 3:55AM ET and 11:41 AM ET. Delay yard sales scores and shopping expeditions until after the Moon enters Virgo, seeking to organize and perfect. Note your dreams SUNDAY AM, as the Moon is challenged by nebulous Neptune at 8:30AM ET.

There’s an indulgent and expansive drive building to a crest on MONDAY, suggested by a meet-up between Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio. Venus refers to women. Jupiter is expansion and wretched excess. Scorpio refers to sexual energy, secrets, decay and vengeance. In Scorpio, Jupiter needs a mission. Venus in Scorpio keeps score. When I noted this Venus-Jupiter meet-up a few weeks ago, I thought to myself, “we are going to see more and more women calling out men for wretchedly excessive abuses of power with respect to sexual expression. Men may call each other out, too (e.g., Kevin Spacey).  You are more personally impacted by the karma of excess — for better or for worse — if you have a planet or angle around 6- 9 degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo.

Also on Monday — and in effect this weekend: a challenge between big-thinking (but perhaps short on details) Mercury and wiggy Neptune. We should see plenty of creative spin, especially since the Virgo Moon will be void on Monday between 10:45 AM ET and 6:26 PM ET.

And now, the news.

As anticipated, more and more sexual secrets are coming out, as women continue to speak truth to power. Exhibit A: a must-read WaPo exclusive reveals that Roy Moore, the utterly unfit candidate running for Jeff Sessions’ old Senate seat in Alabama, “initiated a sexual encounter” when she was 14 and he was a 32-year-old assistant district attorney. She’s not the only woman speaking out about her underage encounters with Moore — and none of the women interviewed in the WaPo voted for HRC. Quite the contrary.

Exhibit B: Diana Nyad’s wrenching op-ed about a serial sexual offender who happened to be her swimming coach. Many women athletes are revealing abusive behavior of coaches, team physicians, etc.

Exhibit C: Comedian Louis C.K. Revelations of his wretched sexual excess have cost him — big time. But unlike Roy Moore and others in denial, C.K. released a statement acknowledging the truth of the allegations, and taking responisibility for abusing the power he had over women who admired him, and making them feel bad. I find this interesting, because I met C.K. once back in the days when I was doing stand-up comedy. I was impressed by his performance at an industry showcase.  I went up to him after his set and told him how much I appreciated his brilliance. Fortunately, he did not invite me to his hotel room. But he was also apparently unable to accept a compliment. He brushed off my appreciation so dismissively that I actually felt as if I’d offended him — and wished I hadn’t spoken to him at all! Do you know people like that — ones that can’t receive appreciation in a healthy way? This is an apt topic of discussion on a day with the Moon in love-love-me-do Leo…


“…and just like that, things changed.” You may recall those words in the last post, anticipating Saturday’s harmony between old guard Saturn and avant garde Uranus. Combined with Thursday’s harmony between power-consolidating Pluto and the Sun, we saw this potential in this week’s U.S. election returns. It’s been an awesome week for women, transgendered persons and other minority demographics, as they emerged victorious against old guard types.  It’s a start, but there continue to be equally disruptive power grabs on the other side of the aisle — and I’m seeing shades of Saturn (patriarchy, control) in Sagittarius (judicial leanings) in this one, “P45 Judge Nominee, 36, Who Has Never Tried a Case, Wins Approval of Senate Panel.” 

Taxes and efforts to avoid them, continue to make news, as anticipated. If you haven’t read about the Paradise Papers — and what they reveal about how money is stashed away by Certain People — this is for you. Meanwhile, corporations will score big if the tax reform proposals being weighed in Congress become law. This would reflect the awesome corporate structuring power we may see very soon, as Saturn enters Capricorn (the sign its rules) on December 19th — for a stay of over two years. Maybe we should all incorporate — and you’ll see why in this brief helpful video comparing how individuals would fare when it comes to tax breaks vs. corporations. Marvel that these questions were answered by an elected representative — with a totally straight face.

Saturn rules skin. Uranus rules innovation. “Scientists grow replacement skin for boy suffering devastating genetic disorder,” reports The Guardian. Nice.

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