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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 6/6/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; Play As You Go; Roger Clinton, Right on Schedule

Good Morning!

A Cancer Moon drives the start of the work week with a need to focus on emotional, home and homeland security concerns. Think nourishing, nurturing: a home-cooked meal; hanging with your best gal pals or a phone call with Mom.  Moon is in its home sign in Cancer and it sails through the day without interference. It makes harmonious connections with Neptune at 7:47PM ET and Jupiter at 11:54PM ET, supporting your latest vision quest. A meet-up in pixie chatterbox Gemini between the Sun and Venus at 5:39PM ET adds a kaleidoscopic potential to your improv skills today. As you may recall from the New Moon forecast, one of the top rules of improv is “trust your instincts.” I was delighted to find an article yesterday affirming the benefits of doing just that. Take the quiz and see how you measure up.

The only other exact aspect between planetary patterns this week (other than aspects to the Moon) is a stubborn opposition between Mars in Scorpio and Mercury in Taurus, That happens at 1:01PM ET on THURSDAY. Mars is the energy of action; Mercury refers to mindset and communication. Somewhere, somebody will be digging in their heels and putting up a fight. Potential upside: the air will finally be cleared. Potential downside: with Mars retrograde, now is not the time to start a war. You are more affected by this potential outburst of energy if you have a planet or angle around 26 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius or Leo.

There is another aspect humming in the background, exact on June 17th. This is the second of three squares (challenging aspects) between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. The third one will occur on September 10. Your horoscope is more affected by this pattern if you have a planet or angle at 12 degrees of Virgo, Gemini and especially Sag and Pisces. Saturn is structure, ambition and reality. Neptune dissolves whatever it touches. It needs to be intangible. It can be bewildering. In touch with Saturn, it may reflect feelings of despair. Hopefully this will inform your perspective on whatever seemingly hopeless headlines hit the wires.  Here are a few thoughts about this pattern that I posted in January of 2015.

Your Moon voids for the week — natural breaks in the action which are excellent for focusing on routine concerns, chilling and going with the flow — Tuesday 8:18PM ET until Wednesday 2:47AM ET; Friday 3:14AM ET until 9:46AM ET. Thus you can see that your work week is relatively free and clear of twists and flakes that disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Onward!

I am posting this forecast now — at 9AM ET — but still writing the news portion.  It takes a few hours to put each forecast together.  If you’d like to schedule a personal consultation, I would be delighted to help you understand why you are the way you are, why you attract Certain Kinds of People and why things happen when they do.

UPDATE — with the news, as promised.

My mission today was to write about Bill Clinton’s horoscope. It’s been on my mind all morning. I pulled it out a couple of weeks ago to see what it might have to suggest about a new job or a move over the next several months. We can use an individual’s horoscope to anticipate significant events impacting a spouse, parent or child. Here’s what jumped out at me: transiting Uranus opposing Jupiter.

Uranus refers to a sudden upset — for better or for worse. Jupiter refers to reward and expansion — for better or for worse. Uranus acting on Jupiter often occurs when someone has a lucky break, a sudden windfall. The effects can be spectacular.

Transiting Uranus opposes Bill Clinton’s Jupiter three times:  June 1st — a few days ago, this September 27th and March 23rd of 2017. So that could be really good, right? Well…maybe.

Uranus rules Bill Clinton’s 5th house. Jupiter rules his 3rd house. Not the 10th house — career/reputation. Or the 7th — his spouse; the public. Or the 4th — his home – maybe suggesting a move. Or even his 1st house/Ascendant — how he is seen; his personal projection.  The 5th house refers to children, creative self-expression, partying, speculation, love affairs. The 3rd house refers to neighbors, communication, writing, thinking, short journeys and …..siblings.

So I’ve been pondering for two weeks how this Uranus-Jupiter opposition might be experienced by Bill Clinton — an upset/windfall potential for sure — but the areas of life involved aren’t screaming with certainty, “spouse elected to highest office in the land!” Meanwhile, here’s what just hit the news:

“Hillary Clinton’s Brother-in-Law Busted for DUI Two Days Before the California Primary”

That would be Roger Clinton, Bill Clinton’s brother — symbolized by the 3rd house. Siblings.

Isn’t that fascinating? Astrology is amazing.

What’s going on in your horoscope?

Thank you for reading this forecast.