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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/8/2015: Rand Paul, Jupiter Turning Direct & More

A lighter, brighter day as of 1:08AM ET, when the Moon leaves intense Scorpio for high-flying Sagittarius. Genius potential and quirkier than usual opinions may grace your morning, as mental Mercury conjoins rebel Uranus at 8:20AM ET. There’s also a aura of gravitas suggested by the Moon’s meet-up with taskmaster Saturn.

As noted on Monday, Jupiter turns direct at 12:58PM ET, finally moving projects forward that may have been delayed over the past four months. Those born with a planet or angle at 12 degrees of just about any sign are more personally affected, especially if that planet or angle is Leo.  A dreamy escape may be yours around 5:38PM ET, when the Moon is challenged by nebulous Neptune. Could be a miscommunication, too.

And now, the news.

Startling communications and revelations favoring rebels and other unconventional types is what we anticipated, given the Aries Sun’s annual meet-up with renegade Uranus yesterday. Not to mention Mercury’s dance with Pluto and Uranus. And with Tuesday’s Scorpio Moon, the revelations might be pretty darn deep.

Exhibit A: just 90 minutes after Saturday’s Full Moon/Eclipse, an unarmed black man was killed by a police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina. The man had been pulled over for a broken tail light — the officer said that there had been a struggle — and that the man had taken his Taser. Yeah? Well, guess what? As I am sure you know by now, just before Mercury (information) was challenged by Pluto yesterday,  headlines were ablaze with the news that a bystander captured the whole incident on a cellphone. It turns out that the officer’s Taser wasn’t taken, though it seems the officer did try to plant that Taser next to his target’s body. The officer — Michael Slaser — has been charged with murder.

Avid readers of this forecast will recall that the US horoscope is under considerable stress by transiting Pluto to its natal Saturn at 14 Libra. We are collectively being challenged to face the realities of law and authority in our homeland. Extraordinary effort may be required and our perspective is likely to be transformed — and not without some degree of anguish. If you have ever personally experienced a transit of Pluto to your natal Saturn, you know exactly what I’m talking about. FYI, this Pluto-Saturn transits will be around through 2015 and into 2016).

Exhibit B: Pluto refers to therapy, depth, perspective and transformation. Mercury refers to information and mindset. With the Moon in investigative Scorpio, of course it makes sense that we’d see an NYT op-ed about patients who Google their shrink.

Exhibit C: Rand Paul. We’d expect him to be feeling very independent and empowered these days, given that his 16 degrees Capricorn Sun is being exactly squared by rebel Uranus at 16 Aries…and conjoined by potent Pluto. When else would he declare his candidacy for president but on a day with Sun in Aries conjunct Uranus? This was a day to take “the road not taken”…and how cool that the NYT headline for Paul’s announcement reads: “Paul is Taking an Untested Route to the Nomination.” Of course he is.

Exhibit D: rebellion over the construction of a new telescope on the Big Island of Hawaii has temporarily halted the project. That’s one of the technogeek stories we’d expect with current planetary patterns. And I just love this NYT headline: “Who’s Coming to Dinner? Astronauts, Spelunkers and Explorers“. Yep — people who boldly go…etc. Or how about this one: “Fukushima Disaster Radiation Detected Off Canada’s Coast”.  Or another NYT piece that wonders if we might be better off if commercial airplanes were piloted by robots (because hey, we have the technology).

Meanwhile, although the UK elections aren’t until May 7th, yesterday was a great day to run a headline that read “Rise of Scottish and English Nationalists Threatens Old Order”.

Finally, a follow-up on yesterday’s bit about the statue of Edward Snowden that was taken down by authorities. Rebellious and innovative artists have put it back in a new form — a hologram. More of the appreciation we might expect to receive if we had transiting Jupiter conjunct a natal Venus in Leo, as Mr. Snowden has all month.

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