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Monday 4/12/2021: Sneak Peek at a Revved-Up Week; New Moon in Aries; Mars-Neptune in the News

Good Morning!

Power and resources are on the agenda upon waking, as the Aries Moon squares Pluto at 7:12 AM ET. Were your dreams intense?

By the time you read this, the Aries Moon will likely be void, after a pleasant meet-up with Venus at 8:04 AM ET.  That’s your excuse for any slow start, twist or flake to the morning. Once the Moon enters Taurus at 1:43 PM, it activates President Biden’s 0 degree Taurus Moon, a.k.a. his need to build infrastructure that provides material comfort and security for all. He’s not the only one who can make productive use of the flow of energy suggested by this week’s planetary patterns. You, too, can make productive use of the New Moon in Aries drive that was exact last night at 10:30 PM ET. And yes, there’s still time to light a candle and set your intentions for the next 28 days. What do you want to initiate — and how will that project empower your fabulous self, hmm?

Here’s what the New Moon chart looks like, set in Washington, D.C.:


  • At 22 Aries, this New Moon activates the January 12, 2020, Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22 Capricorn, which coincided with the global awareness of Covid-19. Stories that were hot back then may be triggered in the new cycle. As if on cue, the Sunday NYT’s front page offers: “The Sweep of a Dangerous Virus Variant Across Europe.” It’s not the original Covid-19, it’s Covid-19 v. 2.0 — a.k.a. B.1.1.7 — and it’s time we all became aware of it, especially in Michigan.
  • This New Moon is a potent one, with its closest aspect being a square between Venus and Pluto — exact at 11:20 PM ET — suggesting themes of emotional overkill, purges and/or empowerment, for better or for worse. Money, values, art and women are part of this power surge. Exhibit A: Fed Chair Jerome Powell is interviewed on 60 Minutes tonight!
  • There is a rush of energy available to push projects forward — and especially this week — suggested by Sun-Moon sextile Jupiter (expansive support for leaders/CEOs/the heart), and Mars (action!) trine Jupiter (BIG).
  • Pluto (power & resources; purges and break downs) is slowing to a standstill (it turns retrograde on April 27th), upping the ante in matters that it rules. Pluto will square the Aries Sun; we expect power plays among leaders/CEOs, as well as news from underground, including volcanic and seismic activity.
  • The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load.” I’m not surprised to see the word “heavy” associated with this New Moon. Sabian sage Blain Bovee offers this interpretation, which calls to mind Teddy Roosevelt’s famous statement “Speak softly and carry a big stick.
  • Sometimes the softest voice is heard the best. Hold what you treasure close but avoid extremes of expression such as “I have nothing at all” or “I have everything.”

  • It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the headlines, especially in international diplomacy and other showdowns. Sun-Moon (and other planets) are in the 5th house — of ambassadors and agents; speculation and entertainment.
  • You are more personally affected by this New Moon if you were born around the 11th of April, July, October and January…or have placements in your chart around 22 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

The rest of the week goes like this:

  • TUESDAY: a jolt or other disruption to the status quo at 9:17 AM ET, as Moon meets up with Uranus. Go about your day with gusto, applying the cooperative flow between the Aries Sun and Gemini Mars, exact at 7:09 PM ET. Around midday, an authority figure weighs in to structure your ambition or block your proposed advance, suggested by the square between the Moon and Saturn, exact at 2:30 PM ET.
  • WEDNESDAY: Another super-productive day, sponsored by the Taurus Moon. A bit of vision infuses the morning, thanks to harmony between Moon and Neptune at 10:03 AM ET. At 2:21 PM ET, Venus exits Aries and enters Taurus, an apt placement for scheduling hair cuts and plastic surgery. Social expression in general becomes less strident, more focused on contentment. Power and resources influence the action in the early evening, as the Moon squares Jupiter (big!) and trines Pluto (power and resources). Chill during the Moon void, which begins at 7:58 PM ET. Moon in Taurus is excellent for enjoying the pleasures of the senses: good food, wine, music and a snuggle with your sweetie.
  • THURSDAY: Moon enters Gemini at 2:34 AM ET. What’s the buzz — tell me what’s happening; that’s what Gemini needs to do! Moon travels without interference all day. The only exact aspect — a sextile between the Sun and Jupiter at 12:58 PM ET — adds good cheer and/or grand egos, in a way that the masses and big tech companies can appreciate. HOWEVER…
  • FRIDAY: …humming in the background all week and exact at 9:26 AM ET is a square between the Sun and Pluto. Watch for significant news of transitions and power grabs among leaders/CEOs, as well as news from underground. The Gemini Moon will continue to buzz through the day with the facts, which may become muddled or inspired around 11:15 PM ET, as the Moon squares nebulous Neptune.  Also humming in the background is a rare flow  — a trine — between Mars and Jupiter, exact on…
  • SATURDAY: …at 1:13 AM ET. Big sports, big court opinions, big travel, big guns, big tech — all of these are on the agenda, with Mercury delivering big news as it sextiles Jupiter at 11:59 AM ET and Mars at 3:09 PM ET. Could be a banner day for investigative reporters, as Mercury next squares dirt-digging, corruption-exposing Pluto at 5:49 PM ET. Meanwhile, the Gemini Moon connects the dots between all of the above (except Pluto) before noon ET, suggesting still more buzz. Moon goes void at 11:01 AM ET; chill until 3:25 PM ET, when Moon enters Cancer.
  • SUNDAY: Moon in Cancer needs to focus on the comforts of home and family. Do what makes you feel nourished and emotionally secure, perhaps with a good buddy in the morning, as Moon sextiles Uranus at 11:18 AM ET.  It’s the last full day of the Sun and Mercury in Aries and the two meet up for a sharply focused crusade or counseling crisis around 9:49 PM ET.

And now, the news.

There are sooooo many headlines reflecting Friday’s square between assertive Mars in clever, double-talking Gemini and visionary or delusional Neptune. Sexy scandal and deceit, fanatics, razzle-dazzle, drugs, healing, victims, ships, oceans, martyrs, refugees, music, cars, guns, soldiers, healing and wipeouts — ranging from the sublime to the surreal– were delivered, as promised:

SNL captured the spirit of the Mars-Neptune square perfectly in these sketches:

UPDATE: on Randy Rainbow. Told ya in the last forecast that his horoscope was hot — and we’d hear from him this week. Here’s his latest song parody,  plus, this tweet:

I’m currently working on the most insane, “omg my 14-year-old self would die”, mega dream collaborations and I can’t tell you about any of them yet so yeah this is one of those tweets BYEEEEEEE.

Astrology is amazing.

Meanwhile, Avid Readers will recall that the horoscopes of Britain’s Royal Family have been under pressure for a long stretch of time. The Queen’s Capricorn Ascendant was eclipsed last January and her resilient Taurus Sun was squared by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, and Saturn is now opposing her regal Leo Moon. We see stress — and potential loss — in partnerships and significant others this month, and thus the sad passing of her husband Prince Philip was not unexpected and was in fact anticipated quite some time ago. But as it might be seen as ghoulish to write of such an event in a public forum before it occurred, I refrained from sharing specifics.

Prince Consort Philip was born on June 10, 1921, at 10 AM in Corfu, as we are told from his birth certificate.  His horoscope shares themes of regal discipline with the Queen, as we see in his exact square between the Gemini Sun and Saturn in Virgo. The U.S. horoscope has a similar square, suggesting self-reliance and a “school of hard knocks” approach to life. This is not a warm and fuzzy placement but can be counted on in a crisis. Over the past two years, that Sun-Saturn square was under the influence of transiting Neptune, which dissolves whatever it touches, often sapping vitality.

Like Her Majesty, Prince Philip was born with Moon in Leo –perfect for royalty. When Moon in Leo is feeling loved and adored, it beams its joy on all those around it. The Prince’s Moon is in the 12th house — operating behind the scenes — and two steps behind his wife, whose Leo Moon is much more visible in the very public 7th house. They both have Neptune conjunct the Moon, suggesting exceptional sensitivity behind their castle walls. The Prince’s Neptune is on the Queen’s Moon, often a romantic and forgiving connection, which is helpful for a fairytale prince who may not be so dreamy on occasion. His Leo Ascendant projects a commanding image, complimenting  Her Majesty’s Capricorn Ascendant, which is all business — apt for a woman in charge of an enterprise known as The Firm.

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