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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/22/2013: Reach For The Stars

Big ideas and innovation — especially in technology and aero/outerspace. That’s what I’m thinking we’ll be seeing this week, thanks to a remarkably supportive alignment among the Sun (life force) and Mercury (communication, mindset) in humanitarian/technogeek Aquarius, expansive Jupiter in info-junkie Gemini and rebel Uranus in pioneering Aries. Jupiter-Uranus patterns are often experienced as lucky breaks or investment opportunities that turn out to be windfalls. They also suggest news from the cosmos, including astrology.

You are personally affected by this “breakthrough” pattern if you were born around the 26th of any month, of if you have a planet or an angle around 6 degrees of any sign, with a slight bonus to Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.  The potential down side — and there is always that potential — might be grandiose or bombastic behavior, or wretched excess. Alternately, you could be feeling so good that you can’t be bothered to create new opportunities even though the wind may be at your back. Don’t let this happen to you!

Today’s Moon is in chatty Gemini, where it has been buzzing around since 9:04AM ET on Monday, just before President Obama was sworn in (again) at his second public presidential inauguration. He had to be feeling pretty good, as his Moon is also in Gemini, and transiting Jupiter (the cosmic sugar daddy), is closely aligned with that Moon…for now. Another sign of popularity and personal happiness is Obama’s progressed Sun currently conjunct his natal Venus, where it has been hovering for several months.  This was one of the patterns that led to my post in September opining that Obama would be elected to a second term, along with other astro-logical observations about Obama’s horoscope, which you can read here.

Make the most of this week — especially today.  We’ve got a Moon waxing in light — good for initiating projects. We have planetary patterns remarkably receptive to your big ideas for reinventing the wheel. Are there caveats? Sure. Get it off your desk today if you can — or wait until Thursday. Moon will be void-of-course from 6:42AM ET to 10PM ET on Wednesday — and again on Friday from 3:35PM ET until 9:20AM ET on Saturday. Also note that Thursday may have a little turbulence, notably from hard aspects to the Moon and from aggressive energy running a bit wild on behalf of some rebel cause.