Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 9/7/2012 & the Weekend: Thinking Big

Read yesterday’s forecast for specifics on why this week was predicted to end on a high note…if not from genuine optimism, then from a hugely inflated egos running on so much hot air. Hopefully you are experiencing the former…and hey, the markets are at a four-year high. Enjoy it while it lasts. I would be surprised if we did not see some volatility by the end of the month…even though the ECB did throw another life raft into the ocean today to keep Spain and Italy afloat. See? People are thinking positively!

The Moon entered information junkie Gemini at 12:10AM ET…can you feel the buzz? Note your dreams upon awakening, thanks to the dreamy challenge between the busy Moon and nebulous Neptune, exact at 2:58AM ET, followed by the expansive square between Sun and jolly Jupiter (exact at 6:15AM ET), that was discussed yesterday. This fast-paced day challenges you to keep track of the facts and your wits, while pitching your Big Idea that will work for the greater good, i.e., the good of all. That esprit de corps carries you into the evening.

More buzz on Saturday…along with some potentially heated conversations, as well as a challenge to the agenda you drafted on the last New Moon (Aug 17th). Whatever it is, it’ll keep your brain engaged and entertained. Sunday, the Moon is void between 6:59AM and 12:49PM ET — that’s the time to avoid yard sales, lest ye be tempted to make a useless purchase or two. The rest of the day features Moon in Cancer, happily focused on issues of home security, Mom and apple pie. Perfect for a Sunday dinner at home with friends or family.

Meanwhile, as forecast,  a big story about publications hit the wires yesterday; specifically, a judge’s decision may start an e-book price war. Ooh — and Apple just announced a web radio challenge to Pandora. In other news, as the final speaker at this year’s DNC, Barack Obama honored the reigning need of the evening’s Taurus Moon by asking for more time and patience in his efforts to build and maintain material security.

We’ve looked at Barack Obama‘s horoscope in prior forecasts, but here’s a brief 411 on why our President is all that. Born on August 4, 1961 at 7:24PM in Honolulu, HI, Obama, like Bill Clinton, is a royal Leo. That’s a fire sign, and that’s what Clinton was talking about when he described Obama as “cool on the outside, but who burns for America on the inside”.  So what’s the cool on the outside? That would be detached, cerebral Aquarius on the Ascendent, suggesting an unconventional, scientific, organized and humanitarian filter through which he is seen…and through which he sees the world. Aquarius is a Air sign. Driving the horoscope is Moon in Gemini, another mental Air sign. This Gemini Moon needs to be the smartest kid in the room, and it never tires of being informed and keeping you informed…hopefully in a clever, entertaining, albeit intense way. This Moon also has a need to concern itself with issues of homeland and emotional security, in service to other people.

Oh there is so much more I could write about Obama, including his own issues with nebulous Neptune in the horoscope. Neptune squares his Leo Sun, and whatever Neptune touches it tends to dissolve. So this suggests a bewildered and/or unclear sense of self that developed in his younger days, with others also not quite sure what he was all about. Inspiring or bewildering? Neptune can go either way, depending upon the actual human being who brings that horoscope to life. That Obama’s father was not around to give him guidance is also clear in the horoscope, as is the fact that his mother was fiercely independent and unconventional…and that women likely ran the show in his early home life. His 7th house, which describes his likely mate, is packed with planetary heavies: warrior Mars, potent Pluto, rebel Uranus — these are not marshmallows and neither is Michelle Obama.

Looking at his horoscope, and where it is suggested he will be in two years (at the top of his game), it is hard to imagine that Obama would be anywhere other than the White House. That’s my take on it. I also think scheduling an election on a day (Nov 6) when Mercury goes retrograde  increases the potential for confusion and logistical nightmares, and we may see a bit of that on Election Day. I think the week before the election we may see a repeat of the emotional volatility we saw during the week of August 13th, and I do not know if it will be related to this never-ending political campaign.

I also think those nifty new electronic voting machines — the ones that ingest your paper ballot and give you no confirmation whatsoever that your vote has been recorded and will be counted — are a democracy’s worst nightmare. Last March, the technogeniuses at the University of Michigan released an account of how they hacked an election and got Bender (a robot on the animation series, Futurama)  elected to the school board in Washington DC. Finally, I am ever mindful that as long as the Mother of All Squares (ruthless Pluto squaring rebel Uranus) is in effect (through 2015 and into 2016, thank you very much), suggesting we can expect the unexpected. Still, I am putting my fifty cents on Obama, along with the other astrologers who made election day predictions at an international astrology conference in May.


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