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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/24/2012: Mars Retrograde; State of the Union

For all of its reputation for being unconventional and/or just plain “out there” Aquarius, being one of the four Fixed signs (the others are Taurus, Leo and Scorpio), can be mighty stubborn. Moon is in Aquarius today and it’s running wild, suggesting a striking need for independence and social significance.  With mental Mercury in a challenging T-square with expansive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn, you may also feel the pain of clashing ideologies…and I’m not just saying that because tonight is the State of the Union address, followed by the Republican response.

Ruthless Pluto is also running wild, suggesting the potential for big power plays and corruption exposed, while loving Venus in Pisces, seeks to soften the edges with a dose of compassion or a soulful escape. There are a lot of generals on the field today and it may be tough to determine whose lead to follow. Pick one, keep calm and carry on!

Some readers have expressed concern about Mars being retrograde, asking if the planet of action appearing to move backwards in the sky means that all actions are doomed.  No, it does not mean that at all!  But it is wise to honestly consider why you might be driven to take action — again, if it’s an impulse out of frustration, chances are it’s better to wait.

Right now, as I type, hundreds of babies are being born. Clearly they did not get the memo suggesting that Mars retrograde is not an ideal time to launch a new venture. Are they doomed? Not at all, but — those born with retrograde Mars will have an approach to action that is not the “norm” — and learning to assert themselves may pose some challenges. For example, Mars is associated with war and violence. Starting a war — or a lawsuit — during Mars retrograde is not advised. Now consider Martin Luther King, Jr.  and Pope John Paul II. Both men have Mars retrograde — and both are known for their vehement, passionate stance against…war and violence. Fascinating. They found a way to channel the aggressive energy of Mars retrograde in a productive way.

Meanwhile, the State of Union is scheduled to begin at 9:06PM ET in Washington, DC. In that event chart, retrograde Mars will be rising in a hypercritical Virgo ascendant — and I can imagine President Obama will have plenty of powerful things to say about how things need to be done more efficiently — with a team spirit — and he will likely be commended for coming on stronger than usual. He’ll likely show much compassion for workers and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s got a dreamy proposal for offering assistance. We’ll likely hear some realistic tough talk about assets — who has them; who doesn’t and what’s fair. An outburst, rebel stance or other surprise may occur around 9:53pM ET.  Yeah, we could probably have figured that out without looking at the chart — but isn’t it interesting that the chart reflects it?