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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 12/6/2013 & The Weekend: Mercury Square Neptune; Mars in Libra

Moon entered the humanitarian sign of Aquarius at 1:53AM ET, suggesting a focus today on matters of social significance. Innovative, imaginative and empathetic thoughts and communication can be yours, suggested by the rose-colored challenge between mental Mercury and dreamy Neptune — yes, we’ve been talking about it all week — and it’ll finally be exact at 4:31PM ET. That aspect suggests bigger-than-usual tabs at watering holes everywhere, given the Mercury-Neptune square’s need for a (spiritual) escape.

Mercury-Neptune contacts can also refer to  music, and isn’t it interesting that the hills and airwaves were alive with The Sound of Music — broadcast live last night on NBC — and earned record ratings? Interesting that the Julie Andrews movie everyone knows and loves was released in 1965, during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction. Here’s what the cast members of that film are doing now.

At 7:11AM ET on Saturday, the Aquarius Moon goes void on a “wet blanket” challenge from stern Saturn. Moon won’t enter the next sign — Pisces — until 3:34AM ET. That means no impulse purchases at yard sales — and really, I’d hold off on holiday shopping until Sunday, when the Moon will actually be in gear.  The Moon void should make for some interesting football games — likely favoring the underdog — and strikingly aggressive. This is suggested by action hero Mars entering Libra at 3:41PM ET, where it will remain….now pay attention here…until July 27, 2014.

Why will Mars be in Libra for so long? Because on March 2nd, Mars will turn retrograde — at 27 Libra. It will turn direct at 9 Libra on May 21st. Mars goes retrograde every two years — here’s a blurb written just before the last retrograde in 2012, so you know what to expect. Mars in Libra can be challenging. Libra is a partnership-oriented energy that dislikes conflict. Mars is an ego-oriented energy that thrives in battle — or on a crusade. Thus becoming a “warrior for peace” would be an exalted manifestation of Mars in Libra. And you know who has Mars in Libra? Many people, of course — but right now I’m thinking about Nelson Mandela, who passed away last night at the age of 95. A “peaceful liberator” reads one headline — here’s his horoscope. Pope John Paul II is another famous warrior for peace who had Mars in Libra — here’s his horoscope. May the lives of these two men serve as inspiring role models over the next several months.

On Sunday, Moon enters soulful Pisces at 3:34AM ET. Note your dreams upon waking, as the Moon will hook up with Neptune at 8:16AM ET. You’ll find plenty to talk about around midday, when Moon is squared by Mercury in opinionated Sagittarius. And yes, feel free to shop for gifts — maybe something intangible will inspire you, such as music, films, all things spiritual and the healing arts. You might even consider gifting someone very special with an astro-logical consultation — contact me for details.

There’s no Moon void on Monday, the start of the next work week. Be prepared to hit the ground running. Meanwhile, have a lovely weekend!