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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 3/15/2013 & the Weekend: Habemus Papam; Mercury Turns Direct

…and the dust is settling for most of us, courtesy of the Moon moving into the grounded (as in “earth”) sign of Taurus on Thursday at 3:08PM ET. Those who are still feeling supercharged, crazed or cranky likely have planets around 3 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn…or were born around the 23rd of March, June, September or December. For those born in the last five or six days of those months, you’re still in the middle of a once-in-a-lifetime ride, with much more in store.

Aspects to the comfort-seeking Taurus Moon are light through Saturday, with the exception of a potential wet blanket or ambitious reach from stern Saturn at 12:27PM ET. And you know how much I love a weekend with Moon in Taurus; it’s a fine time for staying put, eating well and other sensory/sensual pleasures. Moon goes void on Saturday at 7:11PM ET, adding to the potential for a nice little chill.

Moon enters information junkie Gemini at 2:09AM ET, creating more than the usual buzz. First, it’s St. Patrick’s Day and the green beer may start flowing especially early, given the Moon’s square to nebulous Neptune at 9:39AM ET. Lively discourse — with some facts being more relative than others — is a distinct possibility as Mercury turns direct at 4:03PM ET. With Mercury moving forward,  focus in all matters of communication and travel is suggested. Sunday evening is marked by friendly and expansive aspects to the chatty Moon from innovative Uranus and expansive Jupiter.

So…the papal conclave, as promised. My sense, given that it started with Moon and Mars in impulsive, get-it-done-yesterday Aries (among other proactive patterns), was that a decision would be made quickly — and it was. But really, choosing a pope when Mercury is retrograde and the Moon is void of course? Oy vey! Regular readers of this forecast know that contests during voids often favor the underdog and upsets, which certainly applies to Pope Francis. Actions initiated during voids often prove to be of no consequence; i.e., they do not live up to expectations. Perhaps the most famous Moon void/Mercury retrograde election in recent history was the US election of 2000. Surprising upset? Underdog favored? Didn’t quite live up to expectation? Point is, Pope Francis will likely continue to make a surprising impact  — for better or for worse.

We do not have a birth time yet for Pope Francis; here is the noon chart. He is a Sagittarius with Moon in humanitarian Aquarius. The Sag Sun (which is peregrine & thus running wild) brings boatloads of energy for opining on big picture subjects: law, philosophy, world travel, religion/theosophy. The Aquarius Moon needs to be of unique social significance. Venus (love, women, money, art) is probably conjunct the Moon and both are challenged by rebel Uranus (which rules Aquarius). This is a suggestion of popularity; a friendly social expression; and unconventional approaches to relationship which require freedom and independence, as in “I love you, but don’t take it personally”. This horoscope is well-equipped to relate to the masses, pun obviously intended — and it is likely easier for it to function as a man of the people as opposed to one intimate partner, with stubbornly quaint ideas about how relationship should be conducted. Isn’t that interesting?

Saturn, which refers to the father/authority/ambition is opposed by nebulous Neptune, suggesting that issues related to the father, etc. may be intangible, spiritual, bewildering and/or escapist. Saturn is in Pisces. Astrologer Michael Lutin says that Saturn in Pisces “turns its suffering into an art form”. And anyone I know with Saturn in Pisces knows what I’m talking about. It is amazing how these people can turn emotional lemons into creative lemonade.

Pope Francis’ Mercury, which refers to mindset, is in patriarchal, proactive Capricorn and also in an obsessive-compulsive aspect with potent natal Pluto. This suggests a powerful intellect, and it is fascinating to note that on March 14th, this Mercury was exactly supercharged by transiting Pluto. Really, it is as if this horoscope suddenly became “an idea whose time had come”! Pope Francis was allegedly the runner-up in 2005. Not in 2013.

Elsewhere in the horoscope we find Mars — running wild — but in the conflict-averse sign of Libra. A warrior for peace? Jupiter, which is where the horoscope finds its reward, is in Capricorn.  Hmmm…a philosopher/theologian who needs to help people, whose reward is making things happen and finding its place in the established order — most likely at the top.

Last but not least, it is interesting to note that transiting Saturn, now at 10 Scorpio —  will definitely be challenging Pope Francis’ Venus in the next month or so…and may be challenged or will soon challenge the Aquarius Moon. Feelings of isolation and heavy responsibility and/or ambition are not uncommon with this particular transit, which applies through the summer. Well, that sounds reasonable. It can be lonely at the top. Cue Joan Osborne singing fabulous song now…and get your Pope Francis I cookies right here, baked with love from the Bronx.