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Friday 7/9/2021 & the Weekend: Venus in the Spotlight; New Moon in Cancer

…and we’re back.

The Moon is in Cancer, driving the past two days with a need for emotional and home/homeland security. Talking about feelings and other heart-to-heart experiences are supported. If there’s no one around to talk with, fix yourself a nice meal at home –whatever makes you feel nourished and nurtured.

We are in the balsamic phase of the lunar cycle — i.e., a dead Moon. Time to wrap up projects from the current cycle and contemplate your intentions for the next one. The New Moon in Cancer happens at 9:16 PM ET. But before we talk about that, let’s review the week so far.

Last week, Mars in Leo drove the headlines, first opposing Saturn and then squaring Uranus (militant controls, followed by disruption). This week, Venus in Leo followed in Mars’ footsteps, opposing Saturn on Tuesday at 10:36 PM ET, and squaring Uranus on Thursday at 3:25 PM ET. Venus refers to money, values, women, and aesthetics. In opposition with Saturn, we expect stories about controls, cuts and losses, women of steel, art, and commerce. Squaring Uranus, we expect stories of unconventional women and volatility in the markets, for starters. For example:

A pause, while we consider the forecast for today’s (Friday’sNew Moon and the rest of the week. Light a candle, make a list, and set your intentions for the next lunar cycle. The New Moon happens at 9:16 PM ET.

The Moon functions well in Cancer, the sign it rules. Here it seeks to fulfill a need for emotional/homeland security (as I said before). Y’know, core foundational concerns. Are you standing on solid ground? Where is your home? Tell me about your family, your mother, your ancestors. How are you being nourished and nurtured? How are you nurturing others?

Here is the New Moon, set in Washington, D.C.:


  • The 0 Aquarius Ascendant corresponds to the 0 Aquarius Great Mutation (Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020). It squares President Biden’s 0 Taurus Moon, and I expected we’d see news reflecting the humanitarian, egalitarian values that are likely to prevail over the next 200 years. Guess what happened today? “Biden’s bid to take on big business sets off battle on who holds power in the U.S. economy.” File this under “U.S. Pluto Return,” too. The 0-degree Ascendant marks the beginning of something so new that it is impossible to know exactly how it will go. Much free will is at play here.
  • In other news, the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan feels like a very bad thing for women and children, but Heather Cox Richardson explains –without using a word of astrological jargon –how it’s an acknowledgment of the Great Mutation’s new paradigm. We’ve had 200 years of exploiting the earth, brick and mortar, and boots on the ground. That strategy doesn’t apply when one person with a mobile device can take out an entire network with the click of a cursor. We’re now in the Age of Air.
  • Venus is conjunct Mars in Leo, suggesting passionate alliances, for better or for worse
  • The Sun and Moon are in the 6th house, suggesting we’ll be seeing developments involving labor, public health (e.g., Covid), human relations, and systemic processes. New Moon forms a Grand Trine with the Midheaven and Neptune. I’m anticipating significant news about water (who has it and who doesn’t), oceans, drugs, fantasy, refugees, conspiracies, etc., etc.; i.e., all those Neptune things Avid Readers know so well.
  • The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a priest performing a marriage ceremony.” How interesting that it echoes the aforementioned Grand Trine among Neptune (spirits of all kind), Sun-Moon in Cancer (family), and the Midheaven (public status), as well as that fiery meet-up of Venus and Mars! Sabian Sage Blain Bovee notes that “the idea of marriage is greater than the sum of its parts, and wonders if this Symbol offers a contemplation on whether we are “mature enough to carry the load.” Does Biden’s cancellation (today) of $1.5 billion in student debt carried by victims of “for-profit school fraud” suggest an awareness of the pitfalls of expecting immature/unformed persons to take on such burdens? Bovee suggests we apply this Symbol with a mind to “the arithmetic of the situation, as in ‘does it all add up?’; incapacitated parents, caring for siblings; uplifting relationships, elevating status; assuming the responsibilities of others,” to name just a few.
  • You are more personally affected by this New Moon if you have planets or angles around 19 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn. Events that commenced around January 10, 2020, maybe advanced in this lunar cycle. Consult your local astrologer for details.

Back to The Forecast for the weekend:

  • SATURDAY: Note your dreams in the morning, as the Cancer Moon trines Neptune at 7:10 AM ET. A power play or catharsis may arise around 12:09 PM ET, as the Moon opposes Pluto.  Moon goes void for the next eight hours. Now is the time to CHILL, rest, stick to routine concerns. Roll with any twists and flakes, and don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Resist the urge for impulse shopping, as purchases made during Moon voids often do not live up to expectations. Don’t just take it from me; try it for yourself and see. Moon enters Leo at 8:20 PM ET, looking for the nearest summer party, and if a BBQ or fireworks are involved, even better.
  • SUNDAY: more partying and passion, under the light of the love love love Leo Moon. Naturally, there will be drama kings and queens aplenty, looking to hog the stage. Meanwhile, communication, travel, and information demand our attention. Why? Because Mercury is at the Aries Point — this time at the very end of Gemini, one of its home signs. It enters Cancer at 4:35 PM ET, where it will be until July 27th. Mindset and communication become less intellectual, more intuitive. We’re sure to hear from Elizabeth Warren, Prince William, Barack Obama, and Adam Schiff within a day or so, as their horoscopes have planets at the Aries Point. However it feels is how it’s gonna go. A cold shoulder or serious focus weighs in around 6:32 PM ET, as Moon opposes Saturn. A rebellious pushback or shake-up or some other form of excitement is likely around 11:10 PM ET, as Moon squares Uranus. 
  • MONDAY: the Leo Moon meets up with Venus at 7:13 AM ET, followed by a meet-up with Mars at 8:28 AM ET. Ooh la la, why not stay in bed for the entire day, as the Moon then goes void for the ENTIRE DAY. Moon voids suggest little consequences for no-shows, so no worries if you sleep in or cancel appointments. This long Moon void facilitates play  — whatever allows to you to shine, shine, shine! Mercury trines Jupiter at 3:45 PM ET, so we may have big news about women, children, and emotional security in the courts or other Big Picture arena. Moon enters Virgo to clean up the Leo’s Moon’s confetti at 4:30 AM ET on TUESDAY. And for those who are wondering, Venus and Mars finally make their passionate connection at 9:32 AM ET on Tuesday.  Enjoy enjoy enjoy until then.

More news…

UPDATE: on Pope Francis, who had colon surgery last week. This is not surprising, given the tension his 12 Aquarius Moon is under, recently squared by Saturn and Uranus, with more hits on the way this year. As Saturn retrogrades back through Aquarius, it will also conjoin Venus, ruler of his Midheaven (career status). We anticipate a streamlining or an ambitious advance in professional concerns.


If you haven’t seen the NYT’s 40-minute video timeline of the January 6th insurrection, you simply must, must, must.

In other news…

God Save the Queen…for allowing the public to picnic in her backyard for the first time ever. All hail Her Majesty’s Leo Moon!

Signs Venus and Mars are on their way to a hook-up in Leo:

You did get vaccinated, right? Covid cases are on the rise again (as anticipated), mostly among those who haven’t been vaccinated, and the Delta variant is particularly nasty and contagious. That’s the PSA portion of this forecast. Get vaccinated and even if you are vaccinated, don’t be so quick to take off your mask. I’m still wearing the fabulous handmade mask (pictured below) Avid Reader Marianne sent me several months ago. Maybe she can make one for you, too, if you contact her via her Etsy site.

And while we’re in a shopping mode, there’s a book Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick doesn’t want you to read — so much so that he is responsible for the cancellation of a book event at Bullock Texas State History Museum three and a half hours before it was supposed to start (thank you, militantly controlling Mars opposing Saturn). The book is Forget the Alamo, and I confess I didn’t know much about the Alamo, to begin with, so let Heather Cox Richardson explain it all for you. File it under the bonkers transit of Neptune squaring the U.S. Mars-Neptune square, combined with transiting Pluto opposing the U.S. Mercury (attempting to force a transformation of facts).

Ya learn something new every day, right?

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Thank you for reading this forecast.