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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/20/2012: Big Fat Aspects & the Summer Solstice

Did I really write this yesterday???

“This will likely be a jam-packed month of surprises, with great potential for growth and development. Like the weather in New England (as the saying goes), if you don’t like it…wait five minutes.”

Have you heard the weather forecast for today in New York? In the high 90s — up about 20 degrees in 24 hours! It will cool down by the weekend — dropping another 20 degrees.    Volatility: the buzzword for this lunar cycle, so it would seem. We’ve got  a lot to cover today.

First, Moon entered Cancer yesterday at 1:34PM ET, suggesting a focus on emotional and homeland security. Moon is generally very happy in Cancer, the sign it rules — whether it’s loony or weepy or cooking up a storm or counting all its clams. Early this morning, however, Moon is challenged by the double whammy of rebel Uranus and muckraking, power-tripping Pluto between 5:57-6:16AM ET. So if your dreams are wooly and wild, or your morning is otherwise bumpy, just know that the edge will subside as the day progresses. It will be interesting to see what’s going on in Europe as they’re sitting down to lunch…

Another color to the day –which has been in effect for a few days: mental Mercury challenged by stern Saturn, exact at 12:05PM ET. On the downside, some may be feeling depressed or limited in their expression; after all Saturn can be a total wet blanket. On the plus side: Saturn can add focus, gravitas and discipline to our thoughts and communication. So if you need to pitch a weighty project or have a serious talk, this pattern can help get you motivated to do it. Especially if it’s related to your New Moon agenda.

Speaking of feeling limited — and remembering the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon (the mockingbird — read yesterday’s forecast), it’s fascinating to see a story hitting the NY Times right NOW — about art experts — who are called upon to decide if a work is REAL or fake — now feeling like they can no longer freely express their opinion.

Contrast the serious mind over matter symbolism of the Mercury-Saturn square with another big aspect, exact on Monday. This is a square between Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy and nebulous Neptune. What’s that all about? Faith. Spirit. Escapism. Fantasy. And for some, a heady dose of convoluted legal issues (keep an eye on things happening in the courts). Why? Jupiter refers to the law (and sports, too); Neptune tends to dissolve whatever it touches. And just yesterday former Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens was acquitted on charges that he lied to Congress about taking steroids. Drugs. Lying. Neptune! Sports. Law. Jupiter! Put the two together = potentially weird! In your own personal world, you can use the practical discipline of the Mercury-Saturn square to advance an inspired ideal (Jupiter-Neptune). Got that?

Moving on to the evening hours: at 7:09PM ET the Sun will be at zero degrees of Cancer, marking the official start of summer (100 degrees in NY!!?!), a.k.a. the Summer Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere. Regular readers of this forecast will recall that solstices and equinoxes occur at zero degrees of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), also known as the Aries Point. What does that mean, you ask. Planets that are at the Aries Point tend to push for prominence. In the course of a year, the beginning of a new season attracts our attention because it is the turning point — the beginning of a new phase of development. Things that come into being — including people — when the Sun is at the Aries Point often have a knack for becoming famous in whatever pond they swim in.

Last but not least, a supportive connection between loving Venus and innovative Uranus at 8:57PM ET can add a creative spark to your artistic inclinations and your social interactions. You could do worse than hang out with a group of offbeat people this evening.

Get it off your desk today: Moon is void of course from 12:48PM – 11:47PM ET on Thursday….