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Monday 11/16/2020: Sneak Peek at the Week; Sun in Sagittarius; Order in the Court & More

Up and at ’em. Mars — planet of action — is finally moving forward, and it’s getting along swimmingly with the Moon in Sagittarius. A Sag Moon needs to push boundaries, usually with righteous enthusiasm and opinions. Get out of the usual box; take in a foreign film or walk in the woods. Go for a gamble or a gambol. Things may get rosy or fuzzy around 4:07 PM ET, as Moon squares Neptune. Take whatever is said with a grain of salt. Meanwhile, there’s a buzz in the air, as at 3:07 AM ET on …

  • TUESDAY: Mercury opposes Uranus for the third time in less than two months. Disruptive news in tech, aviation and astrology would not be surprising, along with any information that clears the air. Moon will be void between 2:54 AM ET and 11:35 AM ET, suggesting a twist, flake or slow start to your morning routine. Crises that crop up during Moon voids are usually much ado about nothing. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Once the Moon shifts gears into Capricorn you can get down to business.
  • WEDNESDAY: A mostly easy flow to taking care of said business, save for a clash between the authoritative Capricorn Moon and the autonomous Mars in Aries around 1:42 PM ET. The willpower of leaders of all stripes and sizes is supported by a cooperative sextile between the Sun and Saturn at 11:18 PM PT. This day (and the day before) is one to watch for P45, as Avid Readers know from past forecasts. It is also Joe Biden’s solar return, though his birthday will be celebrated on…
  • THURSDAY: …when morning headlines are likely to reflect the emotional catharses and/or power plays of the “how can we make this work?” drive of the Capricorn Moon, as it meets up with Pluto and Jupiter at 2:58 AM ET and 4:43 AM ET, respectively. Reality bites at 6:28 AM ET, as Venus is squared by Saturn. Translation: women, money, social expression and aesthetics are streamlined by necessary controls, e.g. budget cuts and other wet blankets. OTOH, women of steel may shine. The serious focus continues as Moon meets up with Saturn at 10:51 AM ET, then squares Venus and sextiles the Sun over the next 30 minutes. Watch the action as the Capricorn Moon works to makes things happen and preserve status. Moon goes void at 11:30 AM ET. Chill until 3:25 PM ET, when Moon enters Aquarius, looking to network with its favorite like-minded buddies. Meanwhile, Mercury is now where it was when it turned retrograde on October 13th. Finally we can move forward on new ideas and agreements.
  • FRIDAY: the need to be of social significance is jolted around 5:41 AM ET, as the Aquarius Moon squares Uranus. Go about your business and make a communication adjustment around 3:15 PM ET, when Moon squares Mercury. This is the last full day of the Sun in Scorpio and Venus in Libra. We may see headlines this evening that look like a last-gasp effort on the part of leaders, as well as women, money, values and art. Moon goes void at 7:49 PM ET and won’t enter the next sign until....
  • SATURDAY: …at 11:06 PM ET. This is a looooooooong time to chill, chill, chill! And darned if we all don’t need a long day off — take it! Meanwhile, Venus leaves Libra for Scorpio at 8:22 AM ET, where it will be until December 15th. Now is not the ideal time for cosmetic surgery, as Venus is not at her happiest in Scorpio. Given a choice, Venus would serve its time in a sign where it can be pleasing in every sense. In Scorpio, Venus suggests a need for control over what and whom we love. Venus in Scorpio values its own code of honor, integrity and loyalty — that’s an upside.  It is also inclined to keep score and pay back — which can be a downside.
  • SATURDAY: Sun enters Sagittarius at 3:40 PM ET, and this is an improvement. Whereas Scorpio seeks to control and master; Sagittarius pushes boundaries — even if it trips over its feet. Whereas Scorpio may be suspicious and keeps its cards close to its chest, Sagittarius expresses optimism — and its opinions. Even if its foot lands in its mouth. If you are a Sagittarius born two thirds of the way into the sign (around December 10th),  you may be feeling a need for a vision — or simply lost.  Same goes for Virgo, Pisces and Geminis born around the 10th of their birth months. When will the dreamy clouds disperse?  Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.  At 11:45 PM ET, Moon will be in Pisces squaring the Sagittarius Sun. This suggests adjustments made on the New Moon agenda set last week (which I’ll get to in a minute).
  • SUNDAY: Moon in Pisces drives the day with a need for compassion, idealism and going with the flow. It’s well-supported all day. Enjoy.

And now…about the New Moon in Scorpio, exact at 12:07 AM ET on Sunday 11/15. Here’s what it looked like from Washington, DC:

Highlights include:

  • 1 degree Virgo Ascendant suggests it’s too early to tell; there’s much free will at play
  • Midheaven is 26 Taurus, conjunct the Fixed Star Algol, associated with losing one’s head. The MC refers to the leader of the nation. The MC is ruled by a high-functioning Venus at 22 Libra (activating the 1/12/2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction and last week’s Jupiter-Pluto conjunction). Venus squares Pluto, then Jupiter, then Saturn. The flow of action on the part of the leader during this lunar cycle is likely to be extremes, followed by expansion, followed by contraction/controls. It is highly engaged with power and resources, such as they are.
  • Venus is in an obsessive relationship to rebel Uranus, as is this New Moon. This is an erratic and potentially impulsive connection. Change is in the air.
  • Neptune is in an obsessive relationship with the Virgo Ascendant (which needs to be seen as perfect). This suggests deceit, subterfuge, delusion — or possibly healing. It’s early yet. Wait and see.
  • The New Moon at 23 Scorpio is conjunct the Fixed Star Agena (a.k.a. Beta Centauri). My astrology software defines the potential of Agena as “the pain of learning,” though other interpretations suggest a positive, potentially healing outcome as a result.
  • This New Moon is conjunct P45’s  IC –– the cusp of his 4th house (family, home; real estate; core foundation) — and thus obviously opposes his Midheaven (professional status).
  • The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man.” Blain Bovee suggests this may be an attitude of condescension — or perhaps it is simply confidence. It’s counterintuitive, says Bovee, because we usually think of people climbing to the top of a mountain to sit at the feet of a guru/wise man. Also, he notes that crowds are those who normally dwell in the valley and thus represent the lowest common denominator. We are advised to apply this symbol with a mind for “fighting uphill against public perception; having to prove oneself; a condescending attitude regarding meeting one’s public.” Watch for these in the headlines; we’ll know it when we see it.

And now, the news.

The weekend’s squares among Venus and Pluto-Jupiter suggested stories of extremes in matters of women and worth. From the NYT Sunday Week In Review:

Also reflecting extremes of wealth and power:

  • Billionaire Charles Koch tells the Wall Street Journal he regrets he has caused so much political division (“boy, did we screw up!”). Koch would say something surprising right about now, with transiting Uranus opposing his Scorpio Sun just days ago. I’m not buying it — or the book he’s trying to sell (in sync with patterns activating a need to start talking with new associations). If he really thought he’d made “such a mess”, he’d be backing Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in the January 5th Georgia Senate runoff, instead of the two Republicans who made boatloads in perfectly-timed stock trades right before the Covid crisis hit the headlines, as reported here and here. If that sounds harsh, it’s because I haven’t forgotten Dark Money, Jane Mayer’s riveting book about Koch’s efforts to influence academia, the courts, state legislatures and think tanks.
  • Speaking of the courts, with Mars stationing right on top of his me-me-me Mercury in Aries, SCOTUS Justice Samuel Alito gave an especially partisan speech at a Federalist Society engagement over the weekend, calling out several Democratic senators for their efforts to do Things Alito Does Not Agree With. Here is his horoscope — and do pay close attention to his 25 Libra Midheaven. Why? Because SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas has  a 25 Capricorn Ascendant, meaning that both conservative justices (for whom we have birth times) will have Pluto activating an angle of their horoscope in 2021, suggesting power plays for better or worse. Thomas will have Uranus opposing his MC, suggesting a possible significant change.
  • Both Justices are under Neptune’s influence now and into 2021. Neptune is opposing Alito’s Virgo Moon, suggesting dreamy ideals of making things right. Thomas has Neptune square his Jupiter, suggesting “tricky legalisms” (according to astrologer Noel Tyl). In 2019 and 2020, Thomas’s Sun-Mercury-Venus conjunction in Cancer was eclipsed, suggesting a change in visibility (he was the one who swore Amy Coney Barrett in at one of the White House super spreaders. These eclipsed planets will be triggered again on the Winter Solstice, as transiting Jupiter and Saturn meet up with his Moon. A potential righteous statement of purpose would be one several manifestations of gravitas.  Justice Anthony Kennedy’s horoscope had similarly disruptive patterns in sync with his “sudden” departure from SCOTUS.  Really it was no surprise to anyone who looked at his horoscope. 
  • The Justice Department concludes that then-US Attorney Alex Acosta “used poor judgment” in negotiating Jeffrey Epstein’s sweetheart deal, but otherwise did nothing wrong. Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) is hopping mad over it.  I thought there might be a significant court action in this case around now, as we see a pattern between Mercury and Jupiter in Ghislaine Maxwell’s horoscope.

In other Venus-Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn news, three GOP senators have expressed opposition to P45’s controversial nominee  — Judy Shelton — to the Federal Reserve,.


Venus in Libra is a lovely placement. As it has traveled between 20 and 22 Libra, it has triggered the anguished conjunctions between Jupiter-Pluto and Saturn-Pluto, whose cycles are in sync with the development of the Covid pandemic. One potentially bright spot today is the announcement of a second vaccine trial that appears to have tested as well — or better — than the one announced by Pfizer last week. The key word is “appears.” Time will tell.

In other news…

I thought it would be fun to look back on the predictions made when Neptune first entered Pisces over eight years ago. Here is a forecast from 2/2/2012. We’re just over halfway through this period of development, and what I’ve noticed is that when a slow-moving planet gets past the halfway point, the potentials manifest like a kettle of popcorn that’s finally reached the appropriate temperature. One of the predictions was that the use of recreational drugs would be decriminalized — and we see this in the Nov 3 election results. The halfway point for Neptune happened in January 2020. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Fun fact #1: “Lockdown” was declared the Word of the Year for 2020, according to the good folks at Collins Dictionary. I suspect we will have more lockdowns as Mars gets up to speed and squares Jupiter-Saturn and Pluto between now and the Winter Solstice.

Fun fact #2: Saturn rules the skeleton. Jupiter refers to BIG. Pluto makes it all macabre. Is it any surprise that big ginormous skeletons as decorations were so popular this Halloween?

Fun fact #3: the Leonid meteor shower peaks tonight. Look up!

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