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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 9/28-29/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week; John Boehner Update; US Horoscope in Review

Good Morning! (well afternoon, actually. This forecast was supposed to ship much earlier, but tech glitches got in the way. Imagine that…)

The day is driven by the Moon in Aries, where it has been charging since 3:29 PM ET yesterday. Who noticed the shift in energy and focus after an over 24-hour void of course Moon in dreamy Pisces? That happened as of 12:32PM ET on Saturday. Did you wander? Go with the flow? Ruminate or meditate on an intangible ideal? Experience a soulful communion or healing?  Immerse your senses in music or art? Indulge in spirits or any other altered form of escape? Maybe you allowed yourself to simply space out…

While Pisces refers to endings, Aries refers to beginnings. The need to initiate may be experienced as a power play or emotional catharsis around 11:56AM ET, when the Moon makes contact with potent Pluto. Is that why my computer just froze, but without saving half of today’s forecast, giving me the opportunity to write it all over again?  Eh, Mercury retrograde, too. Which powerful world leader is speaking at the U.N. right now, I wonder. What initiatives will be discussed later today when Vladimir Putin and President Obama RE-connect (after two years)?

Meanwhile, a potential disruption of the status quo may materialize around 9:30PM ET, when the Moon meets up with rebel Uranus. Moon goes void at 3:45AM ET, not to enter Taurus until 2:57PM ET on TUESDAY. Stick to routine concerns during those hours tomorrow; roll with any twists and/or flakes that disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight. Do your best to stay FOCUSED, since this Moon void adds another layer of spacey potential to the ongoing Mercury retrograde. Remember that crises which crop up during Moon voids are often much ado about nothing. Chill, chill, chill!

Other than aspects to the Moon, there are no other exact planetary patterns this week, except for an idealistic meeting between the relationship-oriented Libra Sun and Mercury retrograde. Over the years I have observed big releases of energy during these planetary lulls — seemingly out of nowhere. So I’m prepared for anything this week, particularly since the patterns that are currently building to exact aspect next week include the Sun in challenging contact with Pluto and Uranus, as well as a wiggy/fanatical/razzle-dazzle/scandalous face-off between Mars and Neptune.

And now, the news.

How nice that last night’s Full Moon/total eclipse sparked so much interest around the world. It was the fourth in a series of total lunar eclipses known as a tetrad, and we won’t see another one like it until 2033. It’s interesting to see a few notable closures in the headlines today, given the conventional astrological wisdom which argues that lunar eclipses herald releases and shutdowns. Add in Pluto’s (power, news from underground) change of direction on Friday, and it is interesting to read today that the Nepalese government is declaring Mt. Everest off-limits to certain would-be climbers and that Shell Oil is shutting down its drilling efforts in the Arctic Sea. Wow.

Another news from underground wow: moments ago, scientists confirmed evidence of water on Mars.

Meanwhile, John Boehner stunned many when he resigned from Congress on Friday, during the Moon void and hours after powerbroker Pluto turned direct. This annoyed me because I’d had an impulse all last week to review his horoscope, which I hadn’t written about since here, here and here (last update was over a year ago). What we see now is that the supercharged and persuasive social expression potential of Pluto on his natal Venus is now in the rear-view mirror. What’s front and center is the potential for sudden and/or surprising action of Uranus on his perfection-seeking Mars in Virgo. I’d wager his Libra Moon is being opposed by transiting Uranus, too — suggesting an intensified need to facilitate harmony and balance in relationship, which would hardly seem possible as Speaker of the House. No wonder he’d want out, especially with the return of a heavy reality check of a Saturn-Sun pattern that would have weighed on him heavily in the fall of 2014.

To find out what’s going on in your horoscope, consider booking a personal astro-logical consultation. Yea verily, I can’t think of a single reason why you would not want to have access to the empowering and emancipating perspective that was once only available to kings and queens. 


In August of 2014 I wrote a long post outlining what we could expect in the near future, suggested by patterns in the horoscopes of the United States and President Obama. For those of you who can’t be bothered to click this very useful link, I’ll copy and paste the juicy stuff below.

More on general events in the US,  continuing the discussion from last Friday’s post.  I’ve been thinking about a number of horoscopes — all related — which would include the horoscope of the US, Barack Obama and his second inauguration. The exact date and time of the US birthday is a subject of debate among astrologers. Was it the signing of the Declaration of Independence? The Articles of Confederation?  The US Constitution? We celebrate July 4th as the official US birthday, the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Even so, there is no consensus on what time that signing took place. Several times have been proposed, for various reasons, and the debate continues.

One of the most popular charts proposes a birth time of 2:13AM with a 7 Gemini Ascendant; another suggests a 5:10PM time with a 12 Sagittarius Ascendant — you can look at those two here. Regardless of the exact time, a July 4th horoscope, as noted in prior forecasts, is particularly “hot” right now. Why? For a number of reasons, but the biggest reason is the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square, which is currently making contact with the US Sun at 12 Cancer and the US Saturn at 14 Libra. Uranus and Pluto contacting the Sun suggests emancipation and empowerment — for better or worse — and definitely a disruption of the status quo, as in break-ups and shake-ups. Uranus and Pluto to Saturn suggests tremendous effort required in the face of loss — perhaps even a karmic retribution that is downright anguishing.

We last experienced Pluto to the US Sun and Saturn from late 1976-1978. We had a big, empowering 200th birthday bash in the Summer of ’76. Jimmy Carter was President. Thanks to Jimmy Carter, we have the Departments of Energy (empowering) and Education (ditto). Still, the President was not popular. There was an energy crisis. It was tough, and we did not like it. When nebulous Neptune challenged the U.S. Mars, sprinkling rose-colored pixie dust from sea to shining sea, we yearned for greener pastures, went Hollywood and voted for Ronald Reagan.

Ahhh, Neptune, which dissolves whatever it touches.  It is making contact with the US horoscope again, likely in more than one way. Neptune is currently at 6 Pisces, squaring the US Uranus at 8 Gemini. This aspect, writes astrologer Noel Tyl, suggests “loss of ego focus, awakened spirituality, possible irritable or amorphous states”.  Does that sound right? And in the Gemini and Sagittarius horoscopes noted above, Neptune is making a challenging aspect to the US Ascendant. It’s simply a matter of degree.

If we use the Gemini ASC chart, we’re in the middle of a bewildering identity crisis that will have peaked by the end of 2015. If we use the Sag chart, our potential “ego wipeout” — the term Tyl uses to describe heavy Neptune transits — is just beginning, and will peak between 2016 and early 2018. The US had its last heavy Neptune transit between 1973-1976.  We had an oil crisis at the end of 1973.  Neptune also refers to oil. We also had the Watergate scandal and the subsequent resignation of President Nixon. Yeah, that was an ego wipeout, if you’re old enough to remember it. Hmmm. Neptune tends to dissolve boundaries. Isn’t it interesting that we’re having a “border crisis” now, in the form of thousands of hapless Neptune-in-Pisces (keywords: drugs, downtrodden, vulnerable, victims) children from Central America blurring our boundaries?

Leading America through these challenging rapids is no easy task. How is President Obama doing? He had a birthday on Monday. It’s been a tough summer for him, as predicted. We see this suggested by stern Saturn, which has been challenging his 18 degree Aquarius Ascendant for a couple of months now, and will make the last of three exact hits during the first two weeks of September. Saturn is a taskmaster that can feel like a wet blanket or a brick wall. The Ascendant refers to personal projection and how it is perceived by others. Saturn is often reflected in feelings of isolation and/or loss…and also ambition, if we’re up for the task. Happy belated birthday, Mr. President. John Boehner is mad at you and wants to sue you. Your admitting last week that “we tortured some folks” apparently made heads explode on the other side of the aisle.  They just didn’t get your Aquarius Ascendant’s need to be seen as all friendly and stuff, and to some it feels quirky, impersonal or quite mad. But now NBC reports that only 40% approve of the job you’re doing…your lowest poll numbers yet. Lonely at the top?

On the other hand, only 14% of Americans approve of how Congress is doing its job, so I suppose it could be worse. And yes, it could be worse, as apparently not many plan to do anything to change a situation they say do not like, such as vote in November’s mid-term elections. Are we as a nation feeling wiped out, irritable or amorphous?

In contrast to Saturn’s controls, expansive Jupiter will hook up with Obama’s Sun for the first time in 12 years in September, just as Saturn hits his Ascendant. A Jupiter transit, suggests opportunities for growth, reward and success and may buffer the heaviness of Saturn.  This is one measurement that affirms my thoughts about the horoscope for Obama’s second inauguration (previously discussed here), in which I opined that in a tenacious battle of wills, Obama is likely to maintain an edge. September may well be tough, but by the end of October, Jupiter will oppose his Ascendant, suggesting  an expansive public outreach likely to be well-received, except by those who will say (again) that he is overstepping his bounds. In the 2013 inauguration horoscope, Saturn is currently “hot,” suggesting ambition and frustration (or perhaps frustrated ambition), warning lights about “hidden enemies,” and reinforcing themes of isolation or going it alone that we see in Obama’s horoscope.

I hope you’ve found this long post about current and past patterns in the US horoscope helpful. I hope you also appreciate that even though patterns suggest huge challenges now and in the immediate future, these are cycles we have experienced before and we will experience them again. These cycles repeat themselves in individual horoscopes, too. Stay on the planet long enough, and you will surely have an opportunity to make a different choice if you did not like the choice you made the last time a pattern presented itself. I’m an optimist, and fiercely believe that if you are here on Planet Earth, you have a meaningful purpose and gifts to be shared with others that can make this world a better place.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and sharing it with the entire Free World.