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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/18/2013 & The Weekend: The Inauguration; Lance Armstrong

Seize the optimistic and pioneering potential of this day, which begins with an idealistic hook-up between mental Mercury and the Sun (life force) in practical Capricorn. The caveat with any day marked by idealism is, of course, that some may be driving with blinders on. On the plus side, that’s an effective way to stay focused, especially if you’re a horse pulling a carriage in Central Park. On the other hand, those blinders may cause you to miss a few details, some more glaring than others. Keep on making your pitch, and by the time we arrive at the First Quarter Moon at 6:45PM ET, you may see the first challenge to the New Moon agenda you set last week., which was something about “a general gracefully acknowledging defeat”. Why how very Lance Armstrong, eh? Coincidence or conspiracy? More on him in a minute.

At 7:40PM ET, Moon goes void of course for just under an hour, entering comfort-seeking Taurus at 8:36PM ET. Ooh, I just love a weekend with Moon in Taurus….so lovely for earthly pleasures: good food, wine, music and a massage or two. You can shop ’til you drop all day Saturday and on Sunday, but only until 1:16PM ET, when Moon goes void-of-course until Monday at 9:04AM ET. Take a nice long break & enjoy wherever your wanderings take you.

Saturday is notable for two planetary shifts: both the Sun and Mercury leave practical Capricorn and enter innovative, humanitarian, unique, cerebral and  often weirdly stubborn Aquarius. This is a sign that is rarely in the middle of anything; Aquarians are usually found on one fringe or the other. Usually thought of as a future-oriented sign, some of the most extreme conservatives have strong Aquarian elements in their horoscopes: Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Paul Ryan, NRA henchman Wayne LaPierre, Kim Jong-Il, Ayn Rand — just off the top of my head. And then on the other side, you have extremely progressive Aquarians Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Barack Obama has an Aquarian Ascendant, which is one reason he comes off as so detached and cerebral, yet definitely unique.

Speaking of Obama, Sunday marks the beginning of his second term. He’ll be sworn in at noon, as specified by our Constitution. And though he’ll be doing it all over again on Monday in a public ceremony, for me the swearing-in on Sunday is the one that sticks.  In the chart for noon in DC on the 20th, I am relieved to see the Moon NOT void of course in Taurus, suggesting that it may actually function effectively. In Taurus, this suggests a reigning need to preserve and maintain material security, to keep things as they are or as they should be.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect a battle, as the Moon is squared by aggressive Mars in Aquarius, suggesting heated and stubborn challenges from the rebel factions. This is likely to be a term of office noted for idealistic, expansive and innovative ideas. And yes, I do believe we’ll see the President operating more independently than in his last term, as the Moon is placed in the 1st house, suggesting, as astrologer Noel Tyl defines it, an entrepreneurial “do your own thing” approach.

How does this chart compare with chart for the start of the 113th Congress? Interestingly, in that chart the Virgo Moon IS void-of-course — and running wild! This suggests a concern with details, organization and discernment that runs away with the whole chart — and, given the void, is likely to be ineffective or at least of no consequence. Hmmm. Perhaps the President will have the upper hand. Also notable is nebulous Neptune running wild, suggesting that elements of vision, idealism, delusion, deception, spirits of all kinds and artistry will be all over this legislative body like a cheap suit. When NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote about the first day of 113th Congress, she called it a “surreal world”. Yep. That’s Neptune running wild…

OK. Lance Armstrong, since several of you have asked. We don’t have a confirmed birth time for Armstrong, though I have seen two efforts to determine the time — one using computer software and the other calculated by hand. I do have a preference for which is likely correct,  but I haven’t done enough “chart crunching” to be completely sure.  Both charts propose a Sagittarius Ascendant, and this gambling, gamboling, often rough-around-the-edges fire sign works for me. Born on September 18th, 1971 in Plano Texas, Armstong has Sun and Moon in Virgo, and the Moon is running wild. This suggests a need for perfection driven to the max. The Moon rules the 8th house, suggesting a need to manage or help in the affairs of other people; it’s one indication that he could be effective in philanthropy, which in fact, he is.  One very interesting aspect in the horoscope — regardless of his birth time is the same witchy-bitchy hook-up  between Venus and Pluto we have been talking about all week — and which was exact on Wednesday. This pattern — suggesting intensity, emotional overkill and potential ruthlessness in social expression demands prominence in Armstrong’s chart (it’s at the Aries Point, for tech-savvy astrology buffs reading this). Venus and Pluto are both conjunct the Virgo Sun, suggesting a certain level of suppression, likely anger, that would be an immediate topic of discussion in a consultation. Can this horoscope be destroyed all the way to hell and be rebuilt all the way to heaven? Yea verily, the potential for regeneration and empowerment is great.

So what about all these drugs and deception? Now if you’ve been reading this forecast for some time, you know the answer: Neptune! Yes, nebulous Neptune is exactly conjunct expansive Jupiter at 0 degrees of Sagittarius. This is a strong statement of a need for faith; here, expansive Jupiter likely rules the Sagittarius Ascendant, which is all about self-image. Armstrong needs to believe he is “all that” — it makes sense he would be driven to perfection about projecting this holier than thou image to the world. And it makes sense that the world believes the illusion…until it doesn’t. Astrology buffs will immediately note that transiting Neptune is exactly square Lance’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, suggesting all Neptunian concerns are up — big time — including, but not limited to — redemption and  “tricky legalisms”.

In the forecast posted on January 4th, we were talking about the Grand Trine in Air Signs, suggesting — again citing my mentor, Noel Tyl — an intellectual elitism, a defensive posture and acting as if one is a law unto oneself. And surprise, surprise — Armstrong has this placement among Mars, Uranus and Saturn. Right now Jupiter, which likely rules his Ascendant, is exactly conjunct Saturn, suggesting a need to break free of patterns that have restricted his movement. Armstrong apparently wants to start competing again, but he has been banned from competition. So it is very interesting to see him working to do whatever he has to do to break free of those restrictions.

OK, time to ship this forecast, as I have consultations to prepare. When are you going to book yours? It’s sure to be profound…and fun!

Have a great holiday weekend.