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Monday 2/7/2022: Sneak Peek at the Week; You’re Grounded!

Good morning and get ready for another dynamic week. All of the planets are now moving forward and getting back up to speed. The Moon is waxing, so it’s a time to build and grow. Venus and Mars are both in Capricorn, where they are 1) usually high-functioning; 2) attracted to each other for productive reasons; and 3) actually moving towards one another, with an exact meet-up on February 16th. Mars — planet of action and assertion — is coming off of a cooperative connection with Jupiter (planet of expansion) and is moving towards a harmony (trine) with Uranus (innovation and unconventional alliances), exact on TUESDAY. Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) is still in Capricorn and will make its third and final meet-up with corruption-exposing, highly persuasive Pluto on Friday. Onwards and upwards!

It goes like this:

  • MONDAY: Moon is in Taurus, driving the day with a need to build and maintain material security. We have gorgeous productive energy this morning, as Moon sextiles Jupiter at 10:57 AM ET and trines Mars at 2:12 PM ET. Use it well! The afternoon buzz is brought to you by the Moon’s meet-up with rebel Uranus a 3:22 PM ET, sparking innovation or an upset to the status quo. Early evening is pleasant enough, as Moon trines Venus at 7 PM ET, apt for comfort food, wine, sweet music and a snuggle with your sweetie. Night owls and early risers on…
  • TUESDAY:  will have some tension to work out. At 2 AM ET, Moon squares Saturn, which may be experienced as a wet blanket or an effort to contain and control whatever spark emerged yesterday afternoon. At 8:50 AM ET, we’ll have the First Quarter Moon — i.e., the material comfort-seeking, possessive Taurus Moon squares the intellectual detachment of the Aquarius Sun. Who will win? I don’t know, but the trine between I’m-too-sexy-for-my-shirt Mars in Capricorn and unconventional technogeek Uranus at 9:57 AM ET could produce wondrous action. (You can make that linked tune by Right Said Fred your theme song this week, FWIW). The afternoon and evening support visionary communication, as Moon sextiles Neptune at 12:39 PM ET, followed by a trine to Mercury at 8:48 PM ET and Pluto at 11:47 PM ET. Make that persuasive pitch.
  • WEDNESDAY: Moon enters Gemini at 5:26 AM ET, driving the day with a need for information. Moon’s path is free and clear of interference, so this day may be carried away by pixie chatterbox cleverness, becoming grander by the hour as we approach 12:28 AM ET on…
  • THURSDAY: …and the Moon squares Jupiter, planet of grandiosity. Exuberance ripples out through the morning, and finds structure by 3:20 PM ET, as the Gemini Moon trines Saturn.
  • FRIDAY: Moon squares Neptune at 1:43 AM ET, facilitating fog and/or enchantment overnight. Moon goes void on a trine to the Sun at 3:22 AM ET. If you’re planning a Valentines’ Day weekend escape, you can take the day off without consequence, as the Gemini Moon won’t engage in the next sign — Cancer — until 6:26 PM ET. You know the Moon void guidelines: roll with the twists and flakes that may disrupt efforts to move forward in a straight line. Stick to routine concerns during Moon voids and avoid impulse shopping, especially big-ticket items. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill, as crises that crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing, as my experience working in a newsroom will attest. Once upon a time, I wrote and produced promos at CNBC, and I can’t tell you how many times I’d get an assignment during a Moon void that was an absolute top priority — until suddenly it wasn’t (once the void was over). Meanwhile, my editor and I would be encountering any number of odd twists in our efforts to get the spot done. Astrology is amazing.
  • FRIDAY: this particular all-day Moon void includes the third and last in a series of conjunctions between Mercury and Pluto, exact at 9:04 AM ET. It’s happening closerthanthis to the U.S. Pluto, suggesting a potential bonanza for investigative reporters whose beat is the Powers That Be. Once Moon enters Cancer at 6:26 PM ET, our focus shifts to family, homeland and emotional security concerns.
  • SATURDAY: Enjoy the comforts of home and family, buoyed by the harmony between Moon and Jupiter at 2:34 PM ET and the creativity of a sextile to Uranus at 4:49 PM ET. Home decorating, anyone? Adventures in the kitchen, with a posse of your weirdest, most marvelous friends? Just be advised that sparks that may fly around 11:21 PM ET, as Moon opposes Mars and then Venus at 12:45 AM ET on…
  • SUNDAY…when enough may be enough. The only exact aspect during daylight hours in the Americas is a creative harmony between Moon and Neptune at 2:15 PM ET. All is forgiven now — though the late evening hours may present a power play or catharsis, as Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto at 1:06 AM ET. 

And now, the news — lots to cover.

First, a couple of fun Moon void anecdotes.

  • Exhibit A: Remember last Monday’s all-day Moon void? Moon voids are a time to CHILL, as usually nothing of consequence is likely to be initiated. It was therefore delightful to read the letter Heather Cox Richardson posted that night: “There is nothing happening tonight that cannot wait until tomorrow. Let’s take the night off and regroup on Groundhog Day…” I could not resist sharing this on Twitter with a comment on how aptly it reflected the all-day Moon void. Even more delightful: Professor Richardson tweeted me back!
  • Exhibit B, a.k.a. This Week in Schadenfreude: Moon was also void last Friday between 4:40 AM and 9:50 AM ET, right when morning news producers were readying their shows. It was a big day for economic news, as the first Friday of the month is when the jobs report comes out. Astrologically, we were alerted to Mercury turning direct, suggesting that a certain mindset over the past few weeks of Mercury retrograde was up for a REview. That, and a…

harmony between Mars and Jupiter, exact at 8:37 AM ET. This sextile between the planets representing action and expansion is especially potent because both planets are in signs (Capricorn and Pisces) in which they perform effectively and happily. You — or anyone else — could use this flow to your advantage all week — not just on the day the pattern is exact.

  • Alas, the good folks at Fox opted to bet against the rare cooperative spirit of the Mars-Jupiter sextile. People whose job is it to Predict Economic Things had anticipated a downer of report, and the Fox folks were salivating at the prospect of “a morning of pain” — i.e., misery affecting the entire nation — and especially President Biden (as evidenced by the unflattering photos accompanying the “news” presenters’ rhapsodic doom-praying). A Moon-void twist ensued, and the positive, proactive potential of that rare Mars-Jupiter sextile prevailed. The job numbers were a blowout — and you can watch Team Schadenfreude’s ghoulish glee evaporate into nothingness, as Moon-void happenings are wont to do.

I have not forgotten the 2015 documentary film: The Brainwashing of My Dad.

In other news…

We started last week with Venus moving direct. Her six-week retrograde gave us the opportunity to review our finances, worth and aesthetics, with the result being an adjustment to our newly revised values — but not without controversy. The controversy is amplified as a reflection of Mercury in practical Capricorn conjunct Pluto — suggesting extremes of thought that involve power and resources:

  • Minnie Mouse trades her dress in for a Stella McCartney-designed pantsuit; heads explode — even though Minnie is also getting a new pink dress and it’s not the first time she’s worn pants.
  • The M & M’s get a more “progressive” look, including more sensible shoes for the M & M gals; heads explode.
  • Neil Young — a likely double Scorpio who remembers what it was like to have polio as a child — pulls his music from Spotify rather than share a platform with Joe Rogan, whose podcast regularly contains falsehoods about Covid treatment and prevention. It is Spotify that makes the decision to keep Rogan and release Young. Other musicians follow in Young’s footsteps, and DeleteSpotify becomes a hashtag on Twitter, as Spotify’s stock plummets in value within days. Things gets even more interesting when people who never listened to Rogan’s show discover multiple episodes laced with racist and misogynistic vulgarities.  Spotify starts deleting the disturbing episodes and the CEO insists they do not reflect Spotify’s values. And now we get to the bottom line — which is what planetary patterns in January were all about, right? Who, what and how do we need to love? You see, this isn’t just about “canceling” a show that many find offensive vs. the freedom to say things that a government entity might find offensive (as our First Amendment guarantees). We know how much Spotify values Joe Rogan because it paid him a whopping $100 million dollars to give Spotify the exclusive distribution rights to Rogan’s podcast. Meanwhile, most every other artist on Spotify gets $1 for roughly 250 streams per song. Neil Young is likely to be further provoked around March 5 – 10th. Meanwhile, Rogan (who spread doubt about Barack Obama being born in Hawaii ten years ago) is surely feeling the controlling squeeze of transiting Saturn opposing his Leo Sun. The setback is likely temporary, however.

How did your values change during the past six weeks?

In the Metaverse — f.k.a. Facebook — a.k.a. Mark Zuckerberg, values changed a lot! This is not a surprise for anyone who’s been following what we know about their horoscopes. As I posted on Twitter:

Facebook turns 18 on Friday (2/4), transiting Saturn is right on its Aquarius Sun. Translation: potential streamlining, loss & necessary controls. According to “The Facebook Book,” by Greg Atwan and Evan Lushing, Facebook launched at 8:04 PM. If that time is correct, Facebook has been getting Neptune from all angles since 2020, with one more decisive hit exact on Feb 10th (the Ascendant in that horoscope is 21 Virgo). Even if that time is not accurate, there are planets in horoscope for that fateful February 2004 day that have been hit by Neptune in recent years. Others will continue to be in challenging contact with Neptune as 2022 progresses. Translation: things are not as they seem, for better or for worse. Visionary potential, success in the arts (e.g., virtual reality), and charity would be upsides; scandal, deception & wipe-out would be downsides. Look at recent events: Facebook’s name change & new mission focused on virtual reality (announced last October), ginormous philanthropic gifts, along with whistleblower scandals, and today’s stunning stock drop (wipe out!).

The potential for wipeout is also seen in what we know of Zuckerberg’s horoscope. His birth time is unknown, but a fellow graduate of Noel Tyl’s Masters Course proposed a rectified horoscope with an Ascendant of (drumroll, please) 21 Virgo! You can find a link to astrologer Lauren Delsack’s rectification in this post from 2015, where we tested her proposed birth time when the Zuckerbergs announced they were expecting their first child (but didn’t say when).
Here’s what I wrote about Zuckerberg and the Facebook IPO on May 18, 2012. I was working at CNBC then. How time flies. Looking at the IPO chart now, it’s fascinating to see that the 10 Leo Ascendant was exactly squared by Uranus for the last in a series of three on…February 5, 2022. Did I mention that Facebook lost $232 billion on February 4th — making it the largest one-day stock drop in history? That 10 Leo Ascendant will be impacted by the next solar eclipse on April 30th, just as Pluto turns retrograde, squaring the IPO chart’s Aries Midheaven and Zuckerberg’s 20 Aries natal Mercury. More changes in store.


I’m intrigued by how the Sabian Symbol for last week’s New Moon has manifested. It was “a barometer,” suggesting that this week we’d see significant instances of people in politicians hedging their bets and taking sides, based on how they believe the winds are likely to blow. After the Mercury and Venus retrograde, finally 2022 is getting into gear…and what’s on deck this year is CHOICE, as in making a choice, as Beth Owl’s Daughter explained in her three-part series on the Tarot Card of the Year 2022: The Lovers. If you missed it, here it is.

  • Cue Mike Pence, whose Mercury at 21 Gemini is being opposed by wiggy Neptune. On Friday he announced that [the former guy] was wrong, and he as VP had no right to overturn the results of the November 3rd election, as the office of the president is decided by the American people, as Heather Cox Richardson reports.
  • Cue the Republican Party, which formally censured Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for their participation in the 1/6 Committee. The GOP went even farther out on a limb by declaring the 1/6 attempted coup “legitimate political discourse.” The breakdown and transformation of the GOP is aptly reflected by transiting Pluto at the bottom of its horoscope (I’m using (7/6/1854 at 1:01 PM in Jackson, MI), similar to the Pluto patterns experienced in recent years by Israel and Boeing — and you can find a discussion of those two horoscopes in the ARTICLES & INTERVIEWS section of my website.


After the necessary review of values made in January.

Here’s a fun one. Perhaps you heard last week that the IRS announced that starting this summer, taxpayers would have to use facial recognition software in order to access any information about their tax returns — including refunds — online. The software and data would be managed by a third-party company. What could go wrong? Actually, the concept makes sense, given the way planetary patterns are going, with greater controls likely to be imposed on networks and data, right? However, people started to fuss (understandably) — and WaPo’s Editorial Board howled mightily…and…upon review, the IRS just announced that they were abandoning this no-good very bad idea.

Finally, reflecting the Sun-Saturn conjunction Aquarius (aviation!) and Mars sextile Jupiter and trine Uranus (aviation!), Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines just announced they will become one big happy airline. What a perfect headline for current planetary patterns.

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Thank you for reading this forecast.

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