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Monday 8/5/2019: Sneak Peek at an Expansive Week; Venus-Uranus in the News; Jupiter Pulls Focus

Don’t worry. Be happy.

That’s the upside potential of this week’s exact planetary patterns. Jupiter — symbol of expansion, abundance and optimism — will trine (harmonize) with the regal Leo Sun on Wednesday. The Sun refers to leaders and willpower, suggesting support for your inner CEO. On Thursday Jupiter will trine Venus, suggesting expansion and generosity in matters of women, money, art and social expression. Ask and ye may receive.

As you know, Jupiter has been in Sagittarius — the sign it rules — all year. It is pulling extra focus this week as it slows to a standstill (from our perpective on Earth) and turns direct on Sunday morning. Watch for an abundance of news involving Jupiter-in-Sagittarius themes: travel, free speech, press, court opinions, foreigners, mass communication, sports, horses — to name a few.  If you have a planet or angle around 14 degrees of just about any sign, but especially Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo and Gemini, you’re feeling the expansive rush more than most.

Meanwhile, rebel Uranus is also slowing down. It changes direction on Sunday — but it’s turning retrograde, not direct. We’re see this focus in the news via stories including but not limited to: revolutions/innovations in general and in matters related to money/banking, agriculture/food, seismic activity, possessions, beauty — and maybe even astrology. If you have a planet around 6 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, you’re feeling the disruptive buzz more than most.

One horoscope that comes to mind immediately is “Moscow Mitch” McConnell, who has two — and possibly three —  affected planets. We know his Venus and Pluto are affected, and these two planets reflect his potential for stubborn emotional extremes. We don’t have a birth time for Moscow Mitch, but if he was born around 3 or 4 PM ET on Feb 20, 1942 in Sheffield, AL, his Moon would be at 6 Taurus. A Taurus Moon needs to preserve comfort and material security, however it feels Things. Ought. To. Be. Now his Moon is likely feeling the effects of transiting Uranus sitting right on top of it, shattering his personal status quo. The fact that “all of a sudden” everyone is calling him #MoscowMitch (much to his displeasure) and that he fell and broke his shoulder over the weekend are apt reflections. His broken bone also reflects transiting Mars (energetic outburst) square his Mars-Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, which were exact over the weekend.  Uranus refers to accidents; Saturn refers to bones; transiting Mars is the energy of action triggering a potential fall.


The week goes like this:

  • MONDAY: Driven by the Moon in Libra, seeking to avoid conflict and faciliatite fairness and balance. A sobering initiative or block marks the morning, as Moon is squared by restrictive Saturn at 10:46 AM ET. Carry on through the rest of the business day, noting the potential for a power play or catharsis around 9 PM ET, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with roto-rooter Pluto.
  • TUESDAY — The Libra Moon goes void between 3:36 AM ET and 11:31 AM ET, so there’s your excuse for sleeping in — and/or rolling with whatever twist or flake disrupts your morning commute. Once the Moon enters Scorpio, the focus is on depth and substance, for the the sake of power and control. No more airy-fairy Libra theories, thank you very much. Around 11 PM ET, Moon opposes rebel Uranus, suggesting a potential upset or revelation. Still, spirits may be feeling grand, courtesy of…
  • WEDNESDAY Jupiter trines the Leo Sun at 3:31 AM ET. Did you buy a lottery ticket? Around 1:31 PM ET, tensions may flare as the Scorpio Moon squares the Leo Sun, arguing about how joint resources are to used for a kingly/queenly pet project, perhaps. Happy First Quarter Moon! The dust settles in the afternoon, and the evening begins on a soothing harmony between the Moon and Neptune, exact at 7:16 PM ET. Plan your beautiful escape.
  • THURSDAY — the Scorpio Moon goes void at 10:58 AM ET — not to enter Sagittarius (the next sign) until 4:35 PM ET. Chill chill chill during the Moon void — if you haven’t already executed your escape plan. Avoid shopping impulses. Remember that crises which crop up during voids are usually much ado about nothing. Chill — and then exhale when Moon soars into Sagittarius, just minutes after the indulgent trine between Venus and Jupiter, exact at 4:27 PM ET.
  • FRIDAY — Moon in Sagittarius drives the day with a need to push boundaries in matters of opinion. Get out of that box — into nature or a foreign film.
  • SATURDAY — more of the same. The Sag Moon goes void at 3:50 PM ET and enters Capricorn at….
  • SUNDAY — 12:50 AM ET. Note that the first degree of Capricorn is at the Aries Point. Hmm. Something especially prominent in the headlines, perhaps — along themes suggested by Jupiter and Uranus changing direction on this day (9:38 AM ET and 10:26 PM ET, respectively). A Capricorn Moon is driven by a need to get things done, however it can make things work. Capricorn understands strategy and how to make the best use of things and people like nobody’s business. Another shift today: Mercury leaves Cancer and enters Leo at 3:45 PM ET. It joins Sun, Venus and Mars in Leo, adding more regal entitlement and/or sunny drama to collective mindset and communication.

And now, the news.

Back in 2014 and 2015, the horoscope of the U.S. was under exceptional stress, as any horoscope with planets around 13 and 14 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn would have been. For the U.S., the most stressful aspect was transiting Uranus and Pluto square the U.S. Saturn. Disruptions in matters of structure and authority are suggested by Uranus on Saturn. Pluto on Saturn, as Avid Readers will recall, suggests potential anguish in the face of considerable loss. Two issues that were dominating the news: the events in Ferguson (and why they happened),  and the realization that military surplus equipment had been given to local police    (this links to an astrological analysis from 2015). Now that Uranus and Pluto are off of the U.S. Saturn, we now have transiting Saturn squaring the U.S. Saturn, demanding a sobering reality check and/or advance on the matters raised back in 2014 and 2015. So that’s one way to look at the U.S.’s 249th and 250th mass shooting in 219 days. We are due for serious advances and sobering realities, for better or for worse. Videogames are not the culprit, and we know this because videogames exist in other countries, and they do not have mass shootings.  We also know from the U.S. horoscope that this country has a romanticized relationship with guns, soldiers and cowboys. Ray of hope: the Murdoch-owned New York Post put a call for a ban on assault weapons on today’s front page.Yup, it’s time to get real.


I have a whole slew of headlines reflecting the potential of Friday’s square between Venus (women, who and how we love, art and money) and Uranus. Translation: unconventional attractions; free-spirited women; disruptions in matters of money:

Finally, this WaPo op-ed offers a wild take on what scientists really know about gravity. Turns out it’s not much. I love this op-ed because lately I’ve been using the concept of gravity to help people understand how astrology works. “Astrology is like gravity. You don’t have to know it’s there for it to have an effect.” And now scientists seem to be admitting that they really don’t know what gravity is. I can relate. I can’t tell you what astrology is — or why it works. But I can tell you how and when it works — and more specifically, how and when it works in ways that are meaningful in your own personal world.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Pepper says hi.