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Monday 12/27/2021: Sneak Peek at the Week; Jupiter Enters Pisces; Mercury in Focus

And here we are, at the very end of 2021. I love this time between Christmas and New Year. Most of us can benefit from the lull in the action in the busy-ness world, catch our breath, and tend to more personal pursuits — including much-needed sleep!

  • MONDAY: Moon is in Libra, driving the day with a focus on relationships — fairness, balance, and people-pleasing. Moon trined Saturn at 7:55 AM ET, aligning diplomatic efforts with solid structure and gravitas, ultimately for the benefit of all (because Saturn is in humanitarian Aquarius, doncha know.) Those are your marching orders for the day, should you care to march.
  • TUESDAY: Conflict in the early morning, as the Libra Moon squares Mercury (how we need to think and communicate; travel plans) at 3:56 AM ET, followed by another square to Venus and Pluto at 7:19 AM ET and 9:06 AM ET. In real life, this suggests a power play, depth of emotion, or some other catharsis that may release bottlenecked resentment, leading to greater empowerment for some who have been crying “foul!”. Good cheer builds through the afternoon, as the Moon trines Jupiter at 4:10 PM ET and goes void for six whole minutes — before plunging into the emotional depths and controls of Scorpio. 
  • TUESDAY: why is that Moon void only six minutes long? Because Jupiter — which in the language of astrology refers to reward, expansion and/or excess — is at the verrrrrrrry end of Aquarius, where it has been for most of the past 12 months. Here’s what was written about what we could expect from Jupiter in Aquarius — posted here a year ago:

A pause, while we discuss Jupiter’s path in 2021. Next year Jupiter will expand issues related to Aquarian concerns: humanity, groupthink, friends, airwaves, technology, circulations and networks of all kinds. Aquarius needs to be unique — but also hang with like-minded souls. If you were born between the 10th and 17th of February, May, August or November, you’ll get three hits of Jupiter’s expansive boost to your Sun. Any other planet between 22 and 30 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio will have a similar encounter with Jupiter, a.k.a. the Great Benefic.

Jupiter rushes through Aquarius in less than five months! Its expansive drive will be egged on by supercharged contacts with Mars and Uranus. On May 12th, Jupiter advances into the early degrees of Pisces — which may be fortunate for Pisces, Geminis, Virgos and Sagittarians born in the first three days of their respective signs.  Jupiter turns retrograde just before the Summer Solstice, returning to Aquarius on July 30th.

  • TUESDAY: At 11:09 PM ET, Jupiter enters Pisces, where it has not been for about 12 years.

Another pause, while we discuss Jupiter’s progress in 2022. When in Pisces, Jupiter is likely to expand matters involving all Piscean themes:  empathy, refugees, oceans, feet, and faith, to name a few. Jupiter was in Pisces in 2010 when the Affordable Care Act was passed. That was a big statement of empathy and healing, was it not? Jupiter will be in Pisces until May 25th and then dips into Aries. On July 28th, Jupiter turns retrograde at 8 Aries and will stay in Aries until October 28th.

With Jupiter in Aries for the summer, I expect an excess of heat — and an expansion of all matters related to Aries, e.g., initiative, pioneers, war, steel, iron, crusades, cars, the color red, courage, and Mars.  Jupiter turns direct on November 24th at 28 Pisces and returns to Aries on December 20th — right before the Winter Solstice. Anyone born with planets between 28 Pisces and 8 Aries gets a triple hit of expansion potential in 2022 — and we can expect to see a lot of them in the headlines.

We can also expect that all matters ruled by Jupiter will be colored by the energy of either Pisces or Aries next year. So if Jupiter refers to horses (which it does), we will see matters involving horses reflecting Pisces themes of empathy, victims, faith, etc. When Jupiter enters Aries, perhaps the word “warhorse” will capture our attention. Other Jupiter keywords include law, religious dogma, growth, generosity, the liver, the lungs, blood, hubris, reward, aspirations, counselors, and the all-important asparagus.

Jupiter is involved in the biggest pattern we’ll have in 2022, which is the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune on April 12th. Again, Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces in modern astrology; Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces in traditional astrology. What this means is that this meet-up of Jupiter and Neptune is happening in a sign (Pisces) in which both planets are highly effective. And for those not familiar with the difference between “modern” and “traditional” astrology, the latter refers to astrology as it was observed and practiced before the invention of telescopes. Traditional astrologers did not use the outer planets — Uranus, Neptune, Pluto & boatloads of asteroids, and minor planets — because they did not know they were there. Got that?

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of 2022 is likely to plant highly potent seeds for expansion in matters involving Neptune — some of which are echoed by Jupiter being in Pisces. Keywords for Neptune: illusion, scams, ideals, drugs, FAITH (not dogma, which is Jupiter-ruled), fish, film, intangibles, undefined forms, delusion, faith, healing, oceans, victims, poisons, plastic, oil, etc., etc., You are personally affected by this potent seed-planting if you have a planet or angle around 24 Pisces. This includes our VP Kamala Harris, as the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will square her 24 Gemini Ascendant.

I am hoping this ingress of Jupiter into Pisces will have a calming effect on the Covid pandemic. This is exactly what happened when Jupiter dipped into Pisces on May 14th — take a look at posts from late May and early June. It’s useful to remember that Jupiter in Aquarius expands the element of Air (because Aquarius is of that element). Pisces represents the element of Water.

Back to the forecast for the week:

  • WEDNESDAY: Mercury is in focus this week. At 5:27 AM ET, Mercury meets up with Venus in practical Capricorn –– and of course, Venus is retrograde, so we have a chance to review finances (Venus) related to the Powers That Be (Capricorn). As if on cue, Heather Cox Richardson’s post from Monday (as I type) is all about how the United States became the money laundering capital of the world, offering safe haven to Powers That Be from other countries, many with dubious reputations. Between 11 AM and 12 PM ET we may be in for minor rebellion, followed by an effort to preserve control, as the Scorpio Moon is opposed by Uranus and squared by Saturn. Actions taken for the sake of knowledge and control are enabled by a rare cooperative aspect (a sextile) between Mars in boundary-pushing Sagittarius and Saturn in tech-friendly/networking Aquarius. If you’re working this week, put this structuring energy to good use.
  • THURSDAY: Note your dreams, as Neptune trines Moon at 2:51 AM ET. These past few days are likely banner days for investigative reporters and other muckrakers looking to make a persuasive case, suggested by the meet-up of Mercury and Pluto at 5:27 AM ET. Use the hours until 12:10 PM ET productively, as the Scorpio Moon is well-supported by Venus, Pluto and Mercury. After that, roll with whatever twists and flakes disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line, as the Moon will be void until 6:08 PM ET. Remember that crises that crop up during Moon voids are usually much ado about nothing. Chill!! Once the Moon enters Sagittarius, spirits may soar, and everyone is likely to have a righteous opinion demanding respect. Now is the time to think outside your usual box; take in a foreign film; go for a walk in the woods; have a gamble or a gambol. Moon squares Jupiter at 6:42 PM ET, expanding your exuberance.
  • FRIDAY: Another good day for getting stuff done in the morning. taking advantage of the  Sagittarius Moon’s cooperative aspect to structure-supporting Saturn at 1:14 PM ET. An intensely focused righteous action or conflict may be sparked around 3 PM ET, as Moon meets up with Mars (action, aggression, assertion). Mars is at 12 Sagittarius — the degree of the December 4th eclipse, so if we see an outburst of energy released today, I will not be surprised. If you have a planet around 12 Sagittarius, you are more personally affected.
  • SATURDAY: Happy New Year! In the U.S., we rang in 2022 as the Sagittarius Moon was squaring Neptune, exact at 3:15 AM ET –facilitating hopes and dreams. Moon will be void for 14 hours — really– take the day off to rest and chill. Check out Beth Owl’s Daughter’s blog before the year ends, as she always posts Really Useful Do’s and Don’ts to get your personal New Year off to a good start. During the Moon void — explained in detail here for those who are not familiar with this bit of astro-jargon — the Sun will trine Uranus, facilitating matters involving aviation, technology, unconventional leaders, and astrology. Watch for those topics to be prominent in the major news outlets. Note that we are now at the end of the lunar cycle — in the dark of the Moon. Because the Moon is also void, we may feel more than the typical “dead Moon” listlessness or restlessness, as we sense a new lunar cycle is just about to begin. Moon enters Capricorn at 6:02 PM ET, ready to act on New Year’s resolutions with optimism, reflecting the sextile between the Moon and Jupiter at 7:12 PM ET. Meanwhile, our minds may be working overtime on getting all of the details of all of our ambitions in order, reflecting Mercury at the verrrrrrrry last degree of Capricorn. But don’t worry — Mercury will be back in Capricorn again on January 25th — plenty of time to review and revise your quest for world domination.
    SUNDAY: Mercury enters Aquarius at 2:09 AM ET. The New Moon in Capricorn is at 1:33 PM ET, and if I take time to tell you about that now, I’ll miss my Zoom yoga class and my appointment for my Covid booster.

Regarding the news, I do have time to share this Fun Fact. As Avid Readers know, Greta Thunberg and Kyle Rittenhouse share a birthday — but probably not a birthtime and definitely not a birthplace. Thus we expect different expressions of potential as they live out their horoscopes –and of course, they grew up in wildly different environments –a major factor in life development and astrology, right?  Anyhoo, I told you about this shared birthday in November, right after the November 19 lunar eclipse, which affected their horoscopes. When that eclipse was triggered by transiting Mars earlier this month, guess what happened? “Suddenly” social media people became aware of the similarity — and now everyone in Social Media Land knows about it. Astrology is amazing.

Oh — and Don’t Look Up is the perfect film for the emotional extremes and REview of who, what and how we need to love that is demanded by Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Here is Slate’s sizzling synopsis.

Stay tuned to this channel for continuing updates.

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