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Friday 5/1/2020 & the Weekend: Shades of Rose, in Every Moon-in-Virgo Detail


Here’s how the last day of the work week and the weekend should roll:

  • FRIDAY — a potentially provocative lunch hour on the East Coast, as the Leo drama king Moon is opposed by Mars, the rebel with a cause in Aquarius (the people) at 12:04 PM ET.  Start your stay at home weekend early, as the Moon then goes void for the rest of the day and night.
  • SATURDAY — Moon enters Virgo to put things back in order at 1:35 AM ET.  Today the Moon will trine — not square — Uranus, Mercury and the Sun — all between 1:19 PM ET and 11:40 PM ET. Perhaps this earthy creative flow will be inspired by the rose-colored idealism of…
  • SUNDAY — a square between Venus and Neptune, exact at 11:52 PM ET. Watch for ideals of peace, love, understanding…and women, art and music. This pattern is in effect all this week. Sure, there may be a clash of aesthetics and/or manners around 11:06 AM ET, as the perfection-seeking Virgo Moon squares Venus in “how do I love thee/let me count the ways” Gemini. But harmonies among the Moon, Pluto and Jupiter at 7:01 PM ET and 10:25 PM ET suggests that substance can triumph over airy fluff.

No sleeping in on Monday. Moon will be in Libra, looking for fairness and balance in relationships.

And now, the news.

UPDATE: on Joe Biden, just ten days after the first of three exact oppositions to his Midheaven (public status) from Neptune, which can fog and/or dissolve that which it touches. Humming in the background for the past few months has been a controversial allegation by a former staffer who worked for him in the early 90s, when he was a U.S. Senator. She’s not clear on the date, so we can’t check the patterns that were active at the time of the alleged incident.  We don’t have a birth date for her, either. But now, in the aftermath of this first exact Neptune hit in Biden’s horoscope, the allegations generated enough steam and fog to prompt Biden to go on national TV and deny them. No one is asking him what he would do to resolve the coronavirus, or about his future Cabinet, should he become the 46th president. A bit of a wipe-out, isn’t it? The focus is on the potential scandal  — and isn’t it interesting that general planetary patterns this weekend are dominated by a square between Venus (women) and Neptune (scandal). 

Biden’s Moon is at 0 Taurus. A year ago, it was hit by transiting Uranus — and this is what happened. Uranus transits can be shocks to the system. Now, transiting Saturn is squaring Biden’s Moon — transforming the upsets of Uranus into a heavy reality. The tests of this cycle do not end until January 2021.

More on women and lies: P45 has a  new press secretary — Kayleigh McEnany, an apparently botoxed person who gained attention last week for past racist tweets about President Obama, as well as delusional predictions about the coronavirus.  During this afternoon’s Moon void in drama queen Leo, McEnany held her first White House press briefing and made a promise to attending reporters: “I will never lie to you.”  Fortunately, astrologers have a way of assessing whether a statement uttered is true or false. If you would like to learn the technique I use, I will share it. Toss $18 into my Cosmic Tip Jar and I will email my astrological analysis of the veracity of McEnany’s promise. What a great way to maximize the potential of the Leo Moon, which thrives on showmanship, mentoring and appreciation!

Venus square Neptune suggests ideals involving peace, values and social expression. This week’s aspects involving Mercury with Saturn and Uranus suggest thinking that is militant — and yet also rebellious and/or innovative. In Canada, Justin Trudeau announced an action plan in response to the worst mass shooting in Canada’s history: a ban on assault-style weapons, effective immediately. In the U.S., more armed gunmen stalked the Michigan State Capitol to defend their right to exhale into the faces of law enforcement officers without wearing protective masks.

Meanwhile, Facebook introduced a new emoji: the virtual hug.

Venus square Neptune suggests healing, victimization and possibly charity. This headline encompasses all three: “Harvard to donate remainder of Jeffrey Epstein gift to victim groups.”  So might this: “Mitt Romney calls for hazard pay for coronavirus first-responders.”   This one has two out of three: “Olympic gymnast recalls emotional abuse ‘so twisted I thought it couldn’t be real.‘” (the gymnast’s abuser is coach Maggie Haney, who has been suspended).

In other news, late-night comics had a field day skewering Jared Kushner’s rose-colored declaration that the 60,000 Americans who have died from the coronavirus was “a success story.”

I was hoping we’d hear a promising development re: the coronavirus when Mercury (news, information) was at 20- 22 Aries last week, activating patterns on January 13th, the day covid-19 was genetically sequenced. We did get some potentially dreamy news this week: remdesivir has been approved for emergency use as an experimental treatment after showing some promise. I first read about this drug on the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at 24 Capricorn, exact on April 4th.

UPDATE: on Anderson Cooper, whom I first wrote about in 2012. That’s when he announced publicly that he was gay. Check out what was going on back then — and now marvel at what has been going in the past year. As he did in 2012, he’s had Saturn (ambition, structure, control) activating his Moon, Venus and Midheaven (public status; family), along with Jupiter and Pluto. We expect ambition and a profound change of status — and yesterday he announced the birth of his son. Here’s Anderson Cooper’s  horoscope.  His son — Wyatt Morgan Cooper — was born on April 27 — birth time is a secret.

UPDATE: on Boris Johnson, who also announced the birth of a son this week. It’s not clear how many children he has, though this is the first with his current live-in partner, Carrie Symonds. They say they plan to marry this summer, which would reflect the likely change of status I noted last fall. I thought it might be a professional change of status, but marriage and a sixth or seventh child would fit, too.

UPDATE: on Michael Moore, whose horoscope I’ve been writing about since forever. A couple of years ago, he embarked on what I believed would be a remarkable change of direction in his career, as transiting Uranus crossed his Taurus Sun-Midheaven, and opposed his Saturn. What would he do to shake things up? Run for office? It had to be something shocking (so I thought). He launched a podcast a few months ago — not so shocking. But four days after the final hit of Uranus to his Midheaven and one day after the final hit of Uranus to his Saturn, Planet of the Humans premiered on YouTube. It’s by writer-director Josh Gibbs; Moore backed it. Salon explains why this new film about green energy is “so controversial.” A commentary in Rolling Stone by climate change activist Bill McKibben calls it “‘A Bomb in the Center of the Climate Change Movement’: Michael Moore Damages Our Most Important Goal.”  Astrology is amazing.

Closing with a weirdly rose-colored Venus square Neptune story. An aquarium in Japan  wants you to videochat with their garden eels, who have forgotten humans exist. Neptune refers to memory — and wipe-out.

Therefore, in case you’ve already forgotten about my offer to share with astrology buffs how it is possible to use astrology to determine if a spoken statement is true, let me remind you that I will send you an analysis of Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s promise that she would never lie to reporters. Toss $18 into my Cosmic Tip Jar; the analysis will go out on Saturday.

To find out what’s going on in your horoscope, here’s the 411 on personal consultations. I’ve yet to find a better tool for understanding why you are the way you are, and why things happen when they do — and what challenges and opportunities are likely to present themselves in the future.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Fun fact: Avid Reader Rose just subscribed today.  Coincidence or conspiracy?