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Thursday 11/12/2020: Late Sneak Peek at a Post-Election Week; Jupiter-Pluto Meet-Up; Mars Turns Direct

Allllll-righty then!

Thank you for your patience. As a reminder, I did post the astrology for the whole month of November in this forecast — and so far, the action is progressing as anticipated. Here are the details for this week, starting with Monday:

  • MONDAY: Moon entered Virgo at 8:30 AM ET, determined to make things right after the weekend’s Moon in Leo party. Venus in Libra’s need for diplomacy, fairness and justice in relationships was opposed by the fighting mad Mars in me-me-me-first Aries at 11:09 AM ET. It was a fine time to learn that “prehistoric women were badass hunters, just like men.” 
  • Mars is hamstrung by its still-retrograde status, and this is a key focal point all week, as the wheels of action and aggression spin in the mud, going nowhere by intention or in frustration. It’s similar to the blocked information flow we experienced last week, as Mercury stationed direct, squared by Saturn, a.k.a., the proverbial brick wall. This week we have the experience of blocked action. When Mars turns direct on Friday night, it will do so on a dead Moon (favoring clandestine meetings) and on a square between Venus and Pluto (emotional overkill; extremes involving money, values, women, aesthetics and social graces). Point is, we will see forward motion on some of this week’s malevolent blocks next week. Part of the current spell is reflected by a harmony between the Sun and Neptune, exact on…
  • TUESDAY: …at 12:12 AM ET. Of course the first thing President-elect Biden did this week was assemble his Covid response team of actual doctors and scientists.  A trine between Sun and Neptune suggests hope and healing. It — combined with Thursday’s Jupiter-Pluto conjunction — was an apt pattern for Pfizer’s announcement of a Covid vaccine that appears to be testing extremely well.
  • Sun-Neptune also suggests delusion and deception. While P45’s team is attempting to undermine our democratic process by challenging the outcome of the election in court and refusing to grant Biden access to security briefings and other necessary resources that are always given to the president-elect by the GSA,  I concur with Heather Cox Richardson, who wonders in this post how much of it may be an intended distraction from other militant Mars deals, i.e., a $23 billion arms sale to the UAE (an entity highly influenced by Neptunian fantasy, vision and spin, as you can see from its horoscope).
  • More wigginess ensued under the spell of a Moon-Neptune opposition at 3:43 PM ET. Meanwhile, Mercury — now direct — left Libra and entered Scorpio, where it will remain through November. We will finally be able to move into new territory on November 19, when Mercury is at 11 Scorpio (where it was when it turn retrograde in October). Until then, we are still in a period of review. Be patient.
  • WEDNESDAY: the Virgo Moon went void at 5:59 AM ET — on a harmony with Saturn, facilitating efficient structures. Moon entered Libra at 11:09 AM ET, now focused on fairness and justice in relationships. The Moon travels without interference for the rest of the day. The energetic flow may be smooth — and may also feel slow. (How slow was it? I was writing this forecast for almost the entire day — until 10 PM ET — and still couldn’t get it to a point where it felt right to send!! Mars stationary direct, spinning my wheels!!!!!)
  • THURSDAY: the next few days are more dynamic. Moon opposes Mars at 11:50 AM ET, provoking an aggressive/assertive outburst. At 4:17 PM ET, the last of the three Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is exact. The first two were on April 4th and June 30th. Jupiter expands, for better or for worse. Pluto refers to extremes —  in power, resources, news from underground, breakdowns. Capricorn refers to patriarchy, government and corporate structures. Jupiter-Pluto seems to coincide with pandemics, as it did in 1918. Thus astrologers who know how to interpret patterns correctly were able to anticipate the current surge.

(Taking a break from writing this to join a yoga class on Zoom —  back in a couple of hours. Thank you for your patience…

…and we’re back. It’s so important to take time for self-care in these oh-so-interesting times).

  • THURSDAY: The Libra Moon meets up with Venus at 6:31 PM ET — there’s a bright spot. Things gets choppy overnight, as the Libra Moon is squared by Pluto and Jupiter within minutes after midnight, followed on…
  • FRIDAY: …by a square to Saturn. There’s your wet blanket, brick wall or other heavy authoritatitve news in the morning headlines. Chill out between 6:32 AM ET and 11:19 AM ET, as the Moon will be void. CHILL! Then Moon enters Scorpio, seeking depth, substance, power and control. We’ll get the facts around 4:44 PM ET, when Moon meets up with Mercury. At 7:36 PM ET, Mars turns direct at 15 degrees of Aries — finally moving forward after a two-month period of ramming things through and/or spinning your wheels.
  • The Sabian Symbol for this Mars event is “brownies dancing in the setting sun.” We last saw this Symbol on the New Moon in Aries back in April 2019. Blain Bovee — our go-to Sabian Sage — says:
  • this is an image of benevolent entities celebrating at the end of the day. Humans may be preparing to rest, but these nature spirits are just getting started. It is an image of repair and healing — and of letting the powers of nature do what needs to be done to clear out what is rotten, so that new growth can occur.

  • To me,  it is in sync with the curious Tarot Card of the Week pulled by Beth Owl’s Daughter on Monday. For more insights, take a look at what was going on in the news back then. Note that I wrote about the horoscope of…Joe Biden. How will we experience “nature taking its course” as Mars gets back up to speed? I suspect it may feel like a purge, and if so, it will be a necessary one. Keep that in perspective as Mars direct releases pent-up assertion and action, some of which may not be pleasant.
  • SATURDAY: Scorpio Moon opposes rebel Uranus at 12:10 AM ET — surprise, surprise. Meanwhile, all this week leaders of all shapes and sizes have been exerting their will, consolidating power and resources. We see this in the sextiles between the Scorpio Sun and Pluto-Jupiter in Capricorn. They suggest cooperative communication in any enterprise, no matter which side you’re on. We’re in the dark of the Moon — perhaps listless or restless. The New Moon in Scorpio begins on…
  • SUNDAY: at 12:07 AM ET. I will share the chart in the next forecast, but as I have said, this New Moon impacts P45 and Biden. There are extremes of emotion and values in the seeds planted today, suggested by a challenge between Venus and Pluto, exact at 2:39 PM ET. Moon goes void at 6:13 AM ET and soars into Sagittarius at 10:47 AM ET. To be continued….

And now, the news.

With Mercury turning direct on Election Day, sandwiched between two squares from Saturn, Avid Readers knew to prepare for miscommunication, tech crashes and delayed results. We experienced all of those at my polling site, where I logged an 18-hour day as a poll worker (if you’ve never served as a poll worker, I encourage you to do so, as it’s an extremely rewarding experience to make voting a fun and informative experience for fellow citizens). Upside: I was too exhausted to stay up late and watch the returns. That was fine,  because I knew we wouldn’t have an answer by morning. Isn’t it wonderful to be aware of planetary patterns so you can better manage expectations? 

As Mercury slowly got back up to speed, mail-in ballots were tabulated. Key swing states turned blue, starting with Michigan and Wisconsin.  But then Arizona and Nevada stalled — and if you weren’t aware of planetary patterns, the delays could have made you berserk.  The second square between Mercury and Saturn was on Friday — we were still stuck — and all-too sober. Though Democrats retained their majority in the House, they have not yet prevailed in the Senate — but OMG there will be two runoffs in Georgia on January 5th that could split the Senate 50-50 if Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are victorious.

But even more sobering is the fact that 93% of the counties with the worst outbreaks of Covid voted for P45.  And even though Biden received 77.5 million votes, over 72 million did not — including a former neighbor and cat lover whose most recent Facebook post is a meme stating “Imagine being so dumb that you think the guy in office for 4 years is the problem, and the guy in office for 47 years is the solution.” Nowhere on her Facebook page is there any outrage about the Covid outbreak being so bad in North Dakota that hospitals who are short-staffed have been ordered by the governor to allow infected health care workers to treat infected patients.…and no one in the state is required to wear masks. Imagine being that insane. Heather Cox Richardson has that story in the preceding link.

On the other hand, in order for the potential we see in the U.S. horoscope for delusion (as Mars squares the U.S. Mars-Neptune square in 2021) and extremes of power struggles/breakdown (in 2021-2023, as the U.S. experiences its first-ever Pluto Return), the presidential election could had to be that shockingly close. Thank goodness for astrology to help us make sense of it all.

But getting back to Friday’s second Mercury-Saturn square. Stephen Colbert ditched his usual comedic monologue that night  and channeled its heaviness, appropriately dressed in black.

Finally, on Saturday —  with the Moon in Leo — Pennsylvania clinched it for Biden. CNN called it at 11:24:20 AM ET in Wilmington, DE. From the forecast that day:

Cue the drama kings and queens, pronouncing regal edicts left and right. Others may just be looking for a party in which to shine.

As dancing broke out in the streets of cities around the world, the best show in town was happening at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, just off I-95 outside Philadelphia — and conveniently sandwiched between a s*x shop, a jail and a crematorium. It was the perfect place for a P45 campaign presser, headlined by Rudy Giuliani. Unlike Dr. Ben Carson (why does he still have a medical license?), Mark Meadows and others who attended P45’s election watch party at the White House, Giuliani hasn’t tested positive for Covid.  For a good chuckle,  read about Four Seasons Total Landscaping.


The surge of power suggested by the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (and other patterns this week) are reflected in the headlines. Biden is moving forward like a responsible Moon in Taurus, doggedly laying the groundwork for material comfort and security for all Americans (even the ones who didn’t vote for him). P45’s power surge is being described by some as an attempted coup, enabled by Moscow Mitch, a majority of Republican senators and the Usual Suspects in the P45 Administration, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was totally not joking about facilitating “a smooth transition to a second [P45] administration.”  Attorney General William Barr emerged from his undisclosed cave location this week to authorize federal prosecutors to investigate allegations of election fraud, which caused Richard Pilger — the lawyer who oversees voter fraud investigations — to step down.

However, on Wednesday the NYT said they’d spoken to Republican and Democratic election officials in every state; none reported incidents of voter fraud. Lawsuits that have been filed are “foundering” (reports WaPo) and judges are not amused. This isn’t surprising, given that Mars is retrograde (not an apt time to start a war). Elsewhere, the creative folks at The Lincoln Project have devised clever ways to shame the big law firms who are working to subvert democracy. Meanwhile, the P45 campaign has been asking for donations to pay for the legal challenges…but over half the funds are actually paying down campaign debt. Always follow the money.

Bottom line: I do not believe P45 will prevail in any effort to have the presidential election vote overturned. Patterns in Biden’s horoscope and Kamala Harris’s horoscope suggest that they are the dynamic duo that will be inaugurated on January 20th. For details, see the articles posted on my website here (you’ll also find Alex Trebek, who sadly passed away on Saturday)The question is how much damage to national security and raiding of our national coffers P45 will accomplish between now and then. He is operating under the last of three oppositions to his Saturn (need for control; ambition) from Pluto (extremes of power and/or breakdown, under anguished threat of loss); that’s not exact until December 20th. We have two eclipses before then — one which affects his Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon on December 14th (when the Electoral College votes). I’m keeping an eye on December 2nd, when Mars will oppose his Jupiter, suggesting an impulse to do something expansive. I’m also keeping an eye on November 18th (Jupiter opposes his Saturn; Mercury squares his Pluto), and still feel that the matter of who will occupy the Oval Office next year will be settled soon thereafter.

UPDATE: On December 2nd, P45 did this: “The Most Petulant 46 Minutes in American History.”

In other news…

It seems that SCOTUS may have been watching the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings on C-span, in which Democratic senator after Democratic senator presented dire examples of how Americans would suffer if the Affordable Care Act was overturned. On Tuesday, on that healing Neptune-Sun trine, SCOTUS heard the P45 Administration’s argument for yanking away the healthcare of 23 million Americans during a pandemic — and the majority seemed unconvincedThis optimistic take would make sense, given the extreme potential for reward and optimism we see in Barack Obama’s horoscope this month. I wrote about it in the latest Mountain Astrologercheck it out here.

UPDATE: on George W. Bush. His horoscope was under pressure to take action in the week before the election. We saw this reflected in op-eds calling for him to endorse Joe Biden before November 3rd. He failed — true to his conflict-avoiding Libra Moon. But he did call Biden after the election to congratulate him. The pressure to act will return on November 29th and December 5th.

Alrighty, then. Feels like we can post this now — with gratitude for your patience. If this forecast has been helpful to you in recent months, please support my time and effort by becoming a Faithful Monthly Subscriber — or just toss a Joyful Random Expression of Appreciation into the Cosmic Tip Jar.  I am deeply grateful to the few dozen Avid Readers who have done so, and I continue to post these invitations because I’m an idealist. I firmly believe that you — at this very minute — are thinking, “Hell, yes!!! I love these forecasts and of course I’ll give a little in return for all the love Elisabeth puts into keeping me informed. Onward — to the Cosmic Tip Jar!”

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