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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday & Friday 7/19-20/2012: New Moon in Cancer; A Mars-Pluto-Uranus Adventure

The sturm und drang potential of  the past two days of action-oriented Mars in Libra clashing with rebel Uranus and “clear the air”  Pluto was unleashed with a vengeance Wednesday. Thunderbolts, lightning and intense hailstorms drenched East Coast cities from Washington to Boston, finally breaking triple-digit temperatures.  How did the potential for intensity play out in your own personal world? Since my horoscope was directly impacted by this celestial clash (I’m one of those born within a few days of the 30th of March, June September or December),  I consciously avoided debates with the hosts at my vacation retreat on any topic where we might disagree, and went along with whatever social agenda had been planned. Where did it lead me?

Yesterday’s agenda included whatever was playing at a local film festival. Meaning that we just went to the festival without knowing what we would see. Turned out to be a recently restored print of a (magnificent) WAR movie, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp — and it was introduced by Thelma Schoonmaker, the Oscar-winning editor of Raging Bull (about a boxer) and The Departed (a crime thriller). Boxing, crime thrillers, war movies — are we detecting an aggressive Mars, ruthless Pluto, status quo-disrupting Uranus theme here? After the movie we spent time in a secondhand bookstore. What jumped out at me (that I finished reading today)? They Can Kill You, But They Can’t Eat You — the autobiography of former studio head Dawn STEEL (Mars rules steel), who had a tough-as-nails reputation as she spearheaded films like Top Gun and Fatal Attraction.  Steel, guns, fatal…more Mars, Pluto and Uranus…coincidence or conspiracy? Astrology can work in such mysterious ways…

The New Moon at 26 degrees of Cancer is exact Thursday at 12:24AM ET. Cancer is a water sign, in tune with emotions. It refers to the homeland, patriotism, Mom and apple pie (nurturing). Cancer seeks and provides security in these areas. Overall, it is a dynamic, physical chart for a New Moon, suggested by the Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-square. Anything can happen! Ambition — perhaps driven by a sense of disconnection or loss — is tempered by disciplined, strategic Saturn challenging the sensitive Sun and Moon. Where is your home? What is your foundation? With Mercury retrograde, those answers to Cancerian concerns — which are necessary before moving forward with a carefully crafted strategy, are found by turning inward.  Easy flow of energy is supported by smooth connections between optimistic Jupiter and innovative Uranus.Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces are running wild, suggesting a flurry of social interaction and ideals of spirit, fantasy and other escapes are likely to pull focus during this cycle. In a big picture/world event sense, this chart seems like an apt set-up for the Olympics…if they can keep theMercury retrograde traffic jams and stopwatch malfunctions to a minimum.

The New Moon immediately goes void at 12:24AM ET and enters playful Leo at 6:13AM ET. Exuberant aspects kick in around 9:22PM ET…and on Friday, the Leo Moon is bolstered by delightful input from loving Venus. Play is what I will be doing over the next couple of days and I hope you will, too. When in doubt, use the physical energy of the New Moon to work it out — literally — of your mind and body. Meditation, yoga, hiking anyone?