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Monday 6/26/23: Sneak Peek at the Week; Neptune Turns Retrograde and More…

Allllllll righty then!

Looks like another week of action, with projects coming together seemingly seamlessly, with great cooperative spirit — some of it mystical and magical; some of it rather bewildering.  If your horoscope is personally affected by this week’s patterns, you may be off to the races.

Highlights are:

  • Mars squares Uranus on Monday
  • Mercury enters Cancer on Monday
  • Sun trines Saturn on Wednesday
  • Mercury trines Saturn on Friday
  • Neptune turns retrograde on Friday
  • Mercury conjunct Sun on Saturday
  • Mercury and Sun sextile Jupiter on Saturday
  • Venus squares Uranus on Sunday

It goes like this:

  • MONDAY: Moon in Libra drives the day with a need for fairness and balance in relationship. The First Quarter Moon at 3:49 AM ET raises an intellectual challenge to the Cancer Sun’s territorial tendencies, when it comes to establishing home and homeland security. At 5:22 AM ET, Mars (action & assertion) squares Uranus, suggesting disruptive action that may be genius or reckless. At 8:23 PM ET, Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) exits Gemini and plunges into Cancer. How we think (until July 11th) is based on how we feel. How we communicate may be largely intuitive — and possibly wordless, as when have you ever heard a crab speak? As Mercury segues from Gemini to Cancer today, it activates the Aries Point, which refers to prominence. That’s what we’re likely to see over the wires. Pay attention to the Supreme Court, as it releases opinions this week, starting today.
  • TUESDAY: Regal, playful drama harmonizes with the need for balance and fairness in relationship. Moon sextiles Venus at 6:56 AM ET — sweet. Moon sextiles Mars at 2:25 PM ET — go for it.
  • WEDNESDAY: The weekly clash between Moon and Pluto — suggesting a power play or catharsis — happens at 4:18 AM ET. Moon enters Scorpio at 4:55 AM ET, now shifting our focus to matters of emotional depth and substance, with an aim to consolidate, organize and establish power and control. This quest is supported all day by an easy flow to Mercury (11:31 AM ET), Sun (5:49 PM ET) and Saturn (6:06 PM ET). The evening ends on a triumphant — or boundary-pushing — note, perhaps, as Moon opposes Jupiter at 9:28 PM ET, followed quickly by the Sun’s trine to Saturn at 9:42 PM ET. This may be a big deal establishment of security, structure and authority in matters related to Cancer and Pisces — e.g., motherhood, empathy, drugs, spirit, faith, home, nourishment, etc.
  • THURSDAY: Moon in Scorpio pushes through its ruthless agenda without contact to the other planets for much of the business day. At 5:32 PM ET, Moon squares Venus in Leo, reflecting a possible indignant howl. A surprise or other disruption to the status quo follows, as Moon opposes Uranus at 8:22 PM ET. Greater conflict may present itself around 12:05 AM ET on…
  • FRIDAY: …as Moon squares Mars in Leo. Neither Moon nor Mars is inclined to move from its fixed stance. However, at 2:23 AM ET, note that Mercury is now trine to Saturn, reflecting a stable, sobering, authoritative approach. Note your dreams upon awakening, as the trine to Neptune at 6:58 AM ET suggests subtle visions. A sextile to Pluto at 10:20 AM ET suggests depth. At 10:59 AM ET, Moon is released into Sagittarius, now seeking to express it righteous opinion with boundless enthusiasm. Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone — into nature or a foreign film; anything that broadens your horizons. Humming in the background all week — and exact today at 5:06 PM ET is Neptune’s change of direction.

A pause, while we discuss Neptune’s retrograde.

Neptune has been slowing to a virtual standstill from our perspective on Earth all week, bringing all matters related to Neptune into focus, like the freakin’ sirens and horns I’m hearing right this minute, blaring down the street in the Big Apple. For more on how to make the most of Neptune’s backward trek (it turns direct on December 7th), here’s the take I gave to Elite Daily on Neptune’s retrograde in 2018.  Gosh, I totally forgot about that article — and what fun to stumble across it now. It’s fascinating to see that Neptune’s retrograde activates the Full Moon of March 2022, the first Full Moon after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The Sabian Symbol for Neptune’s retrograde is “a fertile garden under the full moon,” and here’s what I said about that in March 2022.   This quote from astrologer Blain Bovee is worth reprinting:

Sometimes you have to go broke before you understand what richness is all about.

Sometimes a poor business strategy must completely collapse… whither away in a winter of discontent… before a well-grounded sense of meaningful commerce can arise.

Sometimes, you just have to save your head in order to let your hair grow back in naturally.

This quote may become meaningful to Vladimir Putin this summer. In your own personal world, you are more affected by Neptune’s change of direction if you have planets around 24 – 27 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius — e.g, Kamala Harris and Alexei Navalny.

Back to the daily Forecast:

  • SATURDAY:  OMG, is it really July? As Neptune brings its agenda into focus (as much focus as can be had from a planet that symbolizes the dissolving of boundaries), it is supported by other patterns suggesting sublime, cooperative, and — ultimately — expansive, idealism. Mercury meets up with the Sun at 1:05 AM ET Mercury sextiles Jupiter at 3:10 AM ET; Sun sextiles Jupiter at 6:25 AM ET. Got a planet or angle around 9 degrees of just about any sign? Buy a couple of lottery tickets on Friday. Ya never know. Watch for news reflecting idealism — for better or worse, including bonkers conspiracy theories — in the media, courts, sports, education, travel, and religion. Moon in Sagittarius soars through the day without interference, ending on a festive trine to Venus in Leo. Make the pie higher — and, FWIW, Neptune refers to poetry. 
  • SUNDAY: An easy flow between Mars and the Moon facilitates action on whatever unconventional attraction you may have encountered the night before. The trine between Moon and Mars is exact at 5:18 AM ET, and it’s followed by a dreamy square between Moon and Neptune at 9:33 AM ET. Moon goes void until 1:20 PM ET, offering an apt opportunity to sleep in, flake out, or otherwise wander without consequence. The shock suggested by the square between Venus and Uranus at 10:33 AM ET may be much ado about nothing, as it happens when the Moon is void. Otherwise, Venus-Uranus contacts tend to “coincide” with unconventional attractions, uncommon women, volatility in the markets and disruptive aesthetics/social expression. Your coping strategy during the Moon void is to chill and exercise care in making impulsive yard sale purchases, as conventional wisdom holds that items bought during voids have a higher probability of not living up to expectations. Moon enters Capricorn at 1:20 PM ET, determined to Make Things Happen. Good luck with that in the United States, as we’ll be off on holiday, celebrating the 4th of July.

It all syncs up beautifully with Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week.

And now, the news.

It occurs to me that what we’ve been seeing over the past week is the success potential of the seeds that were planted on the December 2020 conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius — a.k.a. “The Great Mutation.”  Here is that chart, set in Washington, DC.  And here is an article I wrote about the Great Mutation long before it happened. Jupiter-Saturn at 0 Aquarius suggests success in efforts in the spirit of E pluribus unum — out of many, one. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Networks and technology and sharing of information. Groups efforts. Think: humanitarian. Also think: AI.

The seeds planted are being empowered in the extreme by transiting Pluto in 2023 – early 2025, as it sits on — or within reach — of 0 Aquarius. Got that? Not only that, but last week, we had a sextile between Jupiter and Saturn. What the sextile represents is the next step in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle. Think of it as the crescent moon, with its curvy sliver of softly shimmering light. There are no hard edges in a crescent, unlike the First or Third Quarter Moon, right? So a sextile — like the crescent moon — suggests a time when there is an easy flow of energy, perhaps so easy and effective that either 1) we don’t even notice it; or 2) it’s taken for granted.  It’s also a time when we can start to see the seeds planted by the Great Mutation now sprouting.



Fog, confusion fog,disappearance fog, ocean fog (Mercury square Neptune). Shock, shock — macho shock, technology shock, reckless adventure shock. (Mars square Uranus). Symbols of the Powers That Be literally implode (Pluto at the verrrrry end of Capricorn). And here, we would be referring to the aforementioned “catastrophic pressure implosion” of the Titan submersible.

We could write or talk for hours about the astro-logic of this event. For starters, there was confusion among journalists and astrologers about the location and launch time  of the launch. The overconfident captain was the aptly-named Stockton Rush, a pioneering Aries. The connections between Titan’s implosion and the sinking of Titanic are epic, starting with Pluto right on the 29 Capricorn Moon of the launch of the latter.  And with Neptune commanding so much focus in the cosmic sandbox last week, of course there were other marine disasters in the headlines, e.g., “Disbelief among Greek relatives of shipwreck victims’ relatives as millions spent on Titan rescue efforts,” and “A symbol of what humans shouldn’t be doing: the new world of octopus farming. Fun fact: octopuses are known for their “daring escapes” — a Mars square Uranus pattern, for sure.

In other news…

Meanwhile, in Russia

A bewildering rebellion erupted as Yevgeny V. Prigozhin, head of the mercenary Wagner Group, led a march on Moscow over the weekend that was aborted as suddenly as it began.  Here is what we know of Prigozhin’s horoscope.  As of today (Monday), Prigozhin has reportedly gone to Belarus. Vladimir Putin has gone on TV to say that the leaders of the attempted rebellion will be brought to justice, but neither Putin nor Prigozhin seem to be talking trash about each other. But for a time over the weekend, the world wondered whether Putin’s regime was over.

Not quite — according to the horoscope most astrologers use for Putin, even with its questionable birth time, and there will likely be more on that topic when my co-host Whitney McKnight and I record Episode 42 of Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast on Wednesday. Here’s what we talked about last week, in Episode 41, entitled “It’s time for some good news, dammit!”


As anticipated — and I thought for sure I’d said this in this Forecast a few months ago — Jesse Watters has been given Tucker Carlson’s former time slot on Fox.

Finally — my personal favorite — because I often advise my clients to turn their lives into an opera, singing a narrative of daily activities out loud. Why? Because it’s nearly impossible to be depressed when you do this; in fact, it’s virtually guaranteed to make you laugh! And now, science apparently affirms  the healing power of song.  In the language of astrology, Neptune refers to music. Try it, you’ll like it!

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Yes, I am also a certified horary practitioner. Bring on those burning questions!

Thank you for reading this forecast — and sharing it with friends.