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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 2/4/2016

The boundary-pushing Moon in Sagittarius is challenged even further by contact with expansive Jupiter at 5:04AM ET. A big idea bogged down by details? Can’t see the forest for the trees? What wandering adventure will your mind embark upon, given that the Moon will be void thereafter until 7:44PM ET?

Regular readers know that Moon voids suggest a time to focus on routine concerns, while being prepared to roll with whatever twists and flakes deter your efforts to move forward in a straight line. I don’t know about you, but to me, time often feels like it flows more slowly during voids. Sometimes it feels downright meditative — an opportunity to seize if you’re a meditating type.

Moon voids suggest a higher probability of surprise upsets. Here’s an example. Did you hear about the grand jury in Texas that was supposed to investigate allegations that Planned Parenthood was illegally selling fetal tissue? Last Monday, when Mercury turned direct and the Moon was void all day, the grand jury cleared Planned Parenthood and instead indicted two of the people who made the undercover videos.  Surprise, surprise.

I’d argue that Mercury being supercharged by Pluto and Uranus a few days beforehand was also reflected in that grand jury decision. More on that in a minute.

At 7:44PM ET, Moon enters earthy Capricorn, looking to make things happen. Enough of the high-flying progressive ideas; the need is to get things done. Where have we heard that before?

And now, a bit of news.

Speaking of progressive and getting things done, how cool was it that the Sagittarius Moon was in harmony with futuristic Uranus at 7:58PM ET last night,  when Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were making headlines by talking about those very subjects?

Over the past two weeks, Mercury supercharged by erratic Uranus and persuasive Pluto suggested the potential for seriously fringe thinking and dirt dug up. Add to this pattern a triple-dose of bombastic bewilderment, suggested by an obsessive-compulsive connection between nebulous Neptune and Jupiter. It was positively stupefying see  Rapper BoB’s insistence that the Earth is flat-out flat making headlines.

Jupiter also refers to law and lawyers. When in touch with Neptune, legal matters may be foggy or shady. Exhibit A concerns some undercover videos perhaps showing how some US lawyers might make it easier for clients wishing to make certain investments with “suspect funds”. Exhibit B would be the announcement last month of a crack down against foreign investors purchasing luxury Manhattan real estate with “dirty money”.

Neptune refers to viruses, water and poison. It refers to faith, empathy and charity. It refers to victims, suffering and the sublime. It refers to spirits of all kinds. It refers to music, film and other intangible arts. When Neptune is in touch with Jupiter, we see the potential for expansion in Neptunian concerns.

Dominant stories in the news in recent days include the poisoned water scandal in Flint, Michigan (and possibly other cities); the expanded reach of the Zika virus (including here in the U.S.). Shades of Neptune-Jupiter reflected therein, as well as in this item Avid Reader Paula sent me about the E.coli outbreaks (Neptune) plaguing Chipotle (Jupiter in Virgo — food), with extra-special allegations of especially underhanded activity. Frankly, every headline on the above-linked webpage reflects an arguably  obsessive Jupiter-Neptune theme!

Note the recent developments in the Zika virus story. We have a case of it being sexually transmitted in the U.S. The virus is especially harmful when contracted by pregnant women, and this may spark a new debate in Brazil, where abortion is illegal “under most circumstances”. It’s interesting to see these stories break during a week  in which sexy Mars (men) and Venus (women) are so supercharged. And how about this one that just hit the NYT homepage: “Pentagon to Offer Plan to Store Troops’ Eggs and Sperm”.

I know what you’re thinking. “What does all this have to do with Marco Rubio?” Absolutely nothing, but I’m now typing this in a Moon void. And Gail Collins has penned a cheerful opinion on the subject, so much ado, much ado. Enjoy!

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