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Monday 1/6/2020: Sneak Peek at the Week; Uranus Direct; Full Moon/Eclipse in Cancer; Less is More

Alll-righty then!

The first Monday of 2020 is driven by the Moon in Taurus, intent on establishing material comfort and security. It’s been void of course since 7:06 AM ET, which may reflect any need for a push to get you going this morning. The Moon will wander without focus until 9:11 PM ET — the entire work day on both Coasts. Stick to routine concerns during the long void. Roll with the twists and flakes — and CHILL over any crisis that may arise. Once the Moon gets into gear in Gemini tonight, the drive is to be the most informed kid in the room, colored by….

  • TUESDAY — …a harmony between Sun and Neptune, exact at 1:22 AM ET. Upside: visionary leaders and other expressions of will. Peace, art, faith and healing? Downside potential: Neptune also symbolizes idealism, for better or for worse — and minutes later, at 2:05 AM ET, the Gemini Moon will be opposed by Mars, pushing boundaries in action and assertion. It’s the Neptune ideals stated as rationale for action that may make news around this time.
  • WEDNESDAY — more idealism as the infojunkie Gemini Moon is challenged by Neptune at 3:28 AM ET. Note your dreams upon waking; as Mercury (how we need to think) is in a communicative flow with that very same planet, exact at 8:03 AM ET. Creative and spiritual types, take note! Cruise through the rest of the day until 5:16 PM ET, when the Moon goes void for the night.
  • THURSDAYMoon shifts gears again — this time into Cancer. Now the focus is on emotional and home/homeland security. Speaking of emotions, they are on the rise as the Moon is waxing full. Once again, pay attention to your waking thoughts, as the Moon will harmonize with Uranus at 8:23 AM ET, facilitating innovation and/or technology. The workday ends on an exuberant or expansive note, as the Moon is opposed by Jupiter at 7 PM ET. Probably involves someone’s professional status or reputation — at least in the headlines.
  • FRIDAY — much to unpack. Once again, note your dreams — as the Moon is in contact with Neptune at 8:20 AM ET. Once again, we see potential idealism in thought and communication, as Mercury meets up with the Sun in Capricorn. This is a mental focus on matters of corporate and government authority, with a caution against too much subjectivity — or being “blinded by the light.”
  • FRIDAY — And then things get interesting. The Full Moon — also a lunar eclipse — is exact at 20 degrees of Cancer, suggesting illumination and/or a release. This Moon will oppose three planets by the end of the workday: Mercury, Saturn and Pluto — at 2:33 PM ET, 6:43 PM ET and 6:58 PM ET. Those four planets in Capricorn (including the Sun) need to make things happen — damn the torpedos, full speed ahead.  With Capricorn’s stellar talent for strategy and using whatever is available to achieve its goals, the Cancer Moon’s need for emotional and home/homeland security can become a talking point. What may be lacking here is actual empathy for the Cancer Moon’s sensitivity. My dear mentor Noel Tyl sees this particular polarity as a “precarious” balance.
  • FRIDAY — At 6:58 PM ET, the Cancer Moon goes void for the next 12 hours. But wait — there’s more. At 8:48 PM ET, rebel Uranus turns direct. Uranus is the disruptor of the status quo. It refers to freedom, technology, astrology, seismic activity, aviation, geniuses, mavericks and batshit crazy people with access to way too much power. As I type this forecast on Monday, Uranus is at a virtual standstill from our perspective on Spaceship Earth. The image is that of a driver leaning on the horn of her car. Pay attention to all that Uranus symbolizes! There is a potential disruption of the status quo wherever Uranus falls in your horoscope — and in the mundane world, in all things symbolized by Taurus: food, earth, fashion, art, property, money, etc.
  • SATURDAY — the void ends and Moon enters regal Leo at 7:16 AM ET, needing ego recognition for its glorious gift to the world. If secure in that recognition, the true glorious gift of a Leo Moon is that of an inspiring and supportive teacher/coach. Thus a day driven by a Leo Moon is an opportunity to find ways to help others shine — with a part for every player on the stage. Pay someone a compliment. Throw a party. Embody the spirit of noblesse oblige. The downside of a Leo Moon comes in the form of regal entitlement, edicts and tantrums.  A surprise or upset may be store at 11:43 AM ET, as the Moon is squared by Uranus. An easy application of energy is suggested by a harmony with Mars (courage, action, assertion) and the Moon, exact at 4:54 PM ET.
  • SUNDAY –– heavy thoughts, as sobering focus and news from underground are suggested. Mercury (how we need to think) meets up with Saturn and Pluto at 4:51 AM ET and 5:11 AM ET. At 11:22 AM ET, Saturn (ambition; necessary control) meets up with Pluto (extremes; news from underground; power and resources) in Capricorn (the Establishment & Getting Stuff Done). But wait — there’s more on…
  • MONDAY — as the Leo Moon goes void at 8:42 AM ET…then enters Virgo at 9:06 AM ET. Its mission: to put things back in order. This may be a remarkable day in the headlines, as the Sun meets up with Pluto at 8:16 AM ET, followed by Saturn at 10:16 AM ET. We see potential cuts, losses and power plays involving corporate and government leaders around the world, as well as in the areas of gas, oil, mining, corruption exposed, decay, elders — and perhaps a headline or two about health issues symbolized by these planets (e.g., the heart, bones, reproductive health, to name a few).

Here’s a post from December 16th with more on Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn. It’s the first of three significant planetary meet-ups we will have in 2020. By “significant,” I mean meet-ups involving only the outer planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

You understand that the Sun and the Moon meet up every 28 days, right — on the New Moon? And you understand that a New Moon is an opportunity to set intentions/plant seeds for that lunar cycle, yes?

These outer planets meet up once over the course of at least a dozen YEARS. Thus the seeds planted are in effect for that long period of time. Saturn and Pluto meet up every 33 to 38 years. Jupiter and Saturn meet every 20 years (they’ll do so on December 21, 2020). Jupiter and Pluto meet up every 12 years. They will meet up at 23-25 degrees of Capricorn in April, June and November.

We haven’t had a meet-up (technical term is “conjunction”) between these outer planets since Jupiter and Uranus met up in 2011. Think about this. A conjunction is an opportunity to focus and plant seeds for a new cycle. We haven’t had a significant long-term focal point since 2011; only patterns facilitating break-ups and shake-ups. In 2020 we will have three new cycles beginning anew.

We are living in interesting times — no doubt about it. How can we manifest the highest good for all concerned? One strategy — cliched, but effective:

Fear attracts more fear. If you’re reading the news every day (as I do), counter the brutal headlines by envisioning the world in a state of peace and health. Then, demonstrate that state of peace and health in your own personal world. Be good to yourself and those you encounter daily. Go for a walk or get to yoga. Be ruthless in your personal inventory; take a good hard look at what you choose to consume. If you’d like to start with food, I recommend The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan — or Colin Campbell’s The China Study. These books are eye-opening — perfect for these years with Uranus in Taurus.

Find and express gratitude for what you do have — as opposed to feeling bad about what you feel you lack. Gratitude for ANYTHING is empowering. You reinforce the belief that you are someone who is a “have,” not a “have-not.”

And now, the news.

First, it may be helpful to review the potential of last month’s New Moon set in Washington DC. Second, obviously we must talk about the horoscope of P45, which I did not look at before the holidaze. Had I done so, I would have reminded everyone that Mars, planet of action and aggression, would be exactly opposite P45’s Midheaven (public status) on December 25th. It squared P45’s natal Mars on December 29th, and squared his regally entitled Leo Ascendant at 2:02 AM ET on January 3rd. Translation: as we have seen over the years of tracking Mars in his horoscope, we would expect him to be especially provoked and/or aggressive on these days.

On December 27th, this story from two years ago — involving P45, Deutsche Bank, VTB (a sanctioned Russian bank) reared its head again on the internets. That’s also the day an American civilian contractor was killed in an attack on an Iraqi military base. On December 29th, P45 took a call from Vladimir Putin. That’s also the day the U.S. “carried out five airstrikes…in retaliation.”  for the contractor’s death. On December 31st, “hundreds of Iraqi Shiite militiamen” broke into the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad, as Mercury and Jupiter were squaring P45’s Neptune. These patterns are not conducive to rational thinking. On January 2nd, a drone strike carried out P45’s assassination order of General Qassem Suleimani (profiled in this 2013 article from The New Yorker).  Today, hundreds of thousands took to the streets in Iran for the Suleimani’s funeral.

The last time Mars activated these points in P45’s horoscope was in mid-August, and here’s what happened. When is he likely to be similarly provoked? Mark these dates in your calendar:

  • January 29 – February 5 (his State of the Union speech is on the 4th)
  • May 4 – 12 (he’s been invited to attend a military parade in Moscow)
  • June 8 – 16 (P45 hosts the G-7)

Note the potential for an intense squeeze around Feb 6th and 13th, when Pluto, planet of extremes, opposes his Saturn (authority; control) and Venus (money, women, social expression).

When will Mars trigger sensitive points in your horoscope? It’s good to be aware of these patterns, so you can prepare and respond to the upside, not the downside. Consult your astrologer for details.


Australia continues to burn. Did you know that Australians are required by law to vote? I did. But did you also know that Australia is the world’s largest exporter of coal? I didn’t…until a couple of days ago. What kind of seeds will Australians plant in matters of resources and control, in sync with Sunday’s meet-up between Saturn and Pluto? If there was ever a time to begin anew, this is it. In the U.S., the shutdown of coal-powered facilities reportedly saved 26,000 lives.

UPDATE: on Michael Moore. Last time I looked at his horoscope, I expected his career would take off in a new direction. It has. He’s launched a successful podcast. Astrology is amazing.

More signs of the times:

In honor of Uranus (astrology) at a virtual standstill, the NYT interviews astrologer Chani Nicholas about her forthcoming book — and the reporter doesn’t trash the subject. Huzzah! Still, the NYT isn’t allowing readers to post comments. Why is that, I wonder?

Shall we indulge in even lighter fare, more appropriate for the magical, mystical cinematic wigginess of this week’s planetary alignments among Sun, Mercury and Neptune?

Last but not leasts, a love story among two unlikely parrots

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