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Monday 1/11/2021: Sneak Peek at the Next Two Weeks; Uranus Direct; Mars in the Mix & More

OK, kids — buckle up, it’s gonna be another busy week — and all through the rest of the month.

At 8:29 AM ET, Moon wrapped up a 19-hour void in righteously opinionated Sagittarius and entered Capricorn. Your mission: to make things happen, facilitated by a harmony with Mars (action!) at 12:15 PM ET. That’s followed by a (conciliatory?) meet-up with Venus at 3:14 PM ET, which in turn is followed by a harmony to Uranus, planet of technology and unconventional alliances. Also exact today — and in effect for the past several days: a focused meet-up between Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) and Jupiter (expansion, broadcasting, dogma) in Aquarius (the greatest good for the greatest number; groups, friends, networks, technology). Are we all on the same page yet? More and more of us should be.

If you’re new to this forecast and don’t know what a Moon void is, look here. 

In the U.S. Congress, the House is getting its impeachment papers in order. But first, they are asking VP Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment — which it seems the Republicans will block.

In your own personal world, get the word out — with militant discipline that will clearly be apparent by Wednesday. Note that we are in the balsamic phase of the lunar cycle — i.e., a dead Moon. This lack of light grants cover to clandestine meetings — and you better believe those are happening. It is natural to feel a sense of listlessness or restlessness in the dark, wondering what the new cycle will bring.

  • TUESDAY: No exact aspects, other than a visionary cooperation between the Capricorn Moon and Neptune at 4:16 PM ET. The militant discipline driving you to take care of business is brought to you by a square between Mars and Saturn, exact on…
  • WEDNESDAY:…at 6:01 AM ET. This is the third of a series of Mars-Saturn squares that began in 2020. The difference is that in 2020, Mars was in Aries — functioning with efficiency and dignity; Saturn was in Capricorn — one sign it rules. We had clashes between the me-me-me crowd and the forces of necessary authoritative control. This last square is between Mars in mine-mine-mine Taurus, a stubborn, earthy and traditionally undignified expression. I thought of Mars in Taurus when it was reported that P45 supporters who attacked the Capitol on Wednesday left their literal sh*t all over the place. Now we have this mine-mine-mine energy of assertion and action squaring off against the humanitarian and/or revolutionary structures of Saturn in Aquarius. In such a contest, Saturn — operating as a humanitarian helper/healer — is more likely to prevail. Saturn functions at its highest potential in Aquarius. If you were born with Saturn in Aquarius, you’re here to help — and hopefully you’ve figured out how to do just that.
  • WEDNESDAY: Before this militantly disciplined Mars-Saturn pattern is exact, we’ll have a New Moon at exactly midnight (!) ET. It’s at 23 Capricorn, and it exactly opposes P45’s Saturn in Cancer, which represents his authority/ambition (in his unique horoscope), as well as his need for appreciation and ego expression. Here is the New Moon chart, set in Washington, D.C. 

A pause, while we discuss this intensely potent chart. Look at all those planets: Moon, Sun, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars — in the 4th house. That is the U.S. homeland, and this is where the focus is.  “This land is your land/This land is my land” — as Woody and Arlo Guthrie and others have sung — that is what is being tested now.  Sun-Moon are almost exactly conjunct Pluto, suggesting a catharsis, a power play and a purging of that which is rotten to the core. Moon meets up with Pluto first at 2:21 AM ET — it then goes VOID.  The void takes the edge off of whatever  militant discipline the territorial Mars-Saturn square (“Oh, yes you WILL!” “Oh, no I/we WON’T”) releases at 6:01 AM ET. Moon doesn’t enter the next sign — Aquarius — until 11:43 AM ET; stick to routine concerns until then.

Back to this New Moon chart. The literally sh*tty Mars in Taurus is in the 7th house (of partnerships, the public and also open adversaries). It’s in an obsessive-compulsive relationship with the Ascendant (how whatever the chart represents needs to be seen), and it’s on its way to a conjunction with rebel Uranus. The planet of disruption/revolution/innovation (Uranus) is pulling big focus this week, in the way a horn blares when the driver leans on it. We expect a focus in the news on: aviation, technology, seismic activity, rebellion, freedom, uranium, gender-benders. This focus is likely to influence Taurus themes of money, material comfort, real estate, agriculture, fashion, beauty, etc.

Sun-Moon oppose the MC (the leader of the nation), who (according to other patterns here) is blinded by its own light, not feeling nearly important enough, and thus obsessively-compulsively acting out.

Remember that the Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon on December 29th included a theme of “the naked truth.” For this New Moon, the Sabian Symbol is “a woman entering a convent.” Our resident Sabian Sage Blain Bovee suggests that this image is what it is –a person retreating from the “profane world and seeking refuge in a cloistered world.” We are advised to be mindful of “finding oneself in a triangulated circumstance no matter where one goes,” and “having to choose between two options.” Triangulation, btw, is a classic strategy employed by narcissists as a means of maintaining power and control over their supply.

Bovee suggests we think of “protective covering in terms of both focusing light on a matter and avoiding the issue.” Watch of issues of prison; confinement as a means to spiritual freedom; being stuck in “an eternal threesome; withholding one’s favor; forfeiting emotionally charged decisions.” As for how it applies to the U.S. at present…wow. Just. Wow.

This New Moon may recall events that were hot a year ago, around January 10-13th. It also triggers events around October 16th, 2020. You are more personally affected  if you were born a day before and after the 10th of January, April, July and October. Off the top of my head, that list includes Jared Kushner and Lindsey Graham. You are also affected if you have a planet or point around 23 Capricorn, Aries, Libra or Cancer. Consult your local astrologer for details

Right-o. Back to the forecast for the week:

  • WEDNESDAY: Moon enters Aquarius at 11:43 AM ET and crashes into the Mars-Saturn square between 5 and 5:30 PM ET. Aquarius needs to network, intellectualize and innovate with its besties, while being of social significance. The meet-up with Saturn suggests an authoritarian advance or cut; the square to Mars suggests a provocative release. An argument in favor of reaching across the aisle is a trine (harmony) between Venus and Uranus, exact at 7:21 PM ET. Moon meets up with Jupiter at 9:54 PM ET, suggesting an expansion of Moon in Aquarius’ humanitarian and/or rebellious drive. Got that? After the squeeze, the expansion. This is how it’s going to roll now that Jupiter is moving away from Saturn. We get to Saturn’s gravitas first, followed by Jupiter’s expansion. Next stop (for the next few weeks, away): Moon square Uranus, suggesting an upset, breakthrough or other disruption of the status quo, exact at 11:28 PM ET. Meanwhile…the buzz buzz buzz in the air represents…
  • THURSDAY: Uranus turning direct at 3:35 AM ET. If you have a planet around 6 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Aquarius or Scorpio, you’re feeling the potential revelation/shake-up personally. The Sabian Symbol for this turn around is “a woman of Samaria.” It is faaaaaascinating to see that this is the point at which Uranus turned retrograde in August 2019, when US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman and DNI Chief Dan Coats resigned (and the whole “perfect phone call” to Ukraine scandal was about to hit the fan, leading to P45’s first impeachment, etc, etc.). Here’s what I wrote back then:

The Sabian Symbol for Uranus turning retrograde is “a woman of Samaria.” We last looked at this one on the Full Moon of October 2012. The woman of Samaria’s  story involves a well), and back in October 2012 I asked the rhetorical question, “Must the cosmos hand us [a Symbol]  referring to water when part of the world is anticipating a hurricane & flooding?” So perhaps we will see severe hurricanes and floods during this Uranus retrograde, i.e., until January 10, 2020. (UPDATE: perhaps we’ll see hurricanes and floods of information in the coming months — which would be apt for 2021’s focus on AIR).

Blain Bovee calls the woman of Samaria “an image of a moment of truth.” To paraphrase Bovee’s further musings, we are advised to be alert to situations where we must determine the authenticity of what is presented. Consider matters more deeply before moving forward into unfamiliar territory. Settle for nothing less than unconditional truth.

Having used the retrograde period of Uranus to free ourselves from self-imposed constraints, we will now seek to free ourselves from limitations imposed by external bodies.

  • THURSDAY (CONT.): Moon meets up with Mercury at 4:27 AM ET and gets the word out. It then GOES VOID FOR 36 HOURS. Whatever is initiated today is likely to be of no consequence. Whatever crisis arises is likely to be much ado about nothing. Chill chill chill — and roll with the twists and flakes that disrupt efforts to move forward in a straight line. Is this mic on? Do we still have power? Stick to routine concerns. Work on a draft of a screenplay — or the astrology course your Avid Readers have been asking you to teach. CHILL. And no impulse shopping, if you please. Meanwhile, another power play — this one involving heads of state and commerce — has been building to a climax this week. Cue the annual meet-up of the Sun and Pluto at 9:18 AM ET now, please. Ready for your tear-down and potential regeneration/empowerment? Watch the headlines. Its potency may be diffused somewhat by the Moon void.
  • FRIDAY:  Nothing but the void of course Moon wandering through Aquarius until 5:17 PM ET. That’s when it enters Pisces, and we can all start to empathize.
  • SATURDAY:  Moon sextiles Mars — a cooperative alignment for getting stuff done. That happens at 1:28 AM ET. Same for the sextile with Uranus at 5:42 AM ET, and the one with Venus at 12:01 PM ET. Sweet. But still — a buzz is in the air….
  • SUNDAY: Note your dreams, as Moon meets up with Neptune at 4:34 AM ET. Moon sextiles Pluto, tapping in easily to power and resources, at 3:54 PM ET. The big buzz in the air is exact at 5:49 PM ET: 2021’s one and only square between Jupiter (the cosmic sugar daddy) and Uranus (evolutionary leaps forward is one potential upside to this disruptive energy). Big. Change. And perhaps still more revelations making news, with Uranus still on that “moment of truth from the bottom of the well” Sabian Symbol. A balance is achieved around 10:43 PM ET, as the Moon sextiles the Sun and then goes void.

Let’s look ahead (briefly) into next week, too:

  • MONDAY: Moon in Aries all day — charging ahead on its pioneering, get things started, me-first agenda.
  • TUESDAY: Same, but the Sun will be at 29 Capricorn — squaring the place where Mars was at on January 6th. We may see a recurrence of assertive/aggressive energy; perhaps it will involve leaders and CEOs, as Sun refers to such things, as well as willpower, ego identity and the heart. Sun enters Aquarius at 3:39 PM ET — worsening in condition (argue traditional astrologers), because it’s tough to shine as a king or queen when you’re traveling through a sign that reflects the interests of all humanity.
  • WEDNESDAY: Moon squares Pluto at 3:28 AM ET, recalling another power play or catharsis. Moon goes void  for the next 10 and half hours, so CHILL! At 12 PM ET, Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris must be inaugurated as the next President and VP of the United States, per the Constitution. We’ll look at that chart in greater detail in an upcoming forecast. Yes, it is interesting that Aries Moon will be void at 29 Aries — recalling planetary positions on January 6th. Upside: Moon improves in condition when it enters Taurus, seeking to preserve the status quo. That will happen at 1:56 PM ET. At 3:37 PM ET, Mars meets up with Uranus in Taurus, which would be super-fabulous for a NASA launch, as it suggests daring and technological innovation. It also reflects reckless action in the headlines, as we’ve seen over and over again in over ten years of writing this forecast. Moon squares Sun and Saturn around 4 PM and 10 PM ET, respectively.
  • THURSDAY:  Moon in Taurus moves forward on its need to build and maintain material comfort and security.
  • FRIDAY: More of the same, with the Moon going void at 4:27 PM ET. Action over the past few days may be boundary-pushing in the most buoyant of ways, with a square between Mars and Jupiter, exact at…
  • SATURDAY: …2:48 AM ET.  Moon enters clever Gemini five minutes beforehand. Overall these patterns suggest an easy airy flow, and let’s hope the sweetly forgiving sextile between Venus and Neptune (exact at 2:48 PM ET), can work more of that kind of healing balm, as opposed to dreamily deluded idealism.

I have a ton of news to report. I’m going to ship this forecast now — and when I can return to my desk around 4 PM ET, I will add in the top stories and people to watch. So check back around 6 or 7 PM ET — because that’s how long it will take. If you would like to support this work by becoming a paying fan of this forecast, here’s a link to the Cosmic Tip Jar, where you can set that up — with much appreciation. (UPDATE: I finished the news section at 8 PM).

a pause, whilst you talk amongst yourselves

And now, the news.

Welp, it flowed pretty much in sync with planetary patterns. We had an attempted coup on the last day of Mars in Aries.  Thousands of angry and armed pro-P45 people breached the Capitol. They came in from all over the country, openly invited by P45 weeks in advance. With the White House as a backdrop, he hosted a Big Fat Seditious Rally built on the Big Fat Lie that Joseph R. Biden did not win the election. This is Fascism 101, and mundane astrologers aren’t the only ones who’ve been warning that it could happen here. At the rally, P45, P45 Jr., Rudy Giuliani, Rep Mo Brooks (R-AL) and Senators Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) encouraged the mob to invade the Capitol, where the states’ electoral votes were being certified by the House and Senate, according to protocols dictated by our hallowed Constitution.

It is emerging that the mob’s success in breaching the Capitol was enabled by deliberate refusals on the part of the Pentagon and other law enforcement forces to protect our elected officials and federal property. It is a miracle that only two people were killed. One woman was shot as she tried to force her way into the Speaker’s Lobby. One Capitol police officer was murdered by the mob. I could go on for paragraphs detailing the horrific violence, but fortunately we have Heather Cox Richardson to sum it all up.

We need to take a moment to appreciate what else happened on January 6th, which was that Stacey Abrams organized the entire state of Georgia and got two Democratic Senators elected. Jon Ossoff — whose prospects for January were mentioned in an earlier forecast — and Rev. Raphael Warnock are going to Washington, and thanks to them, Moscow Mitch has been stripped of his majority leadership. You can read more about the horoscopes of Stacey Abrams and the 117th Congress in the latest Mountain Astrologer posted online a couple of days ago. I wrote the column just after the November election, and I’m pleased that the planetary patterns I noted back then are playing out as promised in real-life.

It’s going to be quite chaotic in February, as Mercury goes retrograde at the end of January — and much that was intentionally suppressed is revealed. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

UPDATE: on P45. On January 6th, he had a pattern between the secondary progressed Moon (another way astrologers measure time) and the North Node, suggesting a culmination of a month’s long effort to connect with his tribe in a public way. Right. We know what that was, and here is Randy Rainbow with a recap. Comedy is a coping strategy for pain.

Meanwhile, we anticipated a challenge to his administration on Friday and we were not disappointed. Twitter pulled the plug permanently on his Twitler account, and other social media companies shut him down, too. Twitter’s stock is down 6%, but guess what? We’re seeing the new paradigm suggested by the Jupiter-Saturn (business) conjunction in Aquarius (social significance — or, even better, a social conscience). Saturn in Aquarius suggests necessary controls and authority in networks, information and technology. Saturn in Aquarius says you can’t yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater. That’s not the humanitarian way. Over the weekend, other social media companies shut down channels of insurrection. Parler was banned by Apple, Google and Amazon. Stripe and other ecommerce companies will no longer process credit card payments for  P45 campaign solicitations. Even more painful — P45’s most-loved group of all — the PGAwithdrew from their plans to host a tournament at one of his golf courses. In the words of Amy Siskind (whose weekly lists I told you about four years ago), “womp womp.”

Other businesses “waking up” — as Uranus patterns tend to reflect — include Marriott and Blue Cross Blue Shield, who announced they would no longer give money to the scores of seditious Republicans who challenged the election. Hallmark went so far as to demand a refund from the seditious Josh Hawley (R-MO) — and Hallmark is about as conservative as it gets when it comes to media companies. I could tell you stories…but that’s from another life.

Back to P45: patterns in his horoscope strongly suggest that his tenure at the White House will end on January 20th. It’s nice to have astrological back-up when managing expectations.

UPDATE:  on Nancy Pelosi, whose horoscope was written about in detail here. I regret not reviewing it in recent days because I’d forgotten her exact Saturn-Pluto square at 0 Taurus-0 Leo, which was clearly activated by transiting Mars on Wednesday and by Mercury on Friday (and will be by the Sun as soon as it enters Aquarius). This is a red alert for a highly charged day, for better or worse. Pelosi is an Aries, driven by Scorpio Moon and a ton of planets in Taurus. Of course she brought the whole House back to the floor to finish certifying the vote — even if it took until 4 AM ET (thanks to aforementioned seditious legislators).

UPDATE: on Clarence and Ginni Thomas, whom it seems I haven’t written about in over 10 years — and here’s the link to that earlier post. It’s no secret that Mrs. Thomas is a big MAGA fan, and she cheered on the insurgents as they invaded the Capitol. While this piece from Slate doubts there will be consequences for Justice Thomas, his horoscope is sooooo ripe for a change, starting this summer and into 2022. Time will tell.

Here is WaPo’s Really Useful List of astronomical events for 2021.

Here is Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week.

Random story that isn’t political: an NYT reporter spends time in Kenya with the last two surviving Northern white rhinos on Earth. There’s a technological twist at the end…

Thank you for reading this forecast.

A close-up of the rebel Uranus.