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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 9/29-30/2014: A High-Flying Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

The work week gets off to a high-flying start, courtesy of the Moon in fiery, opinionated Sagittarius. Righteous debate or a surge of energy may be encountered around 2:34PM ET, when Moon meets up with action hero Mars. This surge may well continue on a wave of optimism and innovation,  courtesy of an easy flow to the Moon between expansive Jupiter and eccentric Uranus, until the Moon goes void with a sigh at 11: 29PM ET. Get it off your desk today or wait until after Tuesday to finalize important decisions, as the void continues until 12:41AM ET on WEDNESDAY.

Stick to routine matters on Tuesday and roll with whatever twists and flakes may detour your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Avoid making impulse purchases, as such items generally prove to be of little use when bought during Moon voids. In Sagittarius, a void of course Moon facilitates any desire you have to wander, especially to a foreign place or spot in Nature. Wherever you go, remember not to make mountains out of molehills, as crises that manifest during voids often turn out to be much ado about nothing.

Other Moon voids this week: Thursday from 12:18PM ET until 4AM ET on Friday; Saturday from 2:32PM ET until 5:24AM ET.

The most significant planetary event today (Monday) is Venus (women, art, money, beauty, social expression) leaving prissy Virgo for Libra, one of the signs it rules, at 4:52PM ET. Look for headlines involving those Venusian themes.  Oh happy day, as social graces, peace and harmony once more become fashionable — at least until October 24th. Beautifying your home? Doing anything artistic or cosmetic? Working out kinks in a relationship? Initiating a project that requires great diplomacy? Great! Venus in Libra is happy to accommodate.

Also of note at the end of week, with effects building in intensity now, is the Libra Sun making a challenging contact with ruthless Pluto on Saturday. Stay tuned for power plays, corruption exposed, energy resources in the headlines and news from underground. Like a volcano erupting, as one did (sadly) in Japan. Or another on alert, as there is now in the Philippines. You’ll feel this power surge more personally if you were born around the 4th of July, October, January and April….or if you have a planet or angle around 12 to 16 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. And since you must know by now that we can’t have a Pluto contact without one to Uranus (thanks to the never-ending Planetary Pattern Everyone Should Be Talking About), note that the Sun will challenge rebel Uranus on October 7th.

Also please note that mental Mercury, which refers to electronic gizmos, thinking, communication and travel, is slooooowing down now as it prepares to (appear to) move backwards in the heavens on Saturday at 1:02PM ET. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS AND IPHONES, and consider that whatever agenda you are moving forward with this week may be up for review next week. More on how to have a super-fun Mercury retrograde (and who is more likely to be impacted by this one than others) as we get closer to Saturday. For now, just please back up your computer. And consider that Mercury retrogrades are an excellent time to REview your life with your astrologer. Here’s the 411 on consultations.

And now, the news.

A tech innovation that perfectly reflected the weekend’s Moon in Scorpio was the revelation that the new iPhone 6 is designed to be Secret Squirrel-proof. Did I just write Secret Squirrel? I meant to write “NSA”. But that’s not the only phone story that’s a concern to U.S. spies.  Using information for the sake of power and control appears to be the motivating factor in Facebook’s announcement that today it is launching a new ad platform that…

will allow marketers to tap its detailed knowledge of its users to direct ads to those people on thousands of other websites and mobile apps...

…none of which you or I will ever click.  Am I right?

In other news, George Clooney, who got engaged in April when his Venus at 13 Aries was supercharged by the buzzworthy Cardinal Grand Cross, got married in Venice on Saturday. Should we be surprised to see transiting Saturn exactly opposed the ruler of his 7th house of marriage/partnerships, suggesting a serious focus or ambition in such matters? Or transiting Jupiter, ruler of Clooney’s Midheaven, squaring his Taurus Sun, suggesting a happy expansion or reward? And that these transits coincide with two other measurements called Solar Arcs, one of which involves that same ruler of the 7th and the Midheaven and the other which involves his enterprising Capricorn Moon and his Pisces Ascendant (personal projection)? No, we should not be surprised at all to see significant life events happening in synch with significant planetary patterns. Here is his horoscope.

Finally, a few uplifting headlines in the spirit of today’s optimistic Sagittarius Moon. First, a truly high-flying item — and a first — about the female fighter pilot who led the United Arab Emirates‘ first airstrike against ISIS a few days ago. No comment on the reaction to this ground-breaking story from two boobs on the ground. Second — a feel-good story with the word “high-flying” in the headline. Find out why the head of a $2 trillion dollar investment fund quit his high-profile job a few months ago and how he’s spending his time.  Third, an item from last month that is still inspiring: a man in Australia reportedly saved over 160 people who were on the verge of suicide over the course of 50 years. His approach was oh-so-simple. And oh-so effective.

How are you being an angel today?

Your donations never fail to make my day, with much gratitude to you for  your appreciation. Gratitude also to those of you who share this forecast with friends. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Have a wonderful day!