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Late Sneak Peek at a Holiday Week; Neptune Direct

Happy Tuesday!

Did you note your dreams this morning? Mine were wild — reflecting (IMHO) — last night’s trine between Mercury (how we need to think) and Neptune (our need for vision). Not only that, but the Pisces Moon was void between 5:45 AM and 10:04 AM ET, suggesting a slow start, twist or flake to your routine.  Once the Moon shifts gear into Aries at 10:05 AM ET, see if you notice a newly-energized focus on getting things started — not now, but RIGHT NOW. This proactive drive chugs along all day today…and all day…

  • WEDNESDAY: …pausing only for a meet-up with warrior Mars at 6:40 PM ET. That’s when we may see a burst of energy in the headlines, especially in efforts to travel from Point A to Point B.
  • THURSDAY: Still more Moon in Aries — fiery, feisty and fast. At 8:50 AM ET, Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto, suggesting a catharsis or power play. Moon is buoyed by supercharged contact with Jupiter at 1:15 PM ET, facilitating grand gestures and potential excess. It’s quite the opposite effect around 6:46 PM ET, when the Moon is squared by Saturn, suggesting an ambitious advance, cut or loss. Chill over any perceived crisis or burnt turkey; Moon will be void until 10:43 PM ET. Meanwhile, what happens today (and in effect all week) may reflect two patterns exact on….
  • FRIDAY: First Mercury sextiles Pluto at 5:36 AM ET, suggesting deep thoughts, investigative reporting and any other information/communication aimed at transformation, possibly in the extreme. How will that color your Zoom Thanksgiving experience? Second, at 12:10 PM ET, Venus opposes rebel Uranus, facilitating surprises in matters of money, women and aesthetics, as well as unconventional attractions and alliances involving technology (friends gathering via Zoom!). It’s an apt aspect for online shopping on Black Friday, and all things technological and astrological. Hmm. Gift certificates for astrology consultations and/or reports for your eclectic friends on your holiday shopping list? What a great idea! These themes may affect the Taurus Moon’s need for material comfort and security, especially around 2 PM ET, when the Moon meets up with Uranus (surprise!) at 2:10 PM ET and opposes Venus at 2:25 PM ET (did that feel good?).
  • SATURDAY: More Moon in Taurus, seeking sensual delights and plenty of Thanksgiving leftovers. Note your dreams in the morning as Moon sextiles Neptune at 11: 19 AM ET. You may have had your rose-colored glasses on all week, reflecting Neptune, planet of dreams and delusion,  turning direct at 7:37 PM ET. For the past several days, it’s been at a virtual standstill (from our perspective on Spaceship Earth), putting all Neptune themes in focus, the way a driver leaning on the horn of her car does. That includes rose-colored visions of hope and healing, surrender and empathy. It also includes batshit crazy conspiracy theories, drugs and other intangible escapes. Add oceans, fish, film, music (the Grammy nominations are out!) and spirits of all kinds. Now that Neptune is moving forward, we can work on making our dreams come to life.
  • At 9:51 PM ET, Mercury sextiles Jupiter, facilitating getting the message to the widest possible audience, which then sorts itself out overnight. Neptune refers to forgiveness and P45’s horoscope is looking expansive today; I wouldn’t be surprised if those themes were in the news a couple of days before and through December 3rd.
  • SUNDAY: the Taurus Moon goes void on a trine to Saturn at 7:48 AM ET. All seems calm, but in truth, emotions are on the rise. Moon enters Gemini at 11:16 AM ET, driving the day with a need for information, the smartest, cleverest and most entertaining, the better. The buzz is set to be released at 4:30 AM ET on…
  • MONDAY: …when the Full Moon will be exact…and it’s also an eclipse! We’ll have another eclipse on December 14th, and as I always do, I am happy to offer a few paragraphs of insight on what these eclipses suggest for your unique horoscope. Drop $46 in my Cosmic Tip Jar (as a Joyful Random Expression of Appreciation) and email me your birth data (if I don’t already have it).

And now, the news.

Holy moly! Sun in high-flying Sagittarius trines Moon in go-go-go Aries, combined with a shake ’em up Venus-Uranus opposition and magical Neptune in focus…and the Dow breaks 30,000 for the first time (as I’m typing).

Joe Biden just had a series of little transits similar to what Edward Norton experienced a few days ago. The Sun met up with Biden’s Sun-Venus in Scorpio;  today it crossed Biden’s Sagittarius Ascendant. When the Sun is travelling through the 1st house, ego energies are clearly seen (as opposed to working behind the scenes in the 12th). And so it was yesterday that P45 finally tweeted his recommendation that GSA administrator Emily Murphy (a.k.a. Smith College’s most embarrassing alum) finally ascertain that Joe Biden is the president-elect, so let’s get this show on the road, already.

Meanwhile, the amazing Avid Reader Chris did some digging through public records and has correctly ascertained that Murphy was born on December 27, 1973 in St. Louis. Here’s what that looks like:

Here we have a Capricorn who is driven by the needs of an Aquarius Moon. This Sun-Moon combo has awesome administrative potential and needs to be of social significance. How she thinks, as well as her need for authority and control are likely to be prominent, as suggested by Mercury and Saturn at the Aries Point. Her mother likely had a huge influence on her mindset; whereas the relationship with the father was likely remote in comparison. How interesting to learn that Murphy followed in her mother’s footsteps when she chose to go to law school.

FUN FACT: Since Uranus entered Taurus in 2019, I’m seeing more and more horoscopes with a predominance of fixed signs (i.e., planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) making headlines. This is quite a shift from the horoscopes with planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Fixed signs will continue to dominate the news, as in 2021, we’ll have Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, as well as Mars in Taurus. 

In Murphy’s horoscope, Mars — the energy of action — is in Taurus. Translation: stubborn persistence or resistance; slow response. Taurus is not a fan of change! We don’t know how close her Aquarius Moon is to her Venus-Jupiter conjunction (also in Aquarius), but it’s a powerful statement of potential abundance. Neptune (faith) and Pluto (power) are connected to this abundant potential in a few significant midpoint pictures. She needs to be a believer.

Her Capricorn Sun and her Cancer Saturn were eclipsed last December and on the Summer Solstice, respectively. Her authority was bound to attract attention this year. Next year is likely to be a mixed bag of streamlining and gains — with the gains probably outweighing the losses. I’m chuckling as I type this, because this horoscope just needs needs needs to be BIG, and the chart I’ve attached as an example is bigger than the ones I usually use. It had to be!

Fun fact #2: Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA), Stacey Abrams and Senator David Perdue (R-GA) all have Venus-Jupiter conjunctions in early Aquarius, too. Porter was born on 1/3/74; Abrams on 12/9/73 — both within days of Murphy, so there a number of similarities in their horoscopes. I wrote about both for the next issue of Mountain Astrologer. Watch for them in the headlines in early 2021.

In other news, president-elect Biden is releasing his list of Cabinet member and other appointees. They are a diverse bunch: educated, dedicated, experienced — and, notably — kind. Some are even artists — how refreshing is that? The whimsically-named nominee for Secretary of State — A. Blinken (say it out loud) — can be heard on Spotify.

With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto still in Establishment Capricorn, we can appreciate why Biden’s nominees aren’t the disruptors that generated so much buzz in the past, e.g., Elizabeth Warren for Treasury Secretary or Susan Rice for Secretary of State. Biden’s “preserve the status-quo” Moon in Taurus may be a factor. The fate of the Senate is likely at play as well. A Republican-controlled Senate would have howled at — and likely blocked — a Warren Treasury appointment. We won’t know until after January 5th whether Democrats or Republicans will win the two Georgia runoffs. I’m intrigued by Jon Ossoff’s prospects — as noted in a prior forecast. Here’s a fun comparison on the asteroids in all four Georgia candidates’ horoscopes, penned by asteroid specialist Alex Miller

So who did get the nod to become our next U.S. Secretary of the Treasury? A familiar face — former Fed Chair Janet Yellen, whom I wrote about in October 2013:

And then there is Janet Yellen, who’s just been nominated to be the first woman Chair of the Federal Reserve. Why is that beguiling?  I am fascinated by planetary patterns on the day she was born — August 13, 1946 in Brooklyn, NY. That’s only a few days before a notorious and effective razzle-dazzler, Bill Clinton.  But the driving force behind Clinton’s oh-so-charismatic personal projection is an earthy, practical Moon in Taurus that needs material comfort and security. I do not know what Ms. Yellen’s Ascendant is — it could be an Earth sign — but there are definitely no planets in Earth in her horoscope. Her Moon is in either Aquarius or Pisces (Air and Water, respectively). And if memory serves, there are no planets in Earth signs in outgoing Fed Chair Ben Bernanke’s horoscope, either. Isn’t that interesting?

Sometimes a lack of Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) suggests a lack of practicality in one’s philosophical ideals. Sometimes it suggests an overcompensating focus on material concerns. Sometimes it suggests an aptitude for or belief in creating material worth out of thin air. Now there’s an intriguing thought. What is the intrinsic value of a C-note, anyway? Who decides what it can buy?

A Treasury Secretary with no planets in Earth signs might be apt, given the shift from Earth to Air that begins on December 21st. That’s when Jupiter and Saturn meet up at 0 degrees of Aquarius. The technical term for the start of this new cycle is Great Mutation — and here’s an article I wrote which explains its significance. Basically we are ending a 200 year cycle where success was defined by Earth — e.g., mining the Earth for resources; he who dies with the most toys wins. Over the next 200 years, success will be defined by Air — e.g., who has the data; who can connect us through the airwaves, etc. Brick and mortar is out; virtual is in.

Wherever you are, make a point to look up at the sky next month, as Jupiter and Saturn get closer and closer together. We haven’t seen this since 2000 — and we won’t see it again until 2040.

In other news, a Mars retrograde cautionary tale. On November 8th, with the Moon in party-hearty Leo, and retrograde Mars in selfish-AF-Aries opposing Venus in Libra, 7000 revelers attended a secret wedding in Brooklyn. No, they weren’t wearing masks. When were they busted and fined $15,000? When Mars turned direct and returned to where it was on the date of the wedding.

Please don’t go to reckless gatherings. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Stay safe and count your blessings virtually, wherever you are. I will count you among mine! You could also ponder the significance of this mysterious monolith — just discovered — that looks like something from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s sooooooo Neptune!

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Contact me if you’d like eclipse insights and/or gift certificates for all your friends and relations.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving pixie dust brought to you by Neptune turning direct