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Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday & Sunday 7/21-22/2012: The Week Ahead & Words to Live By

I had written a brilliant analysis of Friday’s sad and depressing massacre in Colorado, explaining how patterns in the horoscope of the perpetrator were triggered — and are eerily reflected — by the potentially ruthless T-square among aggressive Mars, brutal Pluto and rebel Uranus. Thanks to Mercury retrograde, all my words vaporized when I hit “publish”.  Someday I may be motivated to recreate it — but not now. I’d rather quote the wise words spiritual teacher Pema Chodron posted on her Facebook page today, which are so apt for managing the aggressive urges of that T-square:

“We act out because, ironically, we think it will bring us some relief. We equate it with happiness. Often there is some relief, for the moment. When you have an addiction and you fulfill that addiction, there is a moment in which you feel some relief. Then the nightmare gets worse. So it is with aggression. When you get to tell someone off, you might feel pretty good for a while, but somehow the sense of righteous indignation and hatred grows, and it hurts you. It’s as if you pick up hot coals with your bare hands and throw them at your enemy. If the coals happen to hit him, he will be hurt. But in the meantime, you are guaranteed to be burned.”
(Start Where You Are)

Here’s all you need to know about the weekend: Moon is in industrious Virgo, seeking to perfect and organize. If you’re not on vacation, you could stand to do some work around the house.” Big picture” ideas may strike you by Sunday, especially if you’re a creative type. The Moon goes void on Sunday at 8:44PM ET…not to enter Libra until 6:38PM ET on MONDAY. Moon goes void on Wednesday at 11:22AM ET…and enters Scorpio at 10:29PM ET. And on Thursday, Moon goes void at 11:38AM ET…not to enter Sagittarius until 1:18AM on SATURDAY. Could the Universe be sending us a message to take a break?