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Astro-logical Forecast For Monday 1/9/2012: Full Moon in Cancer & Choosing the Right Time for an Event

With the Moon in Cancer all day Sunday — waxing full at 2:30AM this morning, of course I spent part of the day cooking up a storm. Moon in Cancer seeks emotional security and comforts of home, including food that nourishes the body and feeds the soul.

While the day begins on a positive connection between Moon (need for emotional security) and Mars at 8:48AM ET, suggesting an easy flow of organizing your beginning of the week agenda, as the day progresses, adjustments may have to be made — especially where women, social expression, money and beauty are concerned. At 9:25PM ET, a potentially chilly challenge to Moon by “wet blanket” Saturn could send West Coasters straight to the nearest happy hour. Go ahead and chill even further, as the Moon will be void until 11:35PM ET…and will move into Leo, looking for an excuse to party. How quickly moods can change!

Mercury — relating to mind, travel, communication and NEWS — continues to pull focus, just as it did in the days leading up to and during the weekend. Interesting to note on the front page of the New York Times this piece about how the three major broadcast networks are striving to present the news with their own unique spin http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/09/business/media/at-abc-cbs-and-nbc-news-accentuating-the-differences.html?_r=1&hp  That’s right, today the news IS the news. Watch one network to the exclusion of the others, and you’ll get a version of reality that is different from the other two. Have your own unique thoughts and you’ll manifest another version of reality that other people don’t share. Hmmm….I’m sure there is a very deep thought in there somewhere. Suffice it to say that in this Full Moon is an opportunity to release thought patterns that manifest a version of reality you’d rather not watch. What will it take to change your channel?

Speaking of changing channels, you can now get the Astro-logical Forecast delivered directly to your emailbox. Sign up on my website, graceastrology.com — and the wizards at Mail Chimp will email you the forecast at 6AM ET every day. If you’ve friended me on facebook, I’ll post a notice when the forecast is up — for those of you who like to read the forecast as soon as I’ve written it — but you’ll have to click the link to the site to see the actual text. Thanks to all who’ve sent comments on the new site  so far — feel free to send more, if you have them — because I do take all suggestions seriously!

Finally, a reader asked about the birthday of the new site — does it have a horoscope, he wanted to know. Absolutely — and the time of its “birth” was chosen deliberately. Choosing the appropriate time for an event — e.g., a marriage, a business launch, the signing of a contract, etc. , is one of astrology’s nifty tools.

The new website launched at 10:50AM on January 7, 2012 in Kingston, NY. The horoscope chosen needed to support what the entity is designed to do; in this case, we’ve got a website which needs to communicate astrological information to an international audience. This website has a practical Capricorn Sun…with Moon in Gemini (which needs to inform and entertain), in the 3rd house (many born with 3rd house Moons are natural salespeople, communicators, actors)…and this Gemini Moon makes a supportive connection to my Venus (in Aquarius), which rules my career. It was very important that the chosen time be compatible with my own horoscope — and wouldn’t you know it, I also have a Gemini Moon.

Other notable aspects in the website horoscope include rebel Uranus, which rules astrology, exactly on the pioneering and inspiring Aries Ascendant (I have a Capricorn Ascendant and an Aries Sun — another sign of compatibility between my own horoscope and the website.) Uranus makes a dynamic connection to the Moon in Gemini, and also Mercury (mind, travel, communication), which is in the 9th house of publishing, broadcasting and other “big picture” arenas….and also to the Midheaven, which rules career/public status. Not bad to have Uranus, ruler of astrology, making a connection to the part of the horoscope that relates to public status, right?  I’m also delighted that mental Mercury is superbly supported by expansive Jupiter, which rules that 9th house of travel, broadcasting, education, internationalism and publishing. Strong Mercury-Jupiter aspects in a horoscope are often a sure sign of a writer — another reason why I chose this particular date and time — and yes, I have strong Mercury-Jupiter aspects in my own natal horoscope.

There’s more, but you get the idea.  Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing this site with the entire free world.  Have a great Monday!