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Monday 10/4/2021: Sneak Peek at a Pivotal Week; New Moon in Libra; Pluto & Saturn Direct

All rise!

It’s the first Monday in October, and the Supreme Court is now in session. A look at the patterns of this week will tell much about the issues and opinions that come from the Court in this term. Highlights include matters involving Pluto — e.g., power and resources;  breakdowns and corruption exposed — as it slows to a standstill and turns direct on WEDNESDAY. A raging fight for a place at the table by those who feel disenfranchised is suggested by Pluto’s third in a series of squares to Eris, Goddess of Discord, on October 9th. The battle — and a focused attack or crusade — is echoed by the Sun and Mercury’s meet-ups with Mars (planet of action, assertion, and aggression) this FRIDAY and SATURDAY. Meanwhile, Saturn is also slowing to a virtual standstill as it prepares to turn direct on SUNDAY. Thus we have another focus in matters of authority and control. Because Saturn is in Aquarius, we anticipate that these controls may involve humanitarian, “for the people” concerns, and also technology and networks.

Here’s how the week goes:

  • MONDAY: Moon in Virgo drives the day with a need to get it right. Oh — but Mercury is still retrograde, suggesting that many “right things” that are gotten now, have a higher probability of a rewrite when Mercury turns direct on October 18th. Moon opposes Neptune at 5:47 PM ET, and that can be dreamy or delusional. A trine to Pluto at 11:03 PM ET adds depth to your quest for perfection.
  • TUESDAY: A easy flow to the wee hours is sponsored by Moon’s sextile to Venus, exact at 4:46 AM ET. Moon goes void for a few hours, not to enter Libra until 8:41 AM ET. East Coasters can take it slow in the morning. There are no exact aspects to the Moon until 8:15 PM ET, when Moon trines Saturn. Moon in Libra is seeking balance, fairness, and diplomacy. Today it has support for its mission, which may be accomplished behind the scenes, under cover of darkness, reflecting –as it were — the fact that the Moon is at the end of its cycle, getting ready for a rebirth on…
  • WEDNESDAY….at 7:05 AM ET, as the New Moon in Libra begins. If you’re feeling especially supercharged upon waking, note that the Moon meets up with Mars at 8:03 AM ET, looking for action. At 2:28 PM ET, Pluto turns direct, suggesting a focus on seismic activity, news from underground, power, and resources (as noted earlier), including OIL. Fun fact: Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in just days before Pluto turned direct in 2018 — and here’s what was written back then (on Monday,  days before Pluto turns direct, SCOTUS is having a ceremonial swearing-in for Amy Coney Barrett). In any case, by the end of the day, Moon meets up with Mercury and trines Jupiter, at 5:39 PM ET and 10:39 PM ET, respectively, so we can expect an Important Announcement about reconciliation or diplomacy in the news. Social expression may have an especially ruthless, controlling, or depth-demanding edge, given that Venus (our money and values; women and art) is at the verrrrrry end of Scorpio. If this New Moon affects your personal horoscope, my money says that relationships are in the spotlight for you during this cycle.

All of the patterns described above are in the chart for the New Moon. Here’s what that looks like set in Washington, D.C.:



  • With the New Moon, Mars, and Mercury in the 1st House, square to the Midheaven, we have a picture of a feisty and highly visible identity crisis for the nation. Saturn and Pluto — both about to turn direct — are in the 4th house— our land, our core collective family foundation. Pluto in this chart rules the 2nd House — our finances and our values. What is the focus and how are they likely to transform? This question is key for the U.S. now and over the next two years.
  • The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is — curiously — “a noon siesta.” With so much action in this chart, why do we have an image of the need to take a break? Because Mercury is retrograde? Because there are times when it is wise to get out of the heat? Sabian Symbol sage Blain Bovee suggests that the noonday sun brings “a burning intensity” to a situation, and working under that condition can be hazardous. “The paradox is that resting at noon in such conditions actually improves productivity.” It is also a paradox, writes Bovee, that the light of the noonday sun is usually the peak of illumination — nothing is in shadow — it’s all crystal clear — and the appropriate course of action is to sleep on it. Really? Hmm.  Bovee suggests that the challenge of this Symbol is awakening on a spiritual level — which may by necessity require rest for the physical body. I’m not sure how this will play out in the news. Perhaps we become aware of Things As They Really Are — but need more time to actually do something about it, no matter how urgent it is. Maybe a “power nap” is what is needed. Hmm…” power nap”…with Pluto turning direct and Mercury still retrograde.
  • Off the top of my head, this New Moon chart activates the horoscopes of the United States, Kyrsten Sinema, and  George W. Bush. If you have planets or angles around 14 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, seeds for a diplomatic mission may be planted.
  • For additional guidance, Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week is priceless — and perfectly in sync with planetary patterns.

Back to the weekly forecast.

  • THURSDAY: the Libra New Moon goes void on its weekly clash with Pluto at 1:03 AM ET, reflecting last night’s power play or catharsis. During the ensuing nine-hour Moon void, roll with the twists and flakes and take time to CHILL. At 7:20 AM ET, Venus gets the hell out of Scorpio, where she’s been brooding for weeks –and soars righteously into Sagittarius. From now until November 5th, social expression, values, and aesthetics dare to push boundaries with enthusiasm — and yes, a foot may well end up in more than one mouth. But first, the Moon void in Libra must end and the Moon must plunge into the emotional depths of Scorpio at 10:22 AM ET. The rest of the day is driven by the Scorpio Moon’s need for knowledge that grants it substance and control.  Action may also be driven by a potential blinding fury, as Mars in Libra meets up with the Sun at midnight. This Sun-Mars conjunction may be seen in an assertive response to whatever rain fell on someone’s parade, suggested by the square between Moon and Saturn at 9:37 PM ET.
  • FRIDAY: Surprise! At 8:59 AM ET, Moon opposes Uranus, and the day begins with an upset, revelation, or pushback against last night’s controls. For the next two days, thought and communication is focused on achieving a balance, blinded somewhat by its own light — and willing to fight. Still, your Friday night may end on a dreamy note — and perhaps a grand gesture, as Moon trines Neptune at 8:52 PM ET and squares Jupiter at 11:03 PM ET. 
  • SATURDAY: Moon goes void on a sextile with Pluto at 2:05 AM ET, facilitating emotional depth. Chill for the next nine hours-– a good long sleep will do you good. See if you notice the energetic shift around 11:24 AM ET when the Moon enters Sagittarius. The rest of the weekend is apt for being in nature, engaging in spirited and opinionated debates. Get out of your usual box; go for a gamble or a gambol. Mercury meets up with the Sun at 12:18 PM ET and then meets up with Mars at 6:48 PM ET. With FOCUS, walking and talking can be done at the same time, and it may even be fun around 3:36 PM ET, as the Moon makes a cooperative aspect with Venus.  If there are especially volatile headlines over the weekend, consider that today Pluto squares Eris for the third time. In any contest between the Powers That Be (Pluto) and the Disenfranchised (Eris), it’s the latter that has the edge. You may experience volatility in your own personal world if you have planets or angles around 24 Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, and Libra. FYI, the U.S. Mercury (how the nation needs to think and communicate) is at 24 Capricorn. Fun times!
  • SUNDAY: Another day to be productive, especially if your projects are Mercury REtrograde related: reorganizing, reconnecting, retreating. The enthusiasm of the Sagittarius Moon flows easily in partnership-focused Mercury, Mars, and the Sun — all in Libra — between 12:49 PM ET and 4:44 PM ET. Humming in the background is Saturn — the energy of necessary control — which turns direct at 10:17 PM ET. As Saturn gets back up to its usual speed, roadblocks are likely to give away and progress can be made. At the moment — and I do mean at the moment, the potential for progress may be muddled, as Moon squares Neptune at 10:16 PM ET. Watch where you’re going. If you have planets or angles around 7 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, or Taurus, you’ve been feeling constrained more than most. Off the top of my head, that includes President Biden and Liz Cheney. 

And now, the news.

Welp. Facebook has been down since 11:39 AM ET — along with Instagram, Messenger, and What’s App. This happened after last night’s bombshell dropped by 60 Minutes, in its interview with Facegbook whistleblower Frances Haugen. Tens of thousands of documents now make it clear that the company has been lying about “making progress” against hate and disinformation, because doing would mean making less moneyFacebook deactivated certain safeguards immediately after the election, and it is alleged that doing so enabled the attempted coup on January 6th. How cool is it that this bombshell dropped over the weekend, in sync with planetary patterns that were screaming for a big data dump that would expose rot and corruption among the corporate (Capricorn) elite? Astrology is amazing! (and as of 6:30 PM ET, Facebook is back online).

Major media outlets are also abuzz with the juicy details found in the Pandora Papers (South Dakota has a starring role), which detail how power and resources are held by a teensy minority of oligarch-types, to the disadvantage of the vast majority of everyone else. This is how Heather Cox Richardson frames the Pandora Papers in her most recent letter, drawing a parallel with this story and the 650 marches for reproductive rights that happened over the weekend. A clear majority of Americans in both of the major political parties support a woman’s right to decide for herself whether she is willing and able to bear a child, but that right is being chipped away by another teensy minority.

Meanwhile, here’s another bombshell revelation: “Chinese detective in exile reveals the extent of torture against Uyghurs”   as reported by CNN. What is wrong with humans that they feel a need to be so horrible to one another?

In other news…

If you enjoyed the NYT’s feature about The Sopranos (linked in the last forecast), you may appreciate WaPo’s review of  Fiona Hill’s new book,  “There’s Nothing For You Here: Finding Opportunity in the 21st Century”. It’s noteworthy because the challenges Hill outlines apply not only to America but to other democratic societies. We really are all in this together.

Pluto refers to power and resources, including oil — and with Pluto slowing to a standstill, we are not surprised to see oil making headlines:

The news is heavy today– it seems. But at least we can celebrate that the five zebras on the loose in Maryland continue to evade capture…and on October 12th, William Shatner will blast into space. At 90 years old, there are plenty of new and exciting things to do — so let that potential inspire you in your work and play today, and always. Here is Shatner’s horoscope.

Here is the 411 on personal consultations. 

Thank you for reading this forecast.