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Monday 5/8/2023: Sneak Peek at the Week; Surprise, Surprise

Allllllll righty then!

There’s still a ton of buzz in the cosmic sandbox, as Avid Readers were advised last week. By the time we get to the weekend, a good chunk of it may have been resolved. Until then, pay attention — especially in matters of transportation and communication. Mercury is still retrograde, reflected in delays, scheduling snafus and computer crashes. There’s still plenty of upside to Mercury’s backward trek, as evidenced in my own personal world by a number of “unexpected” REunions with friends I haven’t heard from in ages. You?

Meanwhile, Mars is still in Cancer, putting the energy of action and aggression in the service of defending the home turf, for better or worse. Mars refers to men, cars and firearms. Mars is Cancer is challenged to be on its best behavior, and it is in hard contact with three other planets (Eris, Jupiter and Pluto) which suggest All That Mars Represents being pushed to extremes.  Not only that, but the Sun in Taurus is about to make its annual meet-up with rebel Uranus, suggesting disruption.

Highlights for the week:

  • Sun conjunct Uranus on Tuesday
  • Mercury sextile Saturn #2 on Friday
  • Venus sextile Mercury on Friday
  • Venus trine Saturn on Saturday
  • Mercury turns direct on Sunday

It goes like this:

  • MONDAY: Yes, the electric buzz in the air reflects the building tension between the Taurus Sun and Uranus, but — hey — the Moon is in Sagittarius. Translation: there’s plenty of boundary-pushing optimism to be had. Some of it may be dreamy or delusional, expressing the Moon’s square with Neptune at 2:22 PM ET. Much of it may simply be buoyant and/or grand, as Moon trines Jupiter at 4:27 PM ET. Chill during the three-hour Moon void. When Moon enters Capricorn at 7:32 PM ET, the need is to Make Things Happen. If someone’s need for social-climbing and status clashes with someone else’s sensitive feelings, look to the opposition between the Moon and Venus at 10:19 PM ET for explanation.
  • TUESDAY: A practical review of communications strategy is favored this morning, as Moon sextiles Saturn (ambition, authority, strategy) at 5:38 AM ET, and then trines retrograde Mercury at 7:27 AM ET. Moon travels without interference for the rest of the day, but more surprises are likely to break around 3:55 PM ET, as the Sun (leaders) meets up with Uranus. Watch for news involving innovation, breakthroughs, rebellion, aviation, seismic activity, and astrology. Here’s what was happening on last year’s Sun-Uranus conjunction.
  • WEDNESDAY: Night owls can profit from the easy flow between the Moon and Uranus (think outside the box), and Moon and Sun, exact at 3:32 AM ET and 4:19 AM ET. Use last night’s easy flow to propel you forward this morning, but note the potential for an outburst around 12:38 PM ET, as the achievement-focused Capricorn Moon opposes Mars in turf-defending Cancer. A bit of pixie-dust, inspiration, or oil on troubled waters kicks in around 5:03 PM ET, as Moon sextiles Neptune. Ambition gets a big boost — for better or worse — around 7:52 PM ET, as Moon squares Jupiter. Chill during the two hour Moon-void. Moon enters Aquarius at 10:05 PM ET, now seeking intelligent, innovative discourse with like-minded souls. Get out there and network over the next few days, though note the potential power play or catharsis around 10:39 PM ET, as Moon meets up with Pluto.
  • THURSDAY: The only exact aspect is a square between the Moon and Mercury, exact at 8:45 AM ET. Both are in fixed signs (i.e., in Taurus, Leo, Aquarius or Scorpio), and thus two parties in a conflict over ideas and communication might not be inclined to budge an inch. Fortunately, other patterns exact on…
  • FRIDAY...facilitate cooperation, consensus and a potentially exciting break. First Mercury sextiles Saturn at 4:41 AM ET. The powers of mindset and communication are in harmony with the energy of law and authority. A surprise may get us out of bed, reflecting the shock potential of the Moon-Uranus square, exact at 6:12 AM ET. A few hours later, more tension is worked out as the Aquarius Moon squares the Taurus Sun. The needs of the collective challenge the security of the establishment — and somehow, it all works out. The next stop for the Moon is a cooperative connection to Jupiter, exact at 11:15 PM ET. That’ll put the happy in TGIF’s happy hour. Plus, Venus — social graces, money, values and women — is pleasantly aligned with Mercury (how we need to think and communicate), exact at 10:43 PM ET. Here’s to a productive end of the work week — with more productivity carrying us into the night. Note that the Moon goes void at 11:15 PM ET — blink and you’ll miss it, ’cause it’s only at rest (one way to think of how a Moon void functions) for about 90 minutes.
  • SATURDAY: At 12:38 AM ET, Moon enters Pisces, facilitating feelings, impressions and ideals. At 2:56 AM ET, Venus trines Saturn, and if the work week ended with solid business/financial news, I would not be surprised. Women who mean business may also make headlines. Mid-morning ET today features three connections to the Pisces Moon, giving us plenty of fodder for empathy. Moon sextiles Mercury at 10:43 AM ET, getting the word out. What’s the word? Reality, most likely, reflecting the Moon’s meet-up with Saturn at 11:11 AM ET, which may somehow support matters related to women, nurturing and emotional security. I say this because Moon trines Venus at 11:50 AM ET. There is no Moon void this weekend to argue against yard sale shopping. Avid Readers will recall that Moon voids are not favored for impulse purchases, as they are more likely to not live up to expectations. Stick to routine concerns during Moon voids, and roll with the twists and flakes. Chill! That’s the operative word.
  • SATURDAY: If you’re in the mood for a talk about astrology around 4 PM ET/3 PM CT, join Avid Reader Denise on Zoom, where she and her New Orleans astrology meet-up group will be hosting yours trulyhere’s more on my lecture topic, and registration details.
  • SUNDAY: That being said, thoughts and communication about material comfort and security are likely to be in high focus this weekend, as Mercury is slowing to another virtual standstill (from our perspective on Earth), as it prepares to turn DIRECT at 11:16 PM ET. A planet changing directions is like the sound of a car horn blaring when the driver leans upon it. Give yourself a day or two to adjust your mind to Mercury’s forward motion next week. It will take time to get back up speed. Mercury begins to cover new ground at the end of the month. Meanwhile, there’s a lovely flow among the Pisces Moon, Sun, Mars and Neptune into the evening…why not make it an enchanted one? Moon goes void on a meet-up with Neptune at 10:56 PM ET. Go with the intuitive flow for the next five hours — and don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

No sleeping in on Monday. The Moon will be in Aries and rarin’ to go. Jupiter leaves me-me-me fiery Aries for mine-mine-mine earthy Taurus on Tuesday, and immediately stakes out big claims in matters of power and resources when it squares Pluto on Wednesday. Never a dull moment in the cosmic sandbox, right?

And now, the news.

Hoo-boy — lots to report. Who watched the coronation of King Charles III? I hadn’t planned on it, but woke up at 6 AM anyway, so I plopped myself in front of the Beeb to watch the spectacle. In last week’s episode of Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast, Whitney & I did a deep dive on the horoscopes of many of the royals, opining on how things might develop over the next few years. It’s our longest and astro-geekiest episode yet — at 78 minutes — and we appreciated the feedback from patrons who told us we could have kept on talking…about the astonishing synchronicity among the horoscopes discussed and the timing of this literal crowning achievement. Astrology. Is. Amazing!

The Coronation was an apt reflection of the grand, fairy tale potential of last week’s patterns among Venus, Jupiter and pixie-dusted Neptune. Watching the procession of thousands of guardsmen and women from countries all through the Commonwealth — with many on horseback (including a military band) was an awe-inspiring experience — at least for me. The ingenuity and efficiency of planning and execution made me think the Coronation Planning Committee’s next project should be tackling world hunger or housing, as they’d probably have a solution within a year. Amiright?

Other Venus-Neptune-Jupiter stories:

Meanwhile, the U.S. had its own pageant  — a.k.a. the Kentucky Derby with big hats galore, as you can see.  A day with Moon in Sagittarius was apt for a horse race, and it’s was likely to be an attention-getter, given that the race started at 6:57 PM ET, with Jupiter (ruler of horses) and Venus (ruler of the chart for the start) both prominently placed. Indeed, it was quite the gallop, with a long shot named Mage (of the Commonwealth) besting the favorite, Angel (of Empire). The synchronicity of this victory is so in tune with planetary patterns (specifically, Pluto in “power to the people” Aquarius), and I might not have even noted  it if Louisville native Whitney McKnight hadn’t whipped up a piece about it late last night in her other provocative Substack platform, docu-mental. It was delightful to learn that Mage is owned by a collective of hundreds of investors, as opposed to just one person. Can you see how that is so very Pluto (power) in Aquarius (the people), as opposed to corporate entity Capricorn? Many more people can participate in the winnings…and astrology predicts that this is one of the issues to be developed over the next 20 years.

In other news…

…there was this disturbing headline…

…and we can see how it reflects the destructive potential of patterns of last week. Not everything was a rose-colored Venus-Neptune escape. We see the expansion and the potential destruction in Mars — action/anger — in Cancer as it squared ruthless Eris and now moves to square Jupiter, which is in Aries. Jupiter expands what it touches, and when in Aries, it expands heat and impulsive me-me-me activity. We are likely to see more ruthless expressions of energy over the next two weeks, as Jupiter squares Pluto, and Mars opposes Pluto, such as:

And if all of that sounds a bit heavy, please understand it’s a sign of these interesting times, as you can see in this list of 2023 Pulitzer Prize winners, released today.  The rough and tumble activity of the next few weeks also fits in with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s warning that the U.S. might not be able to pay its bills if the debt ceiling is not increased by June 1st. Fun fact: in what we know of Yellen’s horoscope, transiting Uranus will make the first of three squares to her Leo Sun on…June 2nd! I’m pretty sure I wrote about this fun fact many moons ago. Point is, Ms. Yellen is due for a breakout maneuver or an upset — stay tuned.

UPDATE: on the former guy, who will be affected by Mars this week, as it challenges his natal Venus-Saturn conjunction. In his horoscope, Mars refers to broadcasting and legal affairs; Venus refers to documents and his professional status; Saturn refers to his creative self-expression and children. Years of observation has demonstrated that this pattern usually coincides with provocative action, and often negatively affects his professional status (to those who are not diehard fans). On Tuesday, the jury in E. Jean Carroll’s case against him will go to the jury. I will not be surprised if a verdict is returned sooner, rather than later. Meanwhile, he will be given a ginormous platform on a TV network this week. Rather than give you those details, I’d rather give you a link to what Les Moonves — then head of CBS (who resigned under allegations of sexual harassment, ICYMI) — had to say about TFG back in 2016, starting with, “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.”

UPDATE: on Kellyanne Conway, who is back in the news, as anticipated. Last week, on the illuminating Full Moon/lunar eclipse, it was revealed that i n 2012,  “judicial activist” Leonard Leo directed Conway to bill him $25,000, which would be paid to Ginni Thomas, wife of Clarence. Conway was “urged to not mention Ginni.”   This story is not going away, and let the record show that in what we know of Ginni’s horoscope, her Mars and Mercury were impacted by last week’s eclipse. More is likely to come out.

UPDATE: on Clarence Thomas — yet again. It seems that his benefactor and Nazi memorabilia collector Harlan Crow paid for the private school education of Thomas’ ward (to the tune of roughly $6000/month). Looking at Thomas’ horoscope, and noting so many measurements suggesting disruption and transformation between now and his June 23rd birthday, it is within the realm of possibility that karma might finally catch up with him. We do have a birth date for Crow (thanks to Avid Reader Donnalyn), and we can immediately note that Crow’s Jupiter sits right on Thomas’ Capricorn Ascendant. We see how Crow would expand Thomas’ sense of himself, making him feel so deserving. Meanwhile, we still don’t have a birth date for Leonard Leo, though WaPo has narrowed it down to November 1965. That’s when Jupiter was retrograde in the early part of Cancer, It’s no surprise to see how that Jupiter would sit right on top of Thomas’ Cancer Sun, Mercury and Venus. Of course Crow would be generous to Thomas — to a fault.

Finally…because we always like to end on a upbeat note….

…it appears that the bridge in the background of the Mona Lisa has been identified…and the town it’s in couldn’t be happier…which is a fun reflection of last week’s artsy patterns among Venus, Jupiter and Neptune…with a bit of Mercury retrograde REsearch tossed in.

And — ooh — here’s another fun one — reflecting tomorrow’s conjunction between Sun (leaders) and Uranus (disruption; aviation)”

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

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Sun-Uranus contacts can be electrifying!