Monday 9/3/2018: Sneak Peek at a Short Work Week; Saturn Turns Direct

Happy Labor Day Monday, driven by the Moon in buzz buzz buzz Gemini, seeking to get the word out about something. Did you note your dreams this morning? Input from (dreamy) Neptune may have made them more memorable than usual. After 6:42 AM ET, Moon travels without much static until 2:37 AM ET on TUESDAY, when it then goes void until 8:04 AM ET.

Thus, this short work week (in the U.S.) opens with the home/emotional security-seeking drive of the Moon in Cancer. Round lunchtime on the East Coast, it gets a lift from technogeek Uranus at 11:52 AM ET. Its innovative and cooperative potential is soon followed by a stern smackdown or authoritative advance, as the Moon opposes Saturn at 12:22 PM ET.

Planetary patterns of note this week include:

  • WEDNESDAY — Mercury leaves Leo for Virgo at 10:39 PM ET, a most excellent place for Mercury to be. Mercury rules Virgo, and the sorting and analyzing needs of Virgo make for an efficient, earthy and detail-oriented mindset. If there is a downside, it is that Mercury in Virgo can be hypercritical under stress, and worry that is NEVER perfect. We can expect mindset and communication to reflect these qualities until September 21st.
  • WEDNESDAY — smooth sailing in the morning, coming to a catharsis or power play around 3:41 PM ET, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto.
  • THURSDAY — Saturn turns direct at 7:10 AM ET, after being at a metaphorical standstill  all week. The image that comes to mind is one of focus— in the way an impatient driver sits on his or her horn while stuck in traffic. The focus is related to executive authority,  plans, structure, discipline and ambition. With Saturn moving forward, projects that have been delayed since mid-April may now move forward (especially with Mars also moving ahead). You’re more personally affected by Saturn’s change of direction if you have planets or angles around 2 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Jeff Sessions (Sun at 2 Capricorn), that means you…be prepared for a potential brick wall when Saturn meets up with your Mars at 5 Capricorn this November.
  • THURSDAY — Saturn’s shift is accompanied by challenging lunar patterns. Moon opposes Mars at 8:43 AM ET and then goes void until 9:54 AM ET. Let the drama queens and kings reign over the next couple of days, driven by the love-love-me-do needs of the Moon in Leo. A jolt or flash of recognition may happen around 1:30 PM ET, as the Moon squares rebel Uranus.
  • FRIDAY — we’ve got three exact patterns which will be reflected in the news all week long. First (and second), Mercury makes a quick Earth Grand Trine with Saturn and Uranus at 3:40 AM ET and 8:20 AM ET. This is an echo of patterns among the Sun, Saturn and Uranus that happened on August 25th…and rippled out through this past weekend. My money says we’ll be hearing about concrete ideas and communication about reaching across the aisles and blending the best (or worst) of the old guard with the avant garde. What could make the reaching especially sublime is the Sun’s annual opposition with Neptune at 2:27 PM ET. Upside potential: true vision. Downside: deception and delusion. Other themes: fish, oceans, drugs, refugees, oil, floods, victims, healing, spirits…the usual Neptune stuff. A challenge between the Leo Moon and expansive Jupiter at 3:21 PM ET ends the work week. Isn’t that grand?
  • SATURDAY — Moon is void between 9:31 AM ET and 10:29 AM ET — then shifts gears into Virgo. Clean-up time! Make the most of yet another Earth Grand Trine — albeit even briefer than the prior two. Moon in Virgo harmonizes with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. How is everyone with planets and angles around 2 degrees of almost any sign using this practical self-sufficiency?
  • SATURDAY —  at 4:39 PM ET, Venus in Libra squares off with Mars in Capricorn. This is a charged connection between two planets representing yin and yang; values/aesthetics and action/assertion. If you can make peace and a plan, while wrapping up projects from the current lunar cycle, do it. Because on…
  • SUNDAY — Venus leaves lovely Libra for Scorpio. From then until November 1st, issues involving women, money, values, social expression and art are likely to demand depth and substance, without compromise. Oh…and maybe a bit of control and/or vengeance, as Scorpio is one of those signs that never, ever forgets. Why so long in Scorpio? Because on October 10th, Venus goes retrograde. During the month of November, Venus will be backing  up through Libra, then turning around and moving forward. If you liked October, you’ll love December. Venus will be in Scorpio for all of that month, starting on the 3rd.
  • SUNDAY — New Moon in Virgo at 2:01 PM ET. Stay tuned.

Right. No big long Moon voids this week.  Stuff moving forward. Planets in signs where it is easy for them to be effective. Whatcha gonna do with all of this visionary potential? Hopefully you will call your astrologer for fabulous insight. What good will that do, you ask?  Well, here’s a quote from an email received last week from a new client (referred to me by another client)  that totally warmed my heart:

I’m doing well since our meeting.  I’m still taking things in and processing info from our session.  I’ve also been listening to the recording.
It was extremely helpful to hear what you said and overall I feel more whole as a person.  It’s funny because a lot of the stuff you said I sort of knew, I just didn’t want to acknowledge it.  But bringing it out into the open really clarifies things.
Astrology is amazing. I love what I do for a living. Here’s the 411 on consultations.
Thank you for reading this forecast. The news — a truckload of it — will be back in the next post.


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