Monday 5/1/2017: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mercury Turns Direct

Alll-righty then!!

A late sneak peek at the week is a happy problem to have, when the reasons for the delay are (other than Mercury retrograde): editing a new piece for Mountain Astrologer and a booked-solid calendar of client consultations. I post that with pride few hours before the Moon enters Leo at 12:12 AM ET on Tuesday, seeking to shine and help others shine, too. Gratitude!

Until then, the Cancer Moon is currently void of course — has been since 4:23 PM ET.  Avid readers of this forecast know that Moon voids are apt for chilling out and taking care of routine concerns. Roll with whatever twists that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Trust that crises that arise are likely much ado about nothing. Avoid impulse purchases, as things bought during voids have an odd way of proving themselves not as useful as you thought.

There are no other Moon voids during business hours in the Americas this work week. We’ll have one on Thursday from 12:35 AM ET – 5:47 AM ET. We’ll have another on Saturday between 8:42 AM ET and 2:20 PM ET (avoid the yard sales). Otherwise, it’s almost full speed ahead.

Back to today (Tuesday). The Leo Moon cruises through most of the day, supported by easy connections from Venus and Mars. Tensions between a stubborn Taurus Sun and willful Leo Moon at 10:47 PM ET suggest a challenge to last week’s New Moon agenda. Pass the popcorn and watch the drama unfold.

On WEDNESDAY Mercury turns direct at 12:33 PM ET. Huzzah! That explains why this week is “almost” full speed ahead.  Patience is advised as our brains adjust to moving forward again. Note the potential over the next few weeks for half-baked ideas cooked up during last months’ Mercury retrograde to reveal themselves as frankly flawed after a second thought.  Until said flaws come to light, a dreamy alignment between the Sun and Neptune at 8:51 PM ET adds a rosy glow to the day. Enjoy.

Moon enters Virgo on THURSDAY at 5:47 AM ET, meticulously advancing its need to make things perfect for the rest of the work week. That’s it for big planetary patterns, but do not think this suggests nothing is going on. Beth Owldaughter’s Tarot Card of the Week offers an intriguing perspective on the apparent lull in action.

I’m delighted by how many Avid Readers of this forecast are also fans of Beth’s wise posts. She’s posted without fail every week  since last summer, while waging a fierce battle against breast cancer (as I mentioned here).  If you’re wondering how she’s faring since her surgery in February, here’s the latest update.

Happy Moon in sunny Leo! Shine, shine, shine!

Thank you for reading this forecast.

To be continued….


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