Monday 4/3/2023: Sneak Peek at the Week; Full Moon in Libra

It’s Monday. Do you know where your planets are? I’ll tell you. patterns are lighter this week, compared to last week — with the exception of an illuminating Full Moon. In between the highlights, we have two notably looooong Moon voids, presumably so that we can chill and process the initiatives sparked by all of the shifts that happened in March. By “lighter,” I do not mean to say that these patterns are inefficient. There’s a lot that can be accomplished, though I wouldn’t launch anything you hope to be of major consequence during the voids.

It goes like this:

  • Mercury enters Taurus on Monday.
  • Mercury squares Pluto on Monday.
  • Long Moon void on Tuesday.
  • Mercury sextiles Saturn on Wednesday.
  • Full Moon in Libra on Thursday.
  • Long Moon void on Thursday.
  • Venus sextiles Neptune on Friday.
  • Mercury sextiles Mars on Saturday.

To wit…

  • MONDAY:  Moon in Virgo continues on its quest to put everything in perfect order. At 12:22 PM ET, Mercury exits speed racer Aries and enters Taurus, where it will graze for the next ten weeks. Mercury refers to how we need to think, and Taurus needs to be slow, methodical, practical and possibly stubborn in its thought and communication processes. “How does this  (fill in the blank) fulfill needs of material comfort and security?” This is what Mercury in Taurus needs to consider, and frankly, RE-consider in the coming weeks. Why? Because on April 21st, Mercury goes retrograde — and there will be absolutely no whingeing! Just back up your computers NOW, and prepare for the necessary REview and REtreat and REorganizing that often “coincides” with these mental breaks. Mercury enters its “shadow period” on Friday, so anything agreed upon from then until the end of May is subject to renegotiation, mmkay? Mercury turns direct on May 14th.
  • MONDAY: Mercury crashes into Pluto (by square) at 2:55 PM ET, reflecting boatloads of news from underground that was brought to light over the past few days. If you are King Charles or President Biden, you are more personally affected. Use a bit of technological innovation and network with all your friends today, applying the easy flow of the Moon and Uranus, exact at 4:28 PM ET. Further cooperation is suggested by the trine between Venus and Moon, exact at 2:04 AM ET on…
  • TUESDAY. Note your dreams and check the directions carefully this morning, as the Virgo Moon’s need for precision may be befuddled by an opposition to Neptune, exact at 9:49 AM ET. Then, mind the eight-hour Moon void, as the Virgo Moon wanders without focus (i.e., without contact with any other planets in the cosmic sandbox) for the rest of the business day (at least on the East Coast). Roll with the twists and flakes that may disrupt efforts to move forward in a straight line. Stick to routine concerns, and chill chill chill if you can — especially over crises that may crop up, as they are likely to be realized as “much ado about nothing.” At 5:51 PM ET, Moon enters Libra and screams for attention in matters involving fairness, diplomacy and people-pleasing in relationships. Emotional depth is added to the debate, as Moon trines Pluto at 6:13 PM ET.
  • WEDNESDAY:  Emotions are on the rise for the next 24 hours, as the Libra Moon waxes to fullness. A provocative square between the Moon and Mars, exact at 4:11 AM ET, may make for a restless night. However, a cooperative connection between Mercury, needing to preserve the status quo in Taurus, and Saturn (authority, controls, karma), helps keep things on an even keel. Also of note today; the me-me-me Aries Sun (leaders) meets up with Chiron, a.k.a. the wounded healer. Ergo, watch for news of wounded healer leader types today. There are no other exact aspects today, so the Libra Moon could work itself up into a veritable tornado (Libra is an Air Sign) by the time it finally opposes the Aries Sun at 12:34 AM ET on…

Here is the chart for the Full Moon in Libra, set in Washington, D.C.:


  • Chart ruler Jupiter meets up with the high-functioning Aries Sun, ruler of the 9th house. Translation: a lot of expansion in matters of courts, publishing, sports, foreign affairs…based on matters of home/homeland security.
  • This Full Moon activates last week’s conjunction of Mercury-Jupiter in Aries, furthering last week’s BIG NEWS. You are more personally affected by this phenomenon if you have planets around 17 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn…and yes, this includes the former guy.
  • The ruler of the 10th house (leaders) is Venus, which in this chart also rules the 5th and 6th houses, i.e., speculative ventures, entertainment, children, creativity; and labor/health matters. Venus is high-functioning in Taurus and in a harmony with Neptune. This suggests idealism — for better or worse — in these matters just described. Note that Venus is conjunct Capulus, which is a fixed star associated with Men Behaving Badly (macho sexual aggression). Capulus is on TFG’s  Midheaven (well-defining his reputation), and is prominent in the horoscopes of Gretchen Carlson, Roger Ailes, Mick Jagger and Hillary Clinton — to name a few off the top of my head, and noted in these prior forecasts.
  • Speaking of Men Behaving Badly, note that Mars — cars, guns, machismo, anger, courage — is in the 7th house — of partners and open enemies. Mars squares the homeland/leadership axis in this Full Moon chart, and whilst usually considered to be debilitated in Cancer, this particular Mars does have greater functionality — so be on the watch for that.
  • The Sabian Symbols for this lunation are the same ones we worked with on the Full Moon of October 10, 2022. Back so soon? Apparently!
  • …“two prim spinsters” (for Aries Sun) and “a retired sea captain” (for the Libra Moon). Two spinsters — a duality, right? And both Sabian Symbols are spinners — of yarns and possibly tall tales. Sabian Symbol sage Blain Bovee observes that the sea captain’s tales may come from a wealth of personal experience. He’s retired, after all. Perhaps the spinsters are, too — but they opted not to get into the game — or at least the relationship game, so what do they know, hmm? Bovee advises us to apply these Symbols with a mind to “stories that reinvent the past; that maintain a precision about a shared experience; that spin around a central point” — starters. Here are more thoughts on the spinsters...and here are thoughts on the sea captain.

  • A Full Moon in Libra needs fairness and diplomacy in relationship. Its we-centric needs challenge the me-me-me needs of an exalted (for better or worse) Aries Sun. It occurs to me that what’s different about this Full Moon — compared to the Full Moon in October 2022 — is that this time, the entity giving us illumination (the Moon) is the entity with the actual life experience. Hmm. We’ll see how that plays out.

Back to the day-to-day forecast:

  • THURSDAY: The next stop for the Libra Moon is an opposition to Jupiter at 8:42 AM ET, suggesting that the day gets off to a ebullient start. What could go wrong? All of that fiery enthusiasm could be someone pushing their luck. Just know that for the next 18 hours, the Moon will be VOID, so CHILL! Whatever ideas run away with this day may be much ado about nothing.
  • FRIDAY: Moon enters Scorpio at 2:29 AM ET, demanding depth and substance over talk talk talk. There’s a power play or a catharsis attached, as the Moon’s first stop in Scorpio is a square to Pluto, exact at 2:53 AM ET. Next stop: the Powers That Be assert control — likely with ease, as Moon trines Saturn at 8:44 AM ET. Humming in the background this week is the aforementioned harmony between Venus and Neptune, seeking beauty wherever it can find it — even if it’s not actually there. That’s the impetus — perhaps — around this alignment, exact at 1:58 PM ET, and it happens six minutes after a face-off between Mercury and the Moon, suggesting a different of stubborn opinion, likely involving values. There’s plenty of assertive energy available, reflecting the Moon’s trine to Mars at 2:42 PM ET — and frankly, putting your money where your mouth is…and also walking your talk…are not impossible, reflecting the cooperation between Mars (walking) and Mercury (talking), exact at  2:28 AM ET on…
  • SATURDAY. There’s no Moon void today to discourage you from snapping up yard sales bargains. The only aspect is the surprise potential of rebel Uranus, as it opposes the Scorpio Moon at 9:55 AM ET. An escapist fantasy may be yours this evening, reflecting the Moon-Neptune trine, exact at 1:49 AM ET on…
  • SUNDAY: …with possessive indulgence in the wee hours, as Moon opposes Venus at 5:09 AM ET...which by now has made contact with Algol, a fixed star associated with alcohol, righteously vengeful feminine assertion, and losing one’s head. There’s no reason to get up in arms about it — or any reason to get up at all, as the Scorpio Moon will be void until 8:56 AM ET. Then Moon soars into Sagittarius, seeks a gamble or a gambol — or at the very least to impose its righteous opinion on the widest possible audience. A sextile between the Moon and Pluto at 9:22 AM ET adds depth and power to your morning power walk (that would be a good application of Moon in Sagittarius drives). Note the effort at control that may arise around 3:21 PM ET, as the Moon is squared by Saturn, daring to rain on someone’s parade. Move past it — and enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Next week gets off to an exuberant start.

And now, the news.

If you listened to Episode 30 of Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast, you weren’t surprised by Thursday’s announcement that a grand jury made up of ordinary Americans voted to indict the former guy on dozens of counts, though the specifics of each one is not yet known (wait until tomorrow). Here is the BBC to explain in plain English — for those who may have slept through high school civics classes — what’s going on, and what it means. Here is how the local Queens paper covered it. Not that anyone asked, but I take issue with the Beeb’s belief that the indictment is a “blow to America’s sense of self.” Actually, I see this as an affirmation of the highest of American ideals, i.e., that no one is above the law (according to Saturn in Libra in the horoscope of the United States).

The arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday, and apparently TFG was offered the option of having it done on Zoom from Mar-a-Lago, but that probably wouldn’t have motivated his fans to send as much money ($4 million dollars and counting).  If it happens after 9:49 AM ET, it’ll be during the Virgo Moon void, and void or not, the Moon’s opposition to Neptune at 9:49 AM ET can be counted on to somehow mess with the Virgo Moon’s need for exacting correctness. Cue showmanship now, please! On the other hand, a Moon void can feel as if the wind has been taken out of one’s sails, and thus can deter those who might otherwise show up for a noisy protest. We shall see. I’m more interested in the anguished (and likely losing) effort that TFG’s horoscope has scheduled as we get closer to July, with intensity in the first week of May and the end of June.

However…the element of “surprise” surrounding the timing of Thursday’s announcement must be celebrated for its astro-logic! At the beginning of the week, it was reported that the New York grand jury was going on recess for the upcoming holiday season (Easter and Passover, for those celebrating). April Fool’s! That recess was “delayed,” and thus aptly reflected the disruption of Thursday’s Venus-Uranus conjunction, as well as the militantly disciplined Mars-Saturn trine.

Here is how all the late-night comics reacted to Thursday’s good news.

Speaking of Tuesday’s all day Moon void, there is a critical election happening in Wisconsin tomorrow. Will there be a twist, a flake or an upset? Will enough voters push through any Moon-void feelings of inertia and get to the polls? Here is what you need to know.  


In another smooth move, Ron DeSantis’ efforts to punish the Walt Disney Company for speaking out against his “Don’t Say Gay” bill were deliciously foiled.  Disney’s legal eagles are legendary in their ruthless defense of All Things Mickey Mouse (as I remember from my days working in the entertainment biz), and on Thursday, they did not disappoint. Turns out that before DeSantis could install a new board to “oversee” Disney’s operations in Florida, the old board voted to dissolve much of its authority over the Magic Kingdom — right under everyone’s noses, apparently — as CNBC explains here.  Astro-logically, it was interesting to note that the vote to dissolve much of the oversight board’s powers happened on a Venus-Uranus sextile (on February 8th), with the shocking news of its innovative cooperative action coming out on the Venus-Uranus conjunction.


UPDATE: on Fox News, which has a horoscope just like any other entity with a confirmed launch date and time. With its Libra Sun and attention-getting early Libra Ascendant, of course it would take on the slogan “fair and balanced.” But what drives its horoscope is a precise conjunction between Moon and Mars in regally-entitled, love, love-me-do Leo...and this conjunction at 16 Leo was eclipsed on November 8th. Thus we expect an accelerated rush of activity when that eclipse is activated. When does that happen? When any planet — especially Mars and Uranus (because those planets are especially provocative), arrives at 16 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. Has that happened recently? Yes, it has. Uranus is at 16 Taurus as I type…and last week, as WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin explains, “Fox News has been blown to smithereens” (in matter of the Dominion’s defamation suit against the network). That’s an apt headline for an eclipsed planet that has just been triggered!

Finally…this is a developing story…on the level of what’s happening in Wisconsin. Cameron Sexton is Speaker of the House in Tennessee. He has a stellium of Sun, Jupiter and Venus Rx at 16-18 Scorpio, opposed by Saturn at 19 Taurus. All of those planets were eclipsed in November and activated now by transiting Uranus. Here’s what he’s up today.

Lots more news will be covered when Whitney McKnight and I record Episode 32 of Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast on Wednesday. Click on that link and you can sign up to be notified when it’s uploaded, usually around midday on Friday.

If you’re wondering what all these patterns mean in your own personal world, here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Yes, I also take horary questions.

And ooh — before I forget…since it’s still Aries season…here’s everything you need to know about Aries on Skyscript — the essential traditional astrology resource. You can read Skyscript founder Deb Houlding’s primer, or you can listen to me read it to you. Just head straight to the “play” button below the embedded PDF of the text.

Thank you for reading the forecast — and for all the lovely birthday greetings and Cosmic Tips!


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