Monday 12/6/2021: Sneak Peek at the Week; Big Everything; Eclipse Triggers & More

Alll-righty then!

There is a truckload of proactive energy driving the week, and it started to build over the weekend. The Moon entered Capricorn at 6:30 AM ET on SUNDAY, looking to Make Things Happen. That ambition was well-supported by a high-functioning Mars in ruthless Scorpio in a cooperative aspect (a sextile) to Pluto, exact at 6:41 AM ET on MONDAY. A trine between the Moon and Uranus at 12:55 AM ET was a fine pattern for reaching across the aisle, so if you were networking like crazy, you likely made some excellent connections to help you move a project forward. I hope you’re feeling empowered. Here’s how this big week goes:

  • MONDAY, cont.: Moon in Capricorn continues the push for achievement, supported by four planets in the afternoon and evening. Moon sextiles Neptune at 3:08 PM ET (dreamy), followed by a meet-up with Venus at 8:21 PM ET, where a discussion involving women and aesthetics may be had. At 10:55 PM ET Moon meets up with Pluto, focused on a power play or emotional catharsis — with easy action ensuing, as Moon sextiles Mars. Chill during the ensuing seven-hour void.
  • TUESDAY: Moon enters Aquarius at 6:48 AM ET, seeking to be appreciated for its social significance, humanitarianism, and an awesome network of friends. Note your dreams in the early morning, as Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) squares Neptune at 10:15 AM ET. Color your world in rosy hues — but double-check communication and directions — and maybe don’t believe everything you hear. Mercury with Neptune can make what’s said and heard a bit foggy. A reality check kicks in at 10:42 PM ET, as Moon meets up with Saturn. Humming in the background all day is a square between Mars (action aggression, assertion) and Jupiter (big news in publishing, media, courts, sports, travel, horses), exact at 1:21 AM ET on…
  • WEDNESDAY. But this is no ordinary Mars-Jupiter square. Why? Because Mars is at 26 Scorpio and Jupiter is at 26 Aquarius, and both are about within orb of activating last month’s lunar eclipse at 27 Taurus-Scorpio. Off the top of my head, Mars and Jupiter are activating significant planets and angles in the horoscopes of Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, the former guy, Mitt Romney, President Biden, and the United States (Sibly chart). We can expect a surge of illumination and/or release in their personal worlds. Minutes after the Mars-Jupiter square is exact — surprise! Moon squares Uranus at 2 AM ET, pushing back against whatever controls may have been in focus when Moon met up with Saturn at 10:42 PM ET. Pay attention to these patterns among the Moon, Saturn, and Uranus over the next few weeks. They hint at the disruption to come on the 24th — Christmas Eve — when we will have the third exact Saturn-Uranus square of 2021. The thing to be aware of is how much an entity living out this pattern struggles between the pull of the old guard (Saturn) and the avant-garde (Uranus). Kyrsten Sinema is the poster child for such a dilemma. 
  • WEDNESDAY: Moon sextiles Sun at 10:56 AM ET; use the morning to find your balance and get the word out in the afternoon, making use of the sextile between Moon and Mercury at 9:06 PM ET.
  • THURSDAY: Midnight owls may be bouncing off the walls, as the Aquarius Moon activates Wednesday’s Mars-Jupiter square. Moon meets up with Jupiter at 3:52 PM ET — how exuberant. Sparks may fly around 4:59 AM ET, as Moon squares Mars. Chill, chill, chill during the Moon void…though East Coasters can blame the void for any twist or flake that disrupts your morning. Roll with it, and get ready to go with the flow of the Pisces Moon’s empathy, impressions, and ideals at 9:53 AM ET. It may be needed in processing whatever is released when Mars triggers the November 19th lunar eclipse this morning (Jupiter triggers the eclipse on the 13th).
  • FRIDAY: More Moon in Pisces, reaching across the aisle as it did last weekend, reflecting the cooperative spirit of a sextile with innovative Uranus. At 8:35 PM ET, we’ll have the First Quarter Moon. The Pisces Moon’s need for sensitivity and feeling is challenged by the Sagittarius Sun’s energy of boundary-pushing opinion. Please note that this First Quarter Moon lands right on President Biden’s 19 Pisces IC, opposing his Midheaven. His core foundation and professional status are challenged, and with Mars now on his Sun and Venus, we can see how he would be prompted to take a stand — possibly against an attack. At 10:50 PM ET, Moon meets up with Neptune, which sounds like a good pattern for a nightcap with a Friday night date.
  • SATURDAY: Moon is still in Pisces. Meanwhile, yet another pattern has been humming in the background. At 11:29 AM ET, Venus conjoins Pluto for the first of three hits between now and the end of February. Pluto refers to power, breakdowns, and extremes. Venus refers to women, money, art, and social expression. Together, they suggest a possible creative passion, transformation — and possible overkill. That link about the November 19th eclipse has info on what Do your holiday shopping up until 2:39 PM ET when the Pisces Moon goes void. Meanwhile, a sextile between Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius is a wonderful aspect for astrology, which reminds me…

Thank Beth Owl’s Daughter for inspiring me to create a 2022 version of my Really Useful Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide Bookmark! I didn’t do one last year — and it seems they were missed. So…they’re baaaaaack– with a whole new starry design. You’ll always know when Mercury is retrograde and be reminded of the essential “do’s” and “don’t’s). The bookmarks make fabulous stocking stuffers! Grab 3 for $6.33 or 5 for $8.99 — payable via the Cosmic Tip Jar as a Joyful Random Expression of Appreciation. 

  • SATURDAY: Moon charges into me-me-me Aries at 4:46 PM ET. Pioneers and crusaders are determined to get something started, inspired by the dreamy vision of the Sun’s square to Neptune, exact at 1:21 AM ET on…
  • SUNDAY. Sun refers to leaders and energy; Neptune suggests stories of leaders who may be mythic, martyrs, healers, gurus, or cons. Watch for stories of oceans, oil, toxins, drugs, fantasy, spirits of all kinds, and scandal.  Adding to the intensity of any crusade is Mars (again with the Mars!), now at 29 Scorpio — the very last degree of that sign.

It should be an interesting week. Go for it! And stay tuned for news in the next forecast.

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