Friday 2/2/2018 & the Weekend: Indulge, Indulge — and P.S. — Astrology is Amazing


The Virgo Moon is in major clean-up mode, sorting and analyzing the details in the wake of Wednesday’s lunar eclipse. Communication may be a bit foggy around 11:30 AM ET, when the Moon is opposed by dreamy Neptune. Cue release of bewildering and misleading memo now, please.  An empowering perspective kicks in toward evening, as the Moon harmonizes with depth-seeking Pluto.

Feel feel to sleep in on SATURDAY, as the Moon will be void between 2:07 AM ET and 4:47 PM ET. You wanna shop impulsively? I can see why, given that Venus (money, women, art) and Jupiter (expansion) are in a tense and wretchedly excessive pattern, exact SUNDAY at 1:07 AM ET.  But purchases made during voids are rarely of use — at least in the way that you imagined. Buy your trinkets after the void — and enjoy!

Meanwhile, putting your thoughts in motion is favored now and up until 10:58 AM ET SATURDAY, when Mercury (thoughts) and Mars (motion) will be in harmony. This applies to Friday, too.

No Moon void on SUNDAY suggests less chance of upsets favoring the underdog (I have no idea who the underdog is in the eaglely-awaited Super Bowl). The Libra Moon and its need for balance, fairness and people-pleasing is well-supported throughout the day. However, on MONDAY the Moon makes its weekly clash with disruptive Pluto and Uranus, at 4:22 AM ET and 1:46 PM ET, respectively. Should be an interesting morning — no sleeping in.

More news than I can shake a stick at needs to be addressed — so please stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I received some lovely feedback from a couple of clients — worth sharing.

First, via text:

I gotta tell ya, the planetary dates you flag for various personal hooha never disappoints. Yikes.

And second, via email:

After your wonderful reading last year for my son,  I told him that I wanted him to write stories for me. I didn’t make a big deal about it just told him how much I would like to have stories from him. It took him until  last week to ask me for pencils and a notebook. Which he got yesterday. so this morning I got 9 texts messages from him each one was a page with what he thinks are stories. Basically just 2/3 sentences per page.
This such a major thing for him to do. It’s taken a while for him to figure it all out but I bet that he gets better and it will be interesting to see how far he goes with it. I’m so thrilled this is so exciting and wonderful. It’s making him think.
Thank you.
That one sent me over the moon. This Avid Reader’s  son is autistic. But his horoscope clearly suggests how he needs to think, how he needs to act…and when such action would be likely to occur. It also suggests what he needs in order to feel fulfilled — at whatever level he happens to be at in his life.  My sense was that he might respond positively to a request for a story.  With Mars retrograde in his horoscope, it makes sense that it would take this young man a good long while before acting on the invitation. And it’s no surprise at all that the trigger would be transiting Mars on his natal Mars…soon to be followed by Jupiter on his natal Sun and Jupiter, too. We see the potential for expansion in the area of creative self-expression all year long. Astrology is amazing. Gratitude to the Avid Reader who gave me permission to share this story with you. It is an honor to be of service.
I always encourage parents to get to know their children through their horoscopes. I encourage adult children to get to know their parents’ horoscopes, too. This is especially true for people who have challenging relationships with parents, children, siblings, etc.  You may not be able to improve an especially difficult relationship, but often times you can. And if you can’t, at least you will understand why it is the way it is.  And this can give you peace. And that’s today’s Moon trine Pluto empowering perspective, as predicted.
Thank you for reading this forecast.  To be continued.  Here’s the 411 on consultations.


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