Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 3/2-3/2015: That Dress; Leonard Nimoy & More

Good afternoon!

I hope your week is off to a productive start. Moon entered Leo Sunday at 6:34PM ET, infusing the air with fiery, playful and dramatic energy seeking to shine. A Leo Moon favors drama kings and queens, and today it benefits from an easy flow of energy to five other fiery planets: Saturn in Sagittarius; Mars, Venus & Uranus in Aries; and Jupiter in Leo. Feeling abundantly creative and/or impassioned? Leo rules gold, doncha know…how curious to see this item about $4 million in gold stolen last night from an armored truck in North Carolina.

Get it off your desk today if you can, as the Moon goes void Tuesday at 3:47AM ET on a verbally confrontational face-off with mental Mercury. It doesn’t enter Virgo until 6:58AM ET on WEDNESDAY. Thus, stick to routine concerns tomorrow and roll with any twists that detour your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Remember that crises that crop up during voids often turn out to be much ado about nothing. Projects initiated tend to be of little or no consequence. You could sleep in or flake out and probably get away with it.  I’m already thinking how interesting it is that Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial speech to Congress tomorrow was rescheduled for an all-day Moon in Leo void. Chill!!

Other voids this week:  Thursday 1:36PM ET until Friday 7:52PM ET — so today, Wednesday and Thursday morning ET are looking like your optimal dates for focused, productive advancement.

We have extraordinary patterns this month. As noted last week, tomorrow we’ll have the second of three mind-expanding, potentially windfall-producing trines between optimistic Jupiter and humanitarian rebel Uranus. You’ll feel the innovative lift most personally if you have a planet or angle around 14 degrees of Leo or Aries…or if you were born 14 days into those signs…though it could be argued that anyone with any planet or angle at 14 degrees of any sign is receptive to a little bit of the buzz. If you do not know where your planets are, consider ordering my Astro-Basics report.

On Wednesday, Venus in me-me-me Aries pulls focus, as it meets up with Uranus,  is squared by Pluto and trines Jupiter. Look for empowering and emancipating headlines about women, aesthetics and social expression to be prominent, not to mention headlines about values and finance. In the past we’ve seen volatility in the markets under these conditions.  Here are some headlines reflected by Venus’s engagement with Uranus and Pluto last October; here’s a NY subway etiquette campaign that launched when Venus made contact with Uranus and Pluto last December, seeking freedom from the tyrannical reach of “manspreaders”.

Ooh, look…already Maggie Smith — an empowered woman — is setting herself free from “Downton Abbey”. And Senator Barbara Mikulski just announced her retirement — after her term ends in 2017.  Next week, action hero Mars will engage with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto — so we can expect volatility to continue…

And now, the news.

I have to talk about That Dress. I was away from my computer during last Thursday’s all-day Moon void in information-junkie Gemini, which is when this story captivated attention all around the globe, finally landing on the NYT homepage on Friday morning. Really, arguing about what color a dress is — blue/black or white/gold — would hardly seem to be of consequence, and I noted many FB postings questioning why it was such a “crisis”. Bwahahahahaha (Moon void in trivial Gemini)…bwahahahahah!

But add in last week’s bewildering/deceptive Sun-Neptune meet-up, and the ground-breaking potential of other big planetary patterns, and we have an opportunity to appreciate how it is possible for two people to view the same factual data (in this case, a dress with actual, seemingly-concrete physical properties), and come up with two different conclusions. And here’s how that is possible, explains this helpful blurb from Wired.

More ground-breaking related news followed. For example, when was the last time we had an opportunity to collectively realize that only 25% of us are actually physically capable of perceiving the 39 colors in this photograph? How might this change the way we discuss and strive to solve the pressing issues of our time? Could this be related to renowned climate scientist Senator James Inhofe’s decision to hurl a snowball on the Senate floor on Friday, as proof that global warming is a hoax, despite soaring temperatures recorded (again) last month in Australia? Is Senator Inhofe physically incapable of seeing the color red? Hmm.

In other ground-breaking news, light has been photographed — for the first time — acting like a wave and as a particle. There is so much about this world that we do not understand…

Elsewhere, Friday’s Moon in homeland security-focused Cancer made me suspect that Congress would not shutdown the Homeland Security Department, as some members of Congress had threatened. That afternoon, the Senate voted to fund the department for another year. The House, however, which cast a vote around the time of a combative Moon-Mars aspect, did not concur. Ten minutes before funding was to expire, and in the aftermath of a more peaceful alignment between Moon and Neptune, funding was extended for seven days — as NYT columnist Gail Collins cheerfully explains.

Meanwhile, the brutal pressure of Pluto’s exact square to the U.S. Saturn was reflected in a number of “get real” stories some might not want to face. And yet, by facing them, we gain the potential to transform and heal (regeneration is a Pluto theme, as well as “resistance is futile”). For example, there was an in-depth story about the nation’s first slavery museum. It opened last year in Louisiana — check out the driving force behind it. Elsewhere, a Marine explains how he learned to kill.  Meanwhile, a Norwegian hired to report his impressions while traveling through North America does not paint a pretty picture. NYT readers were also given an in-depth backstory about a violent incident at Attica State Prison a couple of years ago, in which three prison guards were charged with beating an inmate. The trial — a first for this type of charge in New York State —  was to begin today; minutes ago it was reported that the guards pled guilty — to avoid jail time, presumably.

On Friday, actor Leonard Nimoy — a.k.a. Star Trek’s Mr. Spock —  passed away from complications caused by pulmonary disease. We do not have an exact birth time for Mr. Nimoy, but without taking time to do the actual math, I’m inclined to believe he was an Aries with Moon in Gemini, and thus naturally equipped to portray a character who eschewed emotions in favor of logic. Ask a Moon in Gemini person how they feel, and they will likely respond, “let me think about it”.

Barack Obama also has Moon in Gemini, and I find it fascinating that NYT columnist Maureen Dowd constantly refers to him as “Spock”. Mr Nimoy has Venus in “I love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius. This is an offbeat, quirky, humanitarian placement. President Obama does not have Venus in Aquarius, but he does have an Aquarius Ascendant. Fascinating, eh?

Gemini also refers to the lungs, and Mr. Nimoy’s Mercury (ruler of Gemini and thus also refers to lungs) was in a tight alignment with electric, erratic Uranus, as well at Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto. We’d expect the potential for high intelligence and innovation, and for all Mercury-related concerns to perhaps be of strong significance. This configuration in Mr. Nimoy’s horoscope has been under pressure from transiting Uranus and Pluto for some time.

President Obama issued a statement paying tribute to Mr. Nimoy, which you can read here. I loved Spock, too. LL&P.

What’s going on your horoscope?  Find out in a personal astro-logical consultation. We will have an excellent discussion together.






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