Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 10/7/2016 & the Weekend: Storm Watch


(I started writing this forecast Thursday night…couldn’t get to the news portion until this afternoon)

The weekend begins with the Sagittarius Moon void of course as of 2:26AM ET on Friday. Will the lack of driving focus and potential to wander off course be reflected in a dampening of Hurricane Matthew’s force when it hits the eastern coast of Florida this morning? This is much on my mind as I type, as is Wednesday’s big charge between Mars (action; energy) and Jupiter (expansion).

UPDATE: Relieved to find at 6:30AM that the storm has been downgraded to a Category 3 and is not expected to make a direct hit. Haiti, sadly, was not as fortunate, having been subject to the high-energy release suggested by planetary patterns earlier this week.

Friday’s patterns include a prominence of ideas and communication, suggested by Mercury entering Libra at 3:56AM ET. We may see a need for thinking that is more rational, fair and balanced;  weighing opposing sides. Also on Friday: the first part of the Sun’s quarterly clash with Pluto (power) and Uranus (disruption). On Friday’s it’s Pluto at 3:31PM ET; Uranus follows on the 15th. Power plays involving heads of state; energy resources and news from underground are potentials.

Moon enters Capricorn at 4:40PM ET on Friday, seeking an outlet for getting practical projects done. You may be all fired up early Saturday, as the Moon meets up with Mars at 7:18AM ET. Onward — and hit those yard sales early.  At 9:56PM ET Moon meets up with Pluto, adding emotional intensity to your evening plans. Thirty minutes after midnight, we’ll have the First Quarter Moon, illuminating a potential challenge to the New Moon agenda you set last week.

At 12:51PM ET on SUNDAY, Moon goes void on a clash with rebel Uranus, suggesting a potential bolt from the blue or other shock or surprise. The Moon void continues until 2:33AM ET on MONDAY — and thus sets the tone for Sunday’s second debate between Hillary Clinton and her opponent. The debate is a “town hall” format; the void suggests a wandering track that will hopefully be less painful to watch than Tuesday’s Moon void VP debate, which Mike Pence phoned in from an alternate reality. Tim Kaine, pumped up by a supercharged Mars and Jupiter hitting his horoscope, was notably on the attack.

On Monday — a Columbus Day holiday for some, the Moon enters Aquarius at 2:33AM ET and drives the day with a need for social significance and networking. Big ideas on equality, seductively or scandalously presented, are likely to be on deck. Why? Mercury (thoughts) meets up with Jupiter (expansion); Mars (action) makes contact with Neptune (pixie-dust). You are more likely to be inspired — or in the spotlight — if you have a planet or point around 6 degrees of Libra, Aries, Cancer or Capricorn.

Oh — guess who has that configuration? Donald Trump: his Neptune is at 5 Libra and his Mercury is at 8 Cancer. I wonder what could happen….oh lookie here…(see below)

Regardless, no sleeping in on Monday or Tuesday.

And now, the news. I’ve actually been working on a lengthy op-ed piece — the second “astrology thing” I mentioned in the last forecast. It’s still a draft — and in the interest of posting a forecast now, will simply note that while I was drafting —The Washington Post broke a boundary-pushing Moon in Sagittarius “news from underground” video of the Republican presidential nominee having “an extremely lewd” conversation about his efforts to hit on women (“when you’re a star, you can do anything”) — including women who were not his wife. Transiting Jupiter expanding on his natal Neptune (delusions of grandeur and scandal) and squaring his Mercury (talk talk talk); transiting Mars (a provocative action) square his Neptune (scandal) opposing his Mercury.

Astrology is amazing. What’s going on in your horoscope? Find out in a personal consultation. Try it. You’ll like it!


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