Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday-Thursday 10/1-2/2014: October Surprises, First Quarter Moon & More

OK, break time is over. As of 12:41AM ET, Moon shifted into enterprising Capricorn, ready to take care of business. A sublime inspiration may soften the edge of dogged ambition around 10AM ET, when the Moon makes a supportive connection to visionary Neptune. We can expect a challenge to the New Moon agenda set last week, as the First Quarter Moon is exact at 3:32PM ET. Processing this particular challenge may be experienced as a power play, as the Moon hooks up with ruthless Pluto at 7:48PM ET, followed by challenge from rebel Uranus at 2:11AM ET. This is not necessarily a negative thing, as shake ups and power plays can be super-duper helpful if you’ve been feeling stuck in a rut. Break out!

Get it off your desk by 12:18PM ET Thursday if you can, as that’s when the Moon goes void with a long sigh until 4AM ET on Friday. You can still be quite efficient taking care of routine matters, suggested by a supportive connection between Moon and disciplined Saturn. That connection may well assist any sorting and reassembling required in the aftermath of Wednesday’s potential big push.

There’s a lot going on in October. We’ve got eclipses on the 8th and 23rd. Mercury will be retrograde from the 4th to the 25th, challenging communication and information channels right before the mid-term elections. Don’t believe everything you hear.  Also, as noted earlier, we’ve got the Sun making challenging connections to the Uranus-Pluto square through the 7th, followed by Venus (women, love, money, art) making contact on the 8th and 11th.

There’s also an almost-exact Grand Trine among Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. That’s in effect now through the first half of the month.  It suggests a potential ease in matters of expansion, innovation and righteous action. It makes me suspect the sudden buzz about Ello, the anti-Facebook, ad-free, by invitation-only social network is perfectly timed.  Especially after last week’s New Moon with its prominent focus on relationship.

People get excited about Grand Trines — especially among the slow-moving planets because they last longer. They are considered to be lucky and suggest abundance. We had a Water Grand Trine in July of 2013 that was quite a trip for those whose horoscopes were personally affected. We had an Earth Grand Trine that was epic in March 2012, especially for this guy.

I learned from my teacher that in an individual horoscope, a Grand Trine suggests a pattern of self-containment that often functions as a defense. It doesn’t need anything from anybody; it is a “law unto itself”. In Fire Signs, a Grand Trine suggests a projection of energetic self-sufficiency.  From Ello’s FAQ page:

How does Ello support itself?

Ello is free.

We occasionally offer special features to our community of users. You can choose to support Ello by paying a very small amount of money to add that feature to your Ello account.

You’re never obligated to pay anything, but by choosing to buy a feature for a very small amount of money now and then you support our work, and help us make Ello better and better.

You’ll never be worth $30 billion like Facebook that way.

We’re not interested in ruling the world. We think people that are motivated to do things like that have unresolved psychological problems.

Energetically self-sufficient? What do you think?

And now, more news.

Lots of items reflecting the prominence of matters concerning women, money and social graces, suggested by Venus in Libra at the Aries Point. Exhibit A: a couple leaves a $100 tip for a waiter who gave them lousy service. They also leave a note of compassion and appreciation. They did what? Within days, the story is viral and the couple is written up in the mainstream media. Exhibit B: a truly refreshing approach to George Clooney’s recent wedding, focusing on more about the bride, Amal Alamuddin, than what she was wearing. It rocks.

Exhibit C is a must-read for women in the work force. It’s about the criticism women receive in job performance reviews compared to men, with insights on what it’s really all about. This piece was published with Venus in persnickety Virgo — but within two degrees of the Aries Point, so I’m including it in the mix. Plus I can’t seem to stop myself from sharing news that could simply help you live life better, in addition to astro-logical insights.

Meanwhile, Venus at the Aries Point made contact with Venus in Obama’s horoscope, where it rules areas referring to the home and joint resources;  add this to a longer-term tension noted previously in areas related to health and hidden adversaries, and “suddenly” we get the full prominent story on just how far into the White House an armed intruder went before being tackled by a Secret Service agent who wasn’t even the Official Agent on duty. This event happened on September 19th, when transiting Mars (aggression) was opposing Obama’s Gemini Moon.  Fortunately, the Obamas had just left the White House…and oftentimes lucky Jupiter was close to Obama’s Leo Sun and Ascendant.  And  it seems there was another security lapse on September 16th, too. Not at all funny, but somehow humorist Andy Borowitz found a way to make some New Yorkers chuckle.

Finally, much gratitude to the reader who kindly forwarded a solid bit about people who have consulted with astrologers about their careers and have been super-pleased with the results.  Yea verily, there is an entire system of horoscope analysis that focuses solely on career concerns. It’s so lovely to see a serious, positive report in a mainstream newspaper. A nice expression of  Jupiter (expansion, optimism) trine Uranus (which rules astrology), no?

To the few who are inspired to share and support my efforts, I am deeply grateful. Your donations inspire me to keep writing this forecast to entertain and inform. If you’d like to know how planetary patterns are reflected in your unique horoscope,  here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Have a wonderful day!


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