Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 8/7/13: Chillin’ With the Heavies

All dressed up and nowhere to go? Could be a feeling after the surge of energy launched into nothingness by yesterday’s New Moon in Leo, which promptly went void-of-course, suggesting nothing of consequence will be started. This drift continues until 11:57PM ET, when the Moon gets into gear in discerning Virgo. You’ll likely feel the shift of energy immediately, along with a focused awareness of details that need to be sorted, organized and made right.

The big planetary pattern of the day is the first of three oppositions between expansive Jupiter in emotional/homeland security-needing Cancer and empowering, perspicacious Pluto. A shift or power reach or breakdown of collective beliefs about home, family, emotional security? Here’s a story that hit a few days ago about such issues: a county in California considering using  eminent domain to seize homes with underwater mortgages and allow the homeowner to stay in the home and refinance the reduced value. As opposed to evicting the homeowners and letting investors buy the homes at the same reduced value. In other news, President Obama made a speech yesterday about getting involved in serious housing finance reform.

As noted yesterday, Jupiter-Pluto connections often reflect stories about power and resources: oil, gas, nuclear — and here’s a cool one about solar power — also out of California. Meanwhile, in Japan, the prime minister has directed the government to get involved with the ongoing crisis at Fukushima, which has been going on now for over two years.  According to a story in the NYT, Mr Abe said, “This is not an issue we can let Tepco take complete responsibility of; we must deal with this at the national level.”  How fascinating that this statement would be made on the Jupiter-Pluto opposition…

Use the energy of this long Moon void to chill, take care of what is routine and know that crises that crop up are usually much ado about nothing. Enjoy the twists that arise in your efforts to move forward in a straight line.

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