Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/9/2012: Bread & Roses

An intriguing mix of seemingly contradictory aspects continues…

Moon in enterprising Capricorn urges us to get down to business, supported by a stabilizing, self-sufficient  connection among resourceful Pluto, energetic Mars and mental Mercury in Earth signs. This pattern may feel like an echo of the Big Giant Earth Grand Trine that dominated March, but maybe not quite so rich.  Disciplined Saturn (business, order, structure)  in an easy connection with Venus (money, women, art, love, beauty) may lean toward conservatism in the management of  resources — and also in the structure of relationships. I’m sure that how North Carolina voters will rationalize their thinking in voting for a formal amendment to ban same-sex marriages.

In other news, optimism and/or idealism are on the rise, as expansive Jupiter and the Sun (life force) approach their annual hook-up — exact on Sunday — in material comfort-loving Taurus — that’s a lot of bread, man.  Meanwhile, nebulous Neptune’s communicative connection with mental Mercury, now also in Taurus, fosters creativity or fantasy based on a need to keep things as they “should” be. A rose-colored world, anyone? Take note of your dreams over the next few days.

Contrast the above “resistance to change” aspects with the disruption of the status quo and power plays suggested by rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto.  Both will challenge the ambitious Capricorn Moon at 9:32AM and 1:33PM ET, respectively. What surprise, revelation, revolution or other excitement may cross your desk — or the newswires — around those times, hmmm? Maybe it will set you free. If you can find a way to apply it constructively, much can be accomplished at this time.

It just occurred to me that crusading Mars is still in Virgo, which refers to work and workers. And the revolutionary quality of Pluto’s clash with Uranus (which we’ll be experiencing en masse over the next three years), puts another spin on the words  “bread” and “roses”. So here’s a blurb about a revolutionary event in US history: the so-called Bread and Roses Strike of 1912 — that’s a hundred years ago — imagine. And here’s a recording of the song, “Bread and Roses” featuring historical photos and lovely watercolors and vocals by artist Kate Vikstrom.  Amazing how so much has changed…and yet how much remains the same.

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