Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/18/2011

More of the same from yesterday afternoon. If you have research to do, or any project requiring focused concentration and honing/chiseling words, then have at it. We may also see intense communication — in your own world and in the headlines — that aims to get right down to the bones of an issue, stripping away all that is deemed excessive. Serious!

Contrast that suggested pattern with the innovation and expansion of easy contacts between Sun and Jupiter and Uranus…and perhaps we’ll see the best of both worlds: cutting out what is no longer needed, in favor of moving forward with a radical approach that aims to create MORE…hopefully more of something good.

In other news, perhaps you have seen the numerous reports over the past few weeks of massive die-offs of birds and fish around the world: Unsettling news indeed — and could there be a planetary pattern reflecting these mysterious mass exits?  Frankly, they are not out of line with the “endings” suggested by the quantum leap of consciousness of last week’s Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (airwaves, technology, out-of-the blue, disruptive) hook-up at the tail end of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac.

Last year, many astrologers anticipated an increase in suicides and other sudden departures  — and in fact, such departures did make headlines (google “suicides 2010”).Why? Two big planets completing journeys through the zodiac suggest a correlating pattern in our lives on Earth. That is the essence of astrology, as Noel Tyl succinctly explains: “Planetary patterns reflect patterns in life development”. Astrologers understand what these patterns suggest, just as you understand the pattern of squiggles you’re now reading.

Back to the possible manifestations of Jupiter and Uranus completing their journey through the zodiac: here on Earth, some may be leaving because their stay here is complete; others may not appreciate that a new cycle is just around the corner (and they are bailing out of fear and/or despair). But the new cycle is just around the corner!  Jupiter enters Aries, the sign associated with rebirth/new beginnings, this week; Uranus gets there in March. Endings and beginnings: a major theme we’ll see in the headlines continued through 2011.  Stay tuned…and oh — one other thing: all this talk in the headlines of the need for a return to civility in our social discourse? Regular readers of this forecast will recall this call to action anticipated when Saturn entered Libra, the sign symbolizing social graces and diplomacy, several months ago.

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