Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 9/13/2012: Speed Bumps Ahead

Moon continues to roar through royal Leo all day, bolstered by a supportive connection with expansive, perhaps indulgent, connection to Jupiter. Indulgent, eh? Did you order your pricey new iPhone5 yet? Kudos to Apple for unveiling it on a day with Venus in flashy, luxury-loving Leo and trine to technogeek Uranus in pioneering Aries. What’s not to like? The phone hits the market on September 21st, when Mercury (mind, gizmos, communications) will be challenged by the Uranus-Pluto square. This suggests this new iPhone will deliver on its promise to be a game-changer…and it certainly is from a design standpoint. The phone has a new kind of connector port, which will make old iPhones obsolete. What other game-changing news involving mindset, communication and/or transportation might we see in the coming week? Yesterday a proposed merger between two aerospace “giants” was announced, which could create the world’s largest company  in that industry.

Other news dominating the headlines today involves the destructive and disheartening consequences of people failing to see themselves in each other (please refer to yesterday’s forecast for thoughts on the potential benefits of acting as if we are all connected). And here I would be referring to the attack on the US Embassy in Libya, in which the US ambassador was killed. And now we are seeing violent protests spreading to US embassies in Yemen, Egypt and Iran. These protests are allegedly in response to an anti-Muslim video created by an as-yet-to-be identified person, and no one would have seen this reportedly  “amateurish” and clearly inflammatory effort if it had not been posted on YouTube. Surreal, isn’t it? (Update: Minutes after this forecast was posted on Thursday morning, I came across another piece dismissing the notion that this nebulous video  could have sparked these attacks).Yes, it’s weird and changing by the hour. It’s volatile! And in previous forecasts, volatility was expected to  back in the headlines as we approach the second of the disruptive seven squares between rebel Uranus and potent Pluto. Depending on your time zone, that second square will be exact on the 18th or 19th, one day after Pluto turns direct. Stay tuned for more potent releases of energy between now and then. One such release of energy may come from the Federal Reserve, as there is much speculation that some kind of action will be taken to boost the economy. I have been thinking that if action were taken (in the form of quantitative easing), this week or next would be the time I might expect it. If you do not know what quantitative easing is, click on the link above.

Finally, my deepest gratitude to you, dear Readers, for the wonderful response to yesterday’s forecast. Thank you for your continued attention and connection, and for sharing my writing with family and friends. Keep on shining!

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