Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 4/2/2015: Indiana, Honestly

More of the same from yesterday, with the exception of the Virgo Moon now being void of course. What does that mean, you may wonder. It means that the Moon made contact with a planet (Venus) at 5:01AM ET, and it won’t make contact with another planet until it enters the next sign (Libra) at 3:07AM ET on Friday.

Think of the Moon as a pinball in a pinball machine. When the Moon “makes contact” with a planet, it receives a certain amount of direction and force, like a pinball bouncing off a bumper. But what happens to the energy of the pinball after it makes its last contact with a bumper? It loses steam; it falls back down to the bottom of the machine; sometimes it gets stuck on the side of the machine, etc., etc., etc.,

This is my metaphor for the energy of the Moon during a void. There may be a lack of focus — or things may suddenly become focused in a totally unexpected direction. Upsets in elections and sports matches are favored. Crises which crop up are often much ado about nothing. Best to avoid impulse shopping during voids, as what you buy may not be nearly as useful as you thought.

How interesting that I was motivated to give you all this extra detail about Moon voids with the Moon in detail-obsessed Virgo, especially given that most of you reading this have already learned about voids from this forecast. Ah, well.

Forge ahead with the inspired thoughts you’ve been structuring all week, and take time to appreciate the optimism of today’s easy connection between expansive Jupiter (in Leo) and the Aries Sun. Tomorrow is a holiday for many — start enjoying the respite today.

And now, the news.

An easy flow between Mercury (mindset) and Saturn suggest a serious focus. Were there really no good April Fool’s Day pranks played this year? Here’s the only fun one I saw: a report proving the existence of The Force, courtesy of

In real headlines,  Governor Jerry Brown is getting serious about California’s ongoing drought, restricting water usage across the state, as it is reported that there is absolutely no — as in zero – melting snow to replenish reservoirs. Where’s renowned climate scientist James Inhofe when you need him? Do we need to move the nation’s capitol to Sacramento?

But this is serious stuff — against a backdrop of planetary patterns in mostly hot, dry fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Said drought has been made worse by climate change, say scientists. I’m not sure Senator Inhofe reads the New York Times. That might be a good thing, though, because if he read this article about President Obama’s latest initiative to reduce greenhouse gases, he might get really mad.  Thank the Uranus-Pluto square for disrupting the status quo concerning power and resources, including the news that The Guardian is divesting its investments in fossil fuels. This is the wave of the future; yesterday Syracuse University followed suit.

Meanwhile, NYT columnist Gail Collins cheerfully brings us up to date on Indiana’s “religious freedom” law — you know, the one that has led to numerous outraged boycotts against the state. She makes no mention of the state’s other notable accomplishment this week: an unprecedented judgment, in which a 33-year-old woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison for alleged feticide. What is going on in the state of Indiana? And by this I mean its horoscope.

Indiana was admitted into the Union on December 11, 1816. We don’t have a time, so the default is to use noon.  Instantly we see a pile-up of planets in the 9th House, suggesting a need to focus and express itself through collective beliefs: law, philosophy, religion — with some sports thrown in, too. It has four planets in Sagittarius, which naturally rules the 9th and reinforces those themes through Neptune, Sun, Mercury and Uranus.

Neptune (vision, surreal, delusion, spirituality) and the Sun are right on the Midheaven — one of the angles of the horoscope — you can’t miss ’em. The two are squared by Pluto, which adds an empowered otherworldly element to the state’s persona. Mercury together with Uranus suggests a rocket scientist mentality, or at the very least eccentric, electric and intense. Also in the 9th House: a potent and ruthlessly expansive Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio, suggesting action and reward, driven by missionary zeal.

The pile-up in Sagittarius is square to a discerning/discriminating Virgo Moon. This is a state that needs to be right and pure, challenged by its Sagittarian righteous bluntness. It’s no surprise that Indiana’s new tourist slogan (as you’ll read in Gail Collins’ piece) is “Honest to Goodness Indiana” — and that one of the runner-ups was “Seasoned Just Right“. Like its idealized Sun-Neptune sense of ego identity, its need to be right is very much in everyone’s face. How so? Because the Moon is exactly on the cusp of the 7th House (one of the four angles), suggesting a need to connect on an intimate level. Really, it just can’t help itself.

So why are we hearing so much about Indiana now?

Transiting Saturn in early Sagittarius has just begun a long journey through Indiana’s 9th House, where it will hit all of those six planets. That’s a lot of focus on laws and belief systems. This summer Saturn will roll back over Mars at 28 Scorpio, which can be quite rigid and militant. But what really suggests prominence are five — count ’em — five planets and/or angles progressed by solar arc to the Aries Point: Moon, Mercury, Chiron, Ascendant and Uranus. Translation, for the non-pro audience: whatever this state entity needs in order to feel secure, how it thinks, how it is perceived by others, how it needs to be intensely free, along with a deep wound to the psyche that needs to be healed — all of that is at a stage in its development where can’t help but be noticed over the next year or two.

There’s more — but you get the idea. The horoscope of the state is hot — and upcoming planetary patterns suggest its social expression and values are likely to become even more intense next summer, for better or for worse.

We can thank Indiana for the Jackson 5 — they’re from the town of Gary-– and who doesn’t love this fun song from Meredith Wilson’s musical, The Music Man (the original Robert Preston version, if you please).

To find out what state your horoscope is in, when and why things happen when they do — and how you can use awareness of planetary cycles to live your life better, consider scheduling a personal astro-logical consultation. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, rest assured that astrology believes in you.


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