Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/12/2012: Scorpio Ups and Downs

Today’s Moon in Scorpio seeks knowledge for the sake of power and control. Add Mercury retrograde in opinionated Sagittarius…challenged by nebulous Neptune (now moving direct as of Sunday), and the quest for “who knew what and when did they know it” could produce bewildering or visionary results. If you’re reviewing old projects and trying to get the bugs out, it could be visionary. If it’s gossip or a rumor you’re chasing, it’s probably bedazzling. If it’s a really big new idea you want to ship this very minute — well, double check those facts first — and fergawdssake wait until after the New Moon, which is exact Tuesday at 5:08PM ET (unless your big idea is a brainstorm to clear up something unfinished). If you’re an artist, healer or some other creative type, you’ll thrive in this rose-colored world this week into next.

Scorpio energy is emotionally deep and intense. At its highest form, it is honor and integrity personified. A serious meet-up between the Scorpio Moon and stern Saturn at 1:28PM ET is an appropriate aspect for those who are remembering and honoring the service of military veterans, on this Veterans Day in the United States. I’ll light a rose-colored candle for my ancestor who fought in the Civil War. Then I’ll pray that by the year 2100, the only veterans we will need to remember are dead ones, because wars will have been made obsolete years before, and thus no one alive will have fought in one…and that somehow we will still be free. (bonus  for history buffs: a significant Civil War discovery was dug up last week — 150 years after a “ferocious battle” Fredricksburg, Virginia.

Two veterans who might prefer you not remember them right now are David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell. The disclosure of their extramarital affair resulted in General Petraeus resigning as director of the CIA last week. Bedazzling details are still pouring in, but one detail you may not see in the mainstream media is that Petraeus and Broadwell were born on November 7 (1952) and November 9 (1972), respectively. Yes, that’s right — last week! Two Scorpios…who, as astrologer Linda Goodman once wrote, “build all the way up to Heaven or all the way down to Hell.” Which is what makes Scorpio so…”interesting.”

Even without exact birth times, it is easy to see this strong attraction — arguably of a fated kind — suggested by numerous connections from his horoscope to hers, and vice versa. But having a mutual attraction does not “mean” it has to be acted upon, right? Of course…but when we look at the horoscope of General Petraeus to see where he was at in his life development from 2011 to 2012, we note a measurement between Venus and Mars that often coincides with a new passion. A strong measurement between Neptune and Pluto suggests an “out of this world” experience. There are other measurements, but you get the idea. Petraeus was also going through his second Saturn return, a critical time in life development when priorities are reassessed and a life strategy for the next 28-30 should be put in place. (Note: the first Saturn return happens around age 29, and usually coincides with a serious, urgent focus on establishing oneself in the material world: getting married, buying a house, changing careers).

Measurements in Ms. Broadwell’s horoscope in late 2010-2012 also suggest the potential for upheaval (rebel Uranus meets resistance-is-futile Pluto); a serious focus and/or separation in love matters (Venus in a challenging aspect with stern Saturn); and a burst of personal magnetism (passionate Mars meets bedazzling Neptune). Again, these are just a few alerts to the potential for the situation that would later develop. Bottom line: even though they met in 2006, it makes sense that their affair did not begin until a few years later. I wonder how things might have turned out if General Petraeus had consulted with an astrologer beforehand…

This week, there are no Moon voids to toss a wrench in your plans to move forward in a straight line. There is only Mercury retrograde…for another two weeks. How many people from your past have you encountered since last Tuesday, hmmm?


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