Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 9/12 & the Weekend: Postcard from Tokyo; Obama Update

Konbanwa from Tokyo!

Yesterday’s flight during the mostly all-day Moon void was uneventful, save for an early AM technical smartphone glitch which rendered by Uber app inoperative, causing a momentary much-ado-about-nothing panic as I searched for car service for a car service with an available driver to pick me up, stat. At the airport, I opted out of the whiz-bang techno body scanner machines, as I always do, and the TSA patdown lady was very sweet and far too young to have experienced a time when there were only metal detectors — or even no metal detectors at all, and passengers were greeted by loved ones directly at the gate. I know this because we talked about it, and my intention was to make our interaction as pleasant and human as possible. Our conversation made me wistful and sad, especially since I was flying on 9/11. I wondered if any human will ever be greeted by a loved one at an airport gate again…or at least in my lifetime.

It’s actually Saturday morning here, but it’s still Friday night in the Americas. The Moon is holding steady in security-seeking Taurus, and lunar aspects are harmonious and upbeat, if a bit indulgent. Let the sensual delights commence!

Moon cruises without interference until 6:24AM ET Saturday, when it is challenged by dear Saturn, everyone’s favorite wall or wet blanket. Push through whatever rained on your parade and keep your end goal in sight. Balance is restored with a sigh at 9:31AM ET, when the Moon goes void of course until 2:26AM ET on Sunday. Take care of routine tasks; avoid the malls and yard sales and chill, chill, chill.

By the time you wake up on Sunday, Moon will be in chatty Gemini, gathering and sharing information that may have more of an emotional depth and healing potential than usual, given an easy connection between loving Venus (arts, money, women, social expression) and potent Pluto, exact at 10:33AM ET. Note the potential for dreamy bewilderment around lunchtime, as Moon is challenged by nebulous Neptune at 1:05PM ET. Great for a day at the museum or your meditation temple; not so great for instant clarity, unless it shows up in the form of sublime intuition.

No sleeping in on Monday — the Gemini Moon will be buzzing happily until 10:05PM ET, supercharged by the 3rd Quarter Moon. Other planetary news of note: on Saturday at 5:57PM ET, action hero Mars leaves intense, effective and oftentimes vengeful Mars in Scorpio and enters high-flying Sagittarius. When it comes to action for the next few weeks, the sky’s the limit, especially when it is challenged by nebulous Neptune on the 21st. Who said anything has to be practical? Mars-Neptune aspects, especially in Sagittarius-Pisces, love a good razzle-dazzle show, whether it’s on Broadway or pitched by your local snake oil salesman…or guru…or fanatic.  There’s gotta be a vision — often based on the loftiest ideals and collective beliefs. The challenge is whether is based on anything real. Watch the headlines for showstopping actions and opinions…from the sublime to the ridiculous to the quite possibly deranged.

And now, the news.

Take last week’s sublime rose-colored face-off between Venus and Neptune and mix it with mental Mercury’s engagement with rebel technogeek Uranus and transformational Pluto and you’ve got a perfect recipe for the launch of Apple’s latest ground-breaking products. In other news, George Zimmerman made headlines again — in yet another raging social expression — as predicted he would continue to do until transiting Pluto finishes its square to his Libra Sun later this year. Even then, the over-the-top emotions are likely to dissipate any time soon, thanks to Pluto also challenging Venus, which refers to social expression. Triggering the bombastic entitlement expressed in this latest outburst: transiting Mars in Scorpio squaring his Venus in royal Leo.  Here’s his horoscope — birthtime unknown.

Elsewhere, President Obama gave a speech in which he said he would expand military actions intended to defeat ISIS. The speech began just two minutes after the Moon went void on Wednesday night. In Aries, sign of the warrior. Hmmm. When we last looked at Obama’s horoscope, transiting Mars (action/war) had just squared his Aquarius Ascendant. What did he do? Authorize military strikes. On Wednesday, transiting Mars was conjunct his Scorpio Midheaven, suggesting more assertive action — likely quite public. Add this to transiting Saturn now squaring his Ascendant, and we would expect to see a heavy authoritative hand, likely operating under considerable pressure. Check. And with Saturn ruling Obama’s 12th house (secret enemies, self-undoing, critical illness, government institutions and stuff kept tightly under wraps), we can expect that actions taken now are perhaps based on criteria of which we know naught…or at least not much.

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to have a lovely weekend. Thank you for reading this forecast.


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