Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 8/1/2014 & the Weekend: Mercury in Leo; Venus in the News; an Energetic Surge

A planetary shift and a surge of energy that some may experience as volatile has been in play all week and releases today and through the weekend. Since 12:09PM ET on Thursday, the Moon has been in people-pleasing Libra, seeking appreciation and striving to find a balance. Thanks to the aforementioned surge, and the Moon’s weekly challenge to rebel Uranus and cathartic Pluto at 11:14AM ET and 8:45PM ET, respectively, the potential for extremes — to the upside and the downside — seems greater. An exuberant push forward or a frustrating logjam? If all else fails, go for a run. This article says running just 5 minutes a day can work wonders…

Action hero Mars in stubborn, no-holds barred Scorpio clashes with expansive Jupiter in royally entitled and equally stubborn Leo at 6:47PM ET. This tenacious aspect could be constructively applied in a project requiring stamina (especially physical — see article linked above for practical applications). If you are negotiating an agreement, it may feel like you’re trying to force a square peg into a round hole, as each side clings tenaciously to his or his position.  I wonder how the lawyers are doing this week…

The planetary shift adding fuel to the fires of regal creative self-expression is Mercury entering Leo yesterday at 6:46PM ET. Mercury refers to communication, mindset and travel. On Saturday it will hook up with Jupiter (think big!) and also square Mars. So on the plus side, creative types may be bursting with bright ideas, especially if you have a planet or angle around 3 degrees of Leo, Scorpio, Taurus or Aquarius. On the downside, there is again the potential for a bombastic clash. Caution is advised on rushing into action or making a mountain out of a molehill of disagreement, given that the Moon will be void of course starting at 10:58PM ET Friday…not to enter the next sign– Scorpio — until 10:57PM ET on Saturday. Sound and fury…signifying nothing? Chill out on Saturday — and do your shopping sprees on Sunday, when the Moon is not void. Purchases made during voids have an odd way of not being nearly as useful as you thought. But don’t take my word for it; test the theory yourself.

Sunday’s Scorpio Moon favors depth, knowledge and emotional intensity. You may experience this in your communication with others early in the morning, courtesy of the Moon making challenging connections with Mercury and Mars. Around 9PM ET, we’ll have the First Quarter Moon, suggesting clarity on  seeds you planted at the New Moon last week. What needs to be worked out in your quest for greater creative self-expression? Are you really following your bliss? Why aren’t you having more fun?

On Monday, a serious hook-up between Moon and Saturn at 6:29AM ET starts the work week. That should help firm up your resolve. You’ll have more time to move your agenda forward if you live on the East Coast, as the Moon goes void at 1:43PM ET/10:43 AM PT…until 6:19AM ET on Tuesday. If you’re on the West Coast, stick to routine tasks after 11AM PT, or be advised that efforts to move in a straight line are during voids are usually of no consequence and/or subject to twists and delays. If you are new to this forecast and need more information on handling Moon voids, here it is.

And now, the news — lots of it.

Reflecting this week’s volatile connection among Venus (money, women, social expression, art) with ruthlessly empowering Pluto on Monday and rebel Uranus on Friday, I offer the following items. In Virginia, former governor Bob McDonnell and his wife are on trial “for conspiring to use his office for personal enrichment”. Their defense strategy: their marriage was so broken, they could not have conspired their way out of a paper bag. Holy dirty laundry, Batman — and you’ll hear every sordid detail if you follow this trial. Hard Venus-Pluto contacts suggest emotional overkill. In this category, may I suggest this amusing report in response to the recently-released trailer for the infamously tawdry 50 Shades of Grey. And while we’re on the subject of passion in the arts, here are some artistic crimes of passion, courtesy of the Washington Post.

Venus-Pluto contacts also suggest purging and catharsis, and isn’t it interesting to see this article about how to energetically cut ties with unhealthy relationships, which the protagonist in 50 Shades of Grey obviously never read. The visualization technique is especially apt for clearing emotional/spiritual attachments to people from whom you have already physically separated.

Volatility was reflected in the markets, too — as we would expect and have seen before under similar patterns. Yesterday the Dow dropped 300 points, just before the square between Venus and Uranus, exact at 12:43AM today. Reflecting the potential  for an upset involving unconventional (Uranus) social expression (Venus), it was no surprise to read  on the NYT homepage that a Ugandan court struck down Uganda’s  harsh “Anti-Homosexuality Act”. Also on the subject of unconventional social expression: more than a third of women of child-bearing age in the US are not mothers, and the travel industry is looking for ways to capitalize on this trend (Jupiter and Mercury refer to travel, and they conjoin on Saturday). Another breakthrough in unconventional social expression: an Amazon tribe seeking refuge makes its first contact with the modern world — here’s the video.

I have plenty of astro-logical thoughts on Congress voting yesterday to authorize John Boehner’s proposed lawsuit against Barack Obama, funded by your tax dollars. The specific alleged unconstitutional overreach seems to be Obama’s executive order to delay for one year certain requirements in the Affordable Care Act which some businesses found too onerous to do by the original deadline. This is the same Affordable Care Act that Mr. Boehner’s Congress has voted to repeal over 50 times. If this sounds surreal and/or bewildering, you can bet Neptune must be involved…and I do believe it is, as well as Uranus and Pluto in the horoscopes of United States, and Saturn and Neptune in Obama’s. I hope to pull those thoughts together and share them next time. Stay tuned…


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